Cox Communications | How to Use the Homelife Online Subscriber Portal

Cox Communications | How to Use the Homelife Online Subscriber Portal

Welcome to the Cox Homelife Subscriber
Portal. In this video we’ll show you how to sign in, view and manage your Homelife system including security features, home automation devices, system activity,
rules and more. We’ll also show you how to customize
your online experience so you can see the things that are most important to
you quickly and conveniently. Signing in.
The Cox Homelife Online Subscriber Portal allows you to access and manage
your system from almost any internet-enabled device. Go to and enter your username and password you set up during your
installation. Before signing in, you can access your
portal settings, take a tour of the Homelife features or access online support
pages. If you have forgotten your username or password, you can reset them
on the sign-in screen. Once signed in, you will be presented with your My Home page.
This is where you will find your system’s features and devices presented in
customizable tiles. If you have a camera installed as part of your Homelife
system, you will see a default camera view automatically at the top of the My Home page. If at any point you want to return to your My Home page, you can
select My Home from the Pages menu or click the Cox Homelife logo in the
upper left-hand corner. Customizing your online experience. You
can add, delete or change the order of the tiles in your My Home page screen or
modify the default camera view by entering the edit mode. Changes you make
to your My Home page here will not affect your mobile app view and are
specific to the subscriber portal. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click
the Edit button. While in the Edit mode, if you want to change the order of your
tiles, select and hold the square move icon of any tile you would like to move
and drag it to the desired position on the page and release. You can add
additional tiles by selecting the devices or features you want to add from
the menu. If you would like to remove any added tiles from your My Home page,
simply click the X on the left side of the feature tiles you would like to
remove. Please note that only certain tiles can be removed; however, all tiles
can be moved around to display in whatever order you would like. If you
have two or more cameras connected to your system, you can change the default
camera that is displayed on your My Home page. While in Edit mode, click the Change
Background button on the current camera view. Select from the list of options to
replace the original camera view. You can also choose to use an image from your
photo library or saved activity images. When you are finished making all of your
changes, click Done at the top of the screen to exit Edit mode. Creating custom pages.
To manage your pages, click the More menu and select Pages. Here, you can create new
customized pages, move them around or delete any new pages you have created.
You cannot delete your primary My Home page. A Trouble tile on your My Home
page indicates a system problem such as a battery needing replacement. Click the
tile to view the Trouble message, including the date and time the Trouble
occurred. Arming and disarming. From the Subscriber Portal, you can arm or disarm
your system in any of the three arming modes: Stay, Away or Night. To arm your
system, click on the green security tile, select the desired arming mode and enter
your four-digit security keypad code. The status bar will countdown to the
selected armed state. You can cancel this action by clicking the X and entering
your security keypad code again. Once the system is armed, the tile turns red and
reads “Armed Click to disarm.” To disarm your system, click the red security tile
and enter your four-digit security keypad code. Once the system is disarmed,
the tile turns green and will read “Disarmed Click to Arm.” If any of your
security zones are faulted, such as if a protected window is left open, you will
be alerted to these faults at the time of arming. You may choose to bypass a
faulted zone during the arming process by clicking the Bypass button. It’s
important to keep in mind that bypassed zones will not be monitored, and if
breached, they will not be reported to the Central
Monitoring Station. Bypassed zones will return to their on or protected state
each time your system is disarmed. Door locks. If you have Cox Homelife Door
Locks installed, you can view the current state of each lock in addition to
remotely locking and unlocking them. Simply click the Door Locks tile and
choose to lock or unlock an individual door by clicking the individual lock or
all connected doors at once by clicking Lock All or Unlock All.
Viewing live video. Along with your Homelife mobile app or touchscreen control
panel, you can also view live video through your Subscriber Portal. Click on
a camera image to view live streaming video from that one camera or click the
Cameras tile to display live video from each of your installed cameras. To
capture a picture and save it, click on the Take Picture icon. You can also
capture a 15-second video clip by clicking on the Take Video icon.
To view your saved pictures and videos, simply scroll down and select the
desired captured image or video clip. You can then choose to save the image to
your computer or delete it altogether. Lights. Want to adjust the lights in your
home? Click the Lights tile and simply click the light bulb to turn lights on
or off. For dimmable lights, click the square adjustment icon for the selected
light. Then use the slider to adjust the brightness. Thermostats. Need to manage your
