Cool New Mountain Bike Protection And Accessories At Eurobike

Cool New Mountain Bike Protection And Accessories At Eurobike

(metal clangs) – We are at Eurobike 2018 in
Friedrichshafen in Germany. This is the biggest trade
bicycle show in the world, and we’re here to checkout
some of the coolest 2019 tech. Come with me if you want to see it. (mellow music) So for a long time, EVOC have had back protectors built
into their backpacks. And in many respects they were
the market leader in this, because you can actually take those off and wear them separately with
the waist band and the straps as a back protector for racing, which of course, in a lot
of European destinations it is required. Now this is their latest unit. This is the NEO system, and unlike previous ones that sit on the inside of the bag that actually takes up a lot of room. As you can see on the model here, it actually sits on the
outside of the back, between the bag and yourself. So it allows a really, really good airflow between you and the bag which again, helps stop that sweaty back syndrome that all mountain bikers have to suffer if you’re using a pack. And of course, there’s maximum protection. This thing is really, really heavy duty. 95% better protection
from previous offerings. Really, really good piece of kit there. So there’s something that EVOC have always been really good at is their accessories to go along with the range of bags and protection. As you can see here we’ve
got the tall pouch here, made of a heavy thick like
tarp (mumbling) material for keeping tools in your bike bag that aren’t gonna actually
sort of stab you in the back if you fall off. Of course, something I particularly like is their first aid kits. They’re waterproof, they come with the bare
minimum that you need in there. Of course, the bigger units
have a bit more in there, that’s a professional level kit. A whole bunch of other cool stuff. And something else
that’s just taken my eye, is their new hip pack. So this is a tiny little soft pack, one liter sized; really
small, really discreet. Some of the bigger packs,
you can overload them a bit, and they do end up wobbling around, despite how good those straps are, but the smaller one’s
actually really quite cool. Really into that. Here on the POC stand,
checking out the Tectal Race with the Spin technology on the inside, that’s the protection
against rotational injuries. That’s a new system, on the inside. Now, I’ve literally just
got this very same helmet, in the white with the black coming out, I think it looks so nice. A little bit different, because you normally wear
a black helmet (mumbling), and you can see how well
it fits with goggles. I’m actually a little bit
sad because I’ve just seen, I think there’s an even nicer one. I mean, the matte blue
with the gloss blue, oh! Absolutely love the
styling on that helmet, it’s so cool. And the ventilation for
such a protective helmet is quite astonishing on these. Really nice bit of design there. Now, eyewear is obviously
quite an important part of mountain biking. Downhill races and enduro racers quite often favor goggles
for maximum protection, they way they sit on your face. But glasses are where it’s at
for most conventional riders, and not only are they good to cope with different lighting conditions, but they keep debris out of your eyes, flying branches, stuff like that. They’re actually really
useful just for safety alone, let alone the light transmission
I have to deal with. Now, in the past, I’ve always
favored just a clear lens, because, based in the UK, we have to deal with light
and dark quite often, and trying to deal with those
high contrast situations and dampered light can be very difficult. Now, this is the latest lens
by POC in conjunction with Carl Zeiss technology, and
it’s called a Clarity lens. Now, the whole point of this lens is that it does transmit a lot of light through to your eyes,
whilst still shading them. But it also, actually,
accentuates greens and browns, which means you can pick-out
shadows, roots, holes, all that sort of stuff when you’re diving into dark sections of the wood. It’s a really, really
cool lens technology. Love the fact that you get
in this tech in lenses. We’ve seen this with Oakley
and other brands before, but POC have this, and
that’s the one I recommend. So this is the new POC
system protection vest. So as you can see, it’s
lightweight body armor, spine protector, and a chest plate. It’s made of their insane VPD material. It’s very impact resistant, it
firms up under harder impact and remains nice and soft and supple to conform with your body movement. The spine protector,
again, is very mobile, very heavily ventilated, though you can wear it against skin, probably nicer to wear over a base layer or something similar to that,
and maybe underneath a jersey. Something that’s very cool about this, is the fact that it does
give you all the protection that you really do need in those places for pretty severe injuries, but it’s so mobile that you won’t notice you’re wearing it. Not like the old days, you
know, the old NEC jackets, the full jackets and the spine protectors and the kidney belts. That stuff’s really protective
but can hinder your riding. The aim of this stuff is
to give you that protection and not hinder your movement on the bike. Now, also in the range, is
just the back protector itself, which, of course, can be worn
just as a back protector. But also, it’s important to point out, this can be used for other sports as well. Stuff like skiing and
snowboarding, it’s ideal. So, if you’re a mountain biker
that likes winter sports, it’s actually a really, really good and sensible bit of kit to buy. You can use it for whatever you want: mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding; it’s gonna be really good
protection for your back. Of course, this is the new Bluegrass Legit full-face helmet here. Full carbon construction. Neil took a good look at that
on last week’s tech show. Of course, it’s got those
little air vents in there, obviously great for
stopping stuff going in, but obviously so you can
