Cox Communications | Preparing for your Cox Homelife installation

Cox Communications | Preparing for your Cox Homelife installation

Hi there. We’re thrilled that you chose Cox Homelife to protect your home and family. I’m Michael, a licensed Cox Homelife installation technician and today we’re here at the Andrews’ house to show you a little bit about what to expect before and during installation. Now there’s a few things you’ll need to have done before we arrive. Be sure to electronically sign your Cox Homelife service agreement found in your inbox before your appointment to avoid any potential delays. Review any local alarm user permits that may be required. Think about the keypad codes you want to set up for arming and disarming your system. If you ordered cameras, think about where you might want to place them. Keep in mind they’ll need to be plugged into a nearby electrical outlet. Think about where you might want to place the touch screen control panel near your primary entry and exit door. It can stand on any shelf, counter or table near an outlet, but not on the wall. And determine a secret word which your family will use to cancel false alarms. This word should be easy to remember, pronounce and spell, and everyone in your home should know this word and when to use it. If you’ve just moved into your home, make sure your broadband internet connection is up and running before we arrive, as it’ll be required for system installation and setup. Hello there. Hi. A homeowner over the age of 18 will need to be home the entire time and be authorized to set up your family secret passcode and passwords, as well as access the email address listed on your main Cox account. We’ll be sending you a personalized Homelife activation email during installation, which you’ll use to set up and customize your system. Hi Mrs. Andrews, I’m Michael and I’m here to install your Cox Homelife system. Great, great. Come on in. Thank you so much. Hey Ben how ’bout you get Stella and you go play outside? Go on. That’s a cute pup. Yeah, that’s Stella. I guess you could say she’s our old security system. Oh, she seems too sweet to be a guard dog. I know, which is why we need an upgrade. Hey thanks for putting those on. Oh not a problem. During our initial walkthrough of your home, we’ll provide our professional opinion about where devices should be placed and customize the solution for your family. If you decide you’d like to add additional devices or upgrades to your package at this time, we can take care of that as well. Typical installations last about four hours, but that can vary depending on your home’s layout and the number and types of devices you’ve purchased. We’ll begin with the setup of the touchscreen control panel and a dedicated Homelife router. Please be aware that your broadband internet connection may be down for just a few moments while we do this. Do we need to leave the control panel plugged in there or can we move it when you leave? Both the control panel and the dedicated router will need to stay put so your system doesn’t lose communication with its connected devices or the Cox central monitoring station. What if we lose power? The control panel’s backup battery and cellular connection will keep your home safe for up to 24 hours after the power goes out. Nice, right? After we’ve set up your control panel, we’ll install the other devices such as door window sensors, keypads, motion sensors and cameras. And then we’ll test your system to make sure it’s communicating properly with the Cox central monitoring station. So my humble yet professional opinion– I think right up here on the mantel is going to be great because then we get a clear view of the back door. I think that’d be most effective. Remember, with the Cox Homelife mobile app, you also have the ability to control and monitor your system even when you’re not at home. You can check live camera feeds, you can adjust the temperature, you can even turn the lights on. You know what? Why don’t you give it a try? Yeah. Oh, that’s cool. Of course, you can arm and disarm your system remotely as well. And you can try the Homelife mobile app even before we install the system. Just go to the App Store to download the app and press Take a Tour. See, the really powerful thing about the Homelife system is your ability to personalize it, or rather to make it do what you want to do. For instance, because you’ve installed that camera up there, you can set a rule so that it takes a brief video clip everytime that back door is open. And if you want to know when any specific doors open, you can set a door chime unique to each door. But rather than me talking about it, you want to try it out? Yeah of course. Now I can keep a closer eye on Ben and Stella, and know what’s happening in and around our home. Absolutely. You’re gonna love it. Before we leave we’ll spend time with you and your family to demonstrate how the whole system works, show you the many educational resources that are available to you and give you a chance to ask questions. Now we strongly recommend that you add the Cox monitoring station’s response number to your contact list. That way you know it’s us calling to verify an emergency. If you don’t, you might confuse us with any other old 800 number. Add Cox Monitoring Station to your phone book right now. The number is 1-800-633-2677 Go ahead, do it now, I’m serious. I’ll wait. Once we’re all finished, we’ll leave everything looking as good as when we got here. Wow that was pretty easy. Thanks for making my job so easy. But we can’t forget the most important part. Voila! Now we’re official. Indeed. How about a cupcake? Oh, you shouldn’t have. Thank you so much. Have a good rest of your day. Thank you for joining us here at the Andrews’ Homelife installation. I’m confident you’ll enjoy the benefits of our security and automation system as much as the Andrews. Follow the tips in this video for a smooth installation and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you at your installation. [Music]

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  1. Cox has terrible hardware, and terrible software, honestly… almost every time I watch TV I have a problem! Call them, and they blame the remote control, lol. I now have 4 remotes.
    Do yourself a favor, get a pistol. Cox sucks!

  2. TV service is useless. I get better signal with regular antenna. The only reason why I still have it is cause of bundle discount.

  3. Beware of these deceptive practices: Cox tries to trick you into a two year contract with Homelife, which they call a "service agreement." This means that if you cancel your cable and/or internet after a few months, or anytime before two years, you'll still be required to pay $40-50 per month even after you try and cancel your TV or Internet. Thus, if you cancel your TV or Internet after one year and switch to AT&T (or any other provider), you'll not only be paying that new provider's bill, but still be locked into another 12 months of this service. Completely ridiculous; Homelife is NOT treated the same as Cox's TV or internet subscriptions.

  4. I Don't See A Cox Store At My State Cuz It Isn't Here In Alabama But I Saw A Cox Mini Box At A Hotel One Time
    I'm Not Lying I Saw It Before
    I'll Look For A Cox Store Game In ROBLOX

  5. The dog "stella" goes from a puppy in the beginning to an old dog by the end of the video …. how long was the guy there!?!

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