thermostat temperature? Just click the Thermostats tile. For each smart
thermostat installed, you can choose to modify the temperature using the quick
adjust feature or select the thermostat for even more control. Once you’ve
selected a specific thermostat you’d like to control, click the square
adjustment icon to manage your schedule. To create a new thermostat schedule or
view an existing one, click View. Blue dots indicate Cool
settings and orange dots indicate Heat settings. To change any of the set
temperatures, click on the blue or orange dot for each day you want to set. To add
a new set point, click the screen in a blank space, then drag any temperature
set point up or down to select the temperature and left or right to select
the time of day to begin that setting. Once you are finished making changes to
a particular temperature set point, click the check mark to keep your new setting
or the X to delete it. Click the Save button to save your new schedule. Activity. Click the Activity menu to view
the activity captured by your Homelife system. This feature also allows you to
view captured pictures and video clips. Scroll down to the Filter section to
select the activities that are shown based on alarms, camera motion, zones,
troubles and more. Click within the calendar to select a
specific date to view up to 30 days in the past.
Rules. With the Homelife Subscriber Portal, you can set up individual
personalized rules for your home security, lighting, thermostat’s energy
usage and more. You can also set up alerts and notifications for when
predefined events occur such as receiving a text message when the door
opens between certain hours. To get started, click the Rules menu. Here, you
will see any rules you currently have set up. To create a new rule, press the
Create button. The screens will walk you through each
step to set up a new rule. You can also set up and manage your
rules through your Homelife mobile app. To disable or remove an existing rule,
select the desired rule and then either toggle the rule off to temporarily
disable it or click the remove button to delete it completely. You may also make
edits to the rule here by clicking on the square adjustment icon next to the
desired setting. Manage devices. To change the names of
any of your installed devices, click the More menu and select Manage Devices.
Click the Edit button next to the device you’d like to edit. Click inside the
white box and edit the name of the device. Then, click Save. To adjust the
motion sensitivity on your cameras that have built-in motion detection, select
that camera within Manage Devices and click the Edit button. Slide the camera
motion sensitivity to adjust to Off, Low, Medium or High. When finished, click Save.
Keypad codes. Keypad codes are the four digit codes you use to arm and disarm
your system or manage system settings through your touch screen control panel.
You can learn more about keypad codes on the Alarms page of Explore Homelife at You can manage your security keypad
codes conveniently through the Subscriber Portal. Click the More menu
and then select Keypad Codes. You may edit your Master and Duress keypad codes
but you cannot delete them. To add a new keypad code, click Add Keypad Code. For
additional security, you will have to enter your master security keypad code
first. Next, create a name for your new code, select the desired arming level and
enter your desired four-digit code. Then select the days this code should be
active and click Save. Contacts. To edit who gets contacted in
an emergency or who gets rules-based alerts or notifications, click the More
menu and then select Contacts. Here you will see three types of contacts listed:
Call before police in emergency, Call after police in emergency and Rules
Contacts. The two contacts listed as Call before police in an emergency can be
edited, but you cannot delete them. They are required. These are the primary
contacts that the Central Monitoring Station will call to verify alarms by
asking for your designated secret word. The contacts listed as Call after police
in emergency will be called after the authorities have been dispatched to the
home. These contacts can be edited and deleted. Rules Contacts are the people
you would like to notify via email or text when certain notification-based
rules are executed. Apps. You can also manage your apps and
their layout on your touchscreen from the Subscriber Portal by going to the
More menu and selecting Apps. Add new apps to your home screen by hovering
over the desired app along the App menu bar and clicking + Install, and then
click the Install button. Click the Reposition button to reposition movable
apps to your desired spot on the touchscreen control panel’s home screen.
Some of the Homelife apps, which are necessary to control basic features of
your system, are fixed and cannot be moved. When you are done, simply click the
Save button to save your changes. Other account settings. Your account
settings can be accessed by clicking the More menu. Here you can view and modify
your username and password or access the Getting Started guide. Selecting the Take
a Tour feature will sign you out of the app and present you with a tour of the
app’s features (also accessible from the sign-in screen). Need more help? If you would like to
learn more or have additional questions, please go to or call us toll-free at 1-877-404-2568. You can also sign in
to your account online via the Subscriber Portal at If you’ve forgotten your username or password, you can reset them any time
on the sign in page.

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