Cop Cam review: trespasser beware? Bulbhead Cop Cam review

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one now let’s get to it ok so today we’re looking at another As
Seen on TV product the cop cam cam has brought you by baldhead it’s
also made by the manufacturers who made the atomic beam the whole point of cop
cam is they say you could use this as a nanny cam maybe home security dash cam
they talked about wearing it on your lapel it’s an interesting thing to check
out it was 39.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond but I think you can get it at other
retailers but let’s get to a quick unboxing all right so open up the bottom
of the box inside here it looks I have the cop cam itself it has the comp cam
in here it’s got some screw hardware to mount it I guess the lapel this looks
like the mounting hardware and then a USB extension it’s interesting that this
packaging is so big for such a small item I hope this unit is not
overcompensating for something inside the box it also comes with what looks
like a way to upgrade your existing 8 gig SD card to a 32 gig they want to
sell it to you for $12.99 I think you could buy those on Amazon for about 6
bucks I’m not sure why you would pay 13 dollars from them that same thing I was
looking on the back of the box and it says use up to 32 gig memory card so I’m
wondering if that’s the maximum capacity I don’t know why that would be but I
wonder and it also has the directions here so what I’m going to do is I’m
going to flip through the directions and try to figure out how to work this
product and then we’ll get to a couple of the reviews so stay tuned so if you
look at the cop camp it is just such a small little tiny thing look how tiny
says I actually have a quarter to put next to it to show you for reference I
mean it is little all right so it’s looking through it on the side here it
has the USB micro USB charger then it also has the USB I’m sorry the SD card
that goes in there comes with a current 8 gig one but that’s in here it’s just a
small little tiny square on the one side it has the on/off button and the press
record button so the directions tells you is it tells you to press and hold
this for 4 seconds and I’ve got one two three four and the red light should come
on we didn’t go on I’ll try it again one two three four five Oh there game so the
red light is on so that tells me that the recording function is working right
now I want to switch it to camera first so now that the recording function is on
I’m going to hold it now for two more seconds and this red light should turn
green and that turns it to photo instead of video so let’s hold it one two just
shut off I think I’ll turn it back on one two three four five okay now I’m
gonna hit it again one two let go oh cool
and it turned to green alright so the key is I had to let it go I couldn’t
just hold and wait for it to turn I’m gonna take a few photos right now and
I’m just gonna show you I’ll put them in here on the video what they look like so
all you do is aim and snap one two alright so it’s interesting I don’t if
you can see this but right here there’s a little tiny green light that when you
take the picture you can actually see in the front when it blinks so it says when
it blinks is when you can absolutely see it what I’m gonna do now is I’ll stop
this video and I’ll record myself using just the cop cam as I work through some
of the other features of this and I’ll put that video in so you can see
what it looks like from just the video and just the sound from a cop camera I
place the cop cam directly on the tripod where I would have my camera so I’m
hoping this is looking directly at me I’ve not yet seen what a video from the
camera look like but I want to talk to you a little bit about some of the
features it’s with an ops with and the 8 getting an SD card and they tell you
that equates up to 15 minutes of video so if you think about it you really have
to upgrade if you want to use this for any kind of nanny cam because you know
what I work my wife works and if we have a nanny they’re not just here for 50
minutes they’re here on longer like I said they can upgrade to the full 32 for
$12.99 or I’m speaking about that at Amazon itself or cheaper in order to get
longer video recordings so as it’ll it’s kind of silly why you would only have 50
minutes it does say it loops so once it records 50 minutes it starts recording
right over top of it again on and so in a sense we’ll just delete what you’ve
already had I told before that the lock on the cam had lapel which is kind of
neat this thing will just clip right on to you and it lets you is strange to
walk around in public with it like that and I don’t know if there’s any kind of
laws or regulations but it seems kind of weird
it also has them swear you could put them sticky stuff down and hook it to
your car if you want to use it as a car dash cam but yet again I would recommend
upgrading to a larger drive support a larger SD card in order to do that
otherwise you’re just going to be recording over the video that you might
want it to have saved it’s pretty it’s a neat concept and I think if this works
out you know what it’d be something I would recommend but let me see what this
