COVID-19 infections spike in China’s Hubei Province; 40 more cases confirmed on Diamond Princess

COVID-19 infections spike in China’s Hubei Province; 40 more cases confirmed on Diamond Princess

however alarming numbers said of China’s
Hubei Province with the death toll skyrocketing there and more people are
infected on the diamond Princess cruise ship as well all right Kim Jae Hee is on
the line for us for more say first of all what’s it looking like over in China
hygiene both the number of new infections and the death toll in Hebei
province increased drastically on Wednesday China’s state-run CCTV
reported Thursday that the province reported more than 14 thousand new cases
in an additional 242 deaths that brings the total number of infections to 48,000
206 and death toll to 1310 and Hebei province alone
this is a big change compared to yesterday on Tuesday Hebei province
reported 1638 new cases as infection and 94 more deaths this was the first time
the number of new infections had fallen below the 2000 mark in ten days so it
had given us a little bit of hope that the situation could be stabilizing a
hope that was dashed by Wednesday’s figures China’s National Health
Commission is yet to release the figures for the whole of the country but with
around 44,000 total cases as of Tuesday the total number of infected people in
China is expected to be around 60,000 mark now I’ll set up mainland china
there were 48 new confirmed cases and 40 of those cases were from those on board
the cruise ship docked at Japan’s Yokohama port tell us more about that
to Yoon so far at least 174 people on board the diamond princess have been
infected the confirmed patients have been sent to local hospitals but the
remaining passengers and crew members have been stuck on the cruise for nine
days now the ship has yet to find a country that will accept this entry but
as people on board are in need of help and with several other cruise ships also
being delayed or denied entry the World Health Organization has called on
countries to practice free practically protec for the freedom of port entry on
Wednesday the head of the w-h-o announced plans to create a joint
communique with the International Maritime Organization under the
international health regulations which emphasizes the principle of free entry
of ships that is all I have for now that
you to UHN

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  1. China is the only country in the world today with actual experience in combatting biological warfare.

    No self respecting nation would allow foreign troops occupying their soil. United Korea. Korea for Koreans.

  2. "COVID-19" is the name of the disease, whereas "SARS-CoV-19" is the name of the virus. So when you put "COVID-19 infections spike" in the title, it is as wrong as calling HIV infections , "Aids infections"!

  3. I'm just happy the WHO could come up with a politically correct correct name for the virus. That's what's important. Fuck the CCP!

  4. The ship shows you fast it spreads when people are aware and trying to control it.
    Imagine how fast it's spreading where people do not know.

  5. I don't understand the logic how the number of cases rate is going down? Virus has enough feed and they don't take Nine months for reproduction

  6. japna is more concerned about image than human life. they need to get out of this infested ship. bring them to a remote island or use the newly build onlympic housings for athletes.

  7. Retarded government put people into a luxurious cage with the infected one. What else would have happend?.. can't say ''Look what Jesus did" or "it must be the aliens"…. Its just the human error.. couldn't even use common sense on this one..
    One of the Wuhan Morgue supervisor says "We're only supposed to give 6% of the death toll on daily basis to our superiors in govt". God help us all.. because we literally don't know what is true in the given numbers and what not.

  8. Maybe do some study before you report? Hubei CDC clearly stated that now diagnosed cases include all cases previously show symptoms but are yet lab diagnosed. These case used to be considered “suspected cases”. You also see a huge drop on “suspected cases” (about 13000). Of the same standard was used, the number will be around 1500. This actually good for a lot patients who struggle to receive Nucleic acid test, and now they can receive better treatment.

  9. Que nos oculta el gobierno de China hubo laboratorio de armas biológicas se les escapó de las manos arrestan periodistas la gravedad es más grave de lo que nosotros nos pensamos el pueblo chino y el mundo queremos una respuesta de parte del gobierno chino no

  10. I dont know i am not expert but that ship is a living coffin, they are not supposed to exposed each other however they also mingle each other so the containment is ineffective

  11. If the virus mutates and turns the infected into zombies, we gamers will be the first to fight them!!! We know how Zombie Apocalypse works.

  12. They told us number are lowering just yesterday? And what is it now? i really dont like how these people talk about data

  13. This is like 1918 pandemic when animals also die in some unknown disease. We got the warning some years ago and the virus are transfered to humans.

  14. These new numbers should make people to begin the task of stockpiling medications, canned food, water and protective masks and clothing. Purchasing a generator is not a bad idea.

  15. to hell with the who. they are in chinas pocket and no longer tell the truth. china knew damn well they had this problem. they used it to an advantage to inflict the world. look what they did to their own babies with milkpowder. their leadership has failed them.

  16. missing a big information that 13332 confirmed case is come from suspected case ! They just diagnosed by doctors with CT or others without long waiting test to confirm. I was very surprised when I saw the number jumped too. As reporters,should find out that first before u put it to public. Check news like CNBC. They covered that.

  17. Does anyone else think these numbers are incredibly low considering how big the population in China is? I still don’t believe these are the real numbers of infected/dead people from the virus. It’s too suspicious for it to be that low. Only 1,000-something deaths and 40,000-something infected? In a country with 1Billion people in it? Does that make any sense to you?

  18. Time is Now, Overthrow The Governments, Free Our World before time to act is up! Unite & Conquer, We Are One, Free Our World!

  19. You can do it Japan!!!!!
    Though the people in the ship are not saying good things about the quarantine process you gave to them, still you are helping those ungrateful people.. I dont know why i cant hear some statement from the owner of this cruise ship regarding to this matter, aside from the refund thingy..

  20. you see how fast the virus spreads? in china there are 2 million infected by now and 100k+ deaths
    just saying, dont trust the government and ccp of xi

  21. That's the second time today I've heard reporters get the ships mixed up. The one with sick people is Docked in Japan. The one with No sick people can't t find a port. Two ships, the one with sick is in port, the one with NO sick people is being refused docking.

  22. Stop criticizing the Japanese government! . If you have a complaint, charter the plane and take your crew and passengers! . Who takes care of it? Japan uses taxes to provide medical treatment and testing, as well as medicines and supplies. What did you do in your country? Just looking. No help. What are American cruise companies doing? You will just refund the money. You and your country are just watching and not helping. Same as comie complaining. Lol

  23. If all infected were in bottle from first. Sterilize, desinfect 100%. Then virus wouldn't go out of hand. 😰 But since we are all human. It's hard handle bottle that is all ready leaking in to ocean. 🤔 Those medical people have cool hazard outfit. 👍 Hope everything will be okei soon. 🙏 Thank you for the hard work for helping/keeping us save.

  24. It will get higher due to the fact hospitals are overwhelmed and cant deal with the amount of sick 60000 new cases there's no way the hospitals will have time to help all or room for all. We need a cure and fast.

  25. Just in case, we all need to prepare to look after and protect ourselves and our families. If it were to spread and get worse we need to be prepared and already have a supply of food in case you can't get out, (the people in Wuhan have run out of it and so have the shops) – Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face, – buy in medications for flu /chesty coughs etc, – invest in good medical masks, wrap around eye glasses, vinyl gloves, – a good sanitiser like EPA alcohol, (ordinary hand gel isn't strong enough apparently).

  26. Those staggering new deaths should tell you all the the infected rate stated is inconclusive and not factual,get that in your fucking heads.


  28. China should release all Uighurs and handover all detention camps to Uighurs. This will be the beginning of recovery from corona virus

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