video looks like and then we’ll continue I do want it to also take it outside to
see what it looks like as the night vision alright so the directions tell you when
charging through the USB port to the wall the light will blink once every
three seconds and then when charging is done the light will stay read notifying
you that it is fully charged the USB port of the computer the charging light
will blink between red and green like it’s Christmas once the charging is
complete there’ll be no light at all I’m not too
sure why they did two different charging between the wall and the laptop it seems
kind of confusing but that’s just what the directions say okay so I’ve done a
few tests with a cop cam I’ve taken photos I’ve shot a video with it but now
I want to see how the night vision works because that’s something that’s really
important if you’re gonna use this for a burglar cam or to see if intruders are
coming in you need to make sure the night-vision part works so let’s go
outside and see exactly what the cop cam shows us at night on asleep yes I can’t
see the thing so I hope you can doesn’t look like any chicken birds around here
all right so all right so I guess they went to sleep now I’m gonna go in and
throw this video on the computer to see what it looks like hopefully it turns
out caz I’m looking at the cam I can see that the six or so little bulbs around
the camera are lit up red right now so I’m assuming that means this is taking
enough video but we’ll see okay so I’m ready to give you my final review of the
comp cam I will say you have to have this in a certain direction to record
the video up and down correctly so when I find out you have the record button on
the one side and then you have the SD card on the other side now when you’re
looking at the record the record should be written in
direction where you could read it it should not be upside-down that way you
have an orientation of being correct up and down I also noticed when I was
looking at the video some of my time stamps were off by a year and a month or
so I thought that was kind of weird in the direction it says nothing how to
address that so I looked through the SD card and on the SD card it has a video a
photo and an another file name called time rest and if you click on time rest
it opens up to like a note pad sheet and it has 14 different numbers and then a
letter well those 14 different numbers are
actually the date and the time so the first four of the year so it said 2 0 1
8 so I had to change it to 2 0 1 9 because this is 2019 the next one is the
two-digit month so I changed it to 0 2 and then the two-digit day which for me
today is the 18th so I put 1 & 8 the next six were military time time so I
did this around 8 o’clock so I changed it to 2011 and then you had for the 2nd
0 0 that’s how you change the day and time stamp on there and there’s a letter
after that it’s Y which is defaulted and that just means do you want to display
this on the video and of course I just left it as yes now the disadvantages
when you close all this down and open it all up again you’re gonna have to read
you that every single time this is not that high-tech of a piece of equipment
so it won’t save it so it just keeps doing it over and over itself and so
that’s kind of annoying I also will say I’m not sure why I was purple I kind of
looked like Thanos from the Avengers movies I’m not too sure why that was
it’s kind of weird even in a well-lit room I was purple I
didn’t quite care for that I guess it’s just because it’s an inexpensive piece
of machinery now that being said it was 40 bucks so my thought is what I got
this thing is maybe this maybe should be in the 1999 price point and honestly if
this was in the 1999 price point they probably would sell a whole lot more of
these because 40 bucks is kind of too much
when I picked this up at Best Buy they had to have a thousand of them in stock
all over the wall was just a bunch of these I’m thinking well that’s weird no
one’s buying them I also tried this outside at night and I was not that
impressed with it because unless I was really really close to it I couldn’t
even see myself and you’ll see in the footage or you saw on the footage some
of it was just black and I was actually looking at me I couldn’t see it so I
brought it closer I could see myself but there’s not a very big range of view and
to be honest with you if someone’s gonna rob your house they’re not gonna come
right up and look at this thing in the face so there’s some practical things
that don’t really work the fact that it only records 50 minutes and then record
Sauveur itself with the 8 gig and even if you had the other one it’s just four
times as much that’s not a whole lot of time to record and then have it just
record over if you’re really looking for something for security purposes now I
think if they went back to the drawing board and fixed a few of these things
fixed the time fix the color fix the view give you a way to show you what the
video footage looks like before you start recording it so you know what’s in
the correct position you might have a winner here but is right now I think
it’s a dud sorry this is that Jeff with Jeff reviews for you and if you like
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