hear what you’re doing, always a hard thing
with a full-face helmet. These helmets are going to be debuted at the World Championships in Lenzerheide, later on this year. So, expect to see a lot
of people wearing these. What I can tell is it’s
really, really light. Super nice looking helmet, that. And something I’ve just spotted, cool little detail on the inside here, “Defend Your Passion.” There you go, a little motto
that you might be able to see whilst you’re riding. Of course, the other thing
that’s really important to say about the Legit helmet is
it uses the MIPS system, and the latest version of MIPS, so that’s Multidirectional
Impact Protection System. And that is to help the
prevention of rotation injuries that are transmitted to your skull, for example, and oblique injury basically. So, if the helmet is actually moving, your head will move
independently within the helmet, so it doesn’t suffer additional trauma. So, a really good system, and as you can see on the inside of here, it’s a lot more slim
down, more fabric-based than the last version that we saw, which were quite
heavy-duty yellow plastic. System works equally as well, it’s just a bit more
comfortable against the head inside the helmet there. Really nice bit of kit. So, Camelbak, obviously, they’re
looking at water protection as well as hydration. And this is their impact protector, so it’s a sternum protector. You wear it much like a chest e-strap from GoPro and other similar cameras. It’s actually got a GoPro mount on there, so it protects your sternum but also gives a really good base for actually mounting the camera on there, for stability reasons. It’s compatible with all
the usual Camelbak bags, and, of course, other hydration packs, and you can actually
just wear it on its own. Really nice, bit of kit, and of course, better protection for your chest there. So, great little feature. And also, underneath here,
is the new Repack hip pack. This particular one, I
absolutely love this in the camo. In fact, I reckon Blake’s got his name written all over this one. Nice bit of feature there, it’s actually quite a big size, but it’s got those real
good, sort of load straps, so you see I’m (mumbling) to
pull the load into your hip so it doesn’t flap around too much. If the Repack is too big
for you as a hip pack for your daily rides, I’ve also got the Flo,
which is far smaller, with a bottle holder on there. Actually, these are really good for trail riding and other sports, as well as the obvious
mountain bike rides. But it’s actually got a surprising amount of storage in there. But again, another good hip pack option. That’s probably going to
be a bit more suitable for those enduro racers who want to minimize the amount of kit they carry, but I love the cool camo colorway. Of course, not everyone
wants to go minimal, check the size of this out. This is the Camelbak Kudu. This is their 30 liter pack, so this is suitable for bike packing that. Got these huge waist pouches on the side that really wrap around and
pull it into you as a rider. And, of course, this has got
their impact protection system, based on the inside here. It’s a removable system, and it certifies the backpack itself as safe for enduro racing and
other forms of bike riding. But, of course, it’s all
about that protection element that’s built into the pack. Moves with your torso, very protective, impact level two on this particular one, as a multi-layered system there to offer maximum protection
against spinal injuries there. Really nice bit of
protection safety gear there. So, again, just to emphasize the fact that POC are really into
their safety aspect. And I categorize their pads on the level of protection they offer. So these are level two protection, so not only are they going to
give you maximum protection against an impact, they got a really, really tough material over the top to protect
you against abrasion, whole thing slips on like
a sock over your elbow, they’re gonna do a knee pad
version of the same thing. Highly mobile, and it’s got
the VPD protection in there. And that’s not even the
one I wanted to talk about. I wanna talk about this. This is the new lightweight option. So this is rated a one
on the protection system, so it’s not quite as protective. It is very minimal, but, as you can see it’s insanely supple. So, really supple, really protective, enables you to sort of do all your riding without any sort of
hindrance to that movement. Again, that’s level one, so
it’s not quite as protective as the other system pads available, but, if something
minimal is what you want, there you go! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed
some of the cool tech from Eurobike here at Friedrichshafen. If you wanna see another
video from yesterday with half an hour packed
full of cool stuff, click right down there. And, of course, make
sure you tune in tomorrow for more Eurobike goodies. As always, click on that round globe to subscribe to GMBN Tech. And if you love us, give us a thumbs up.

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  1. WOMEN PROTECTION WHEN for F's sake. Women ride, how about someone makes some gear for us? No elbow guards fit and all of them fall off cause guess what, I don't have the same body build as men. No chest protection that would fit well and would not cause more injuries during the crash than protection, no chest gimbal/gopro mount solutions that would fit well and comfortably, and would be safe – to not break your ribs or cut you right open on your belly if you were to crash, simply nothing that would work well for women. Please Wake up! This industry needs women to work in those damn companies!

  2. i wore SIX SIX ONE pressure Suit , Wrist guards , and padding with the Evolve bamboo Electric skateboard a MUST !!!!!!!!!!!!
    fell down 2x helped me with protection

  3. Can you please explain what the safety levels are for elbow and knee pads etc. I would have thought level 1 would have been best not level 2? Great video again.

  4. great new gear from Evoc & Poc, if I get hot with a backpack I loosen it up and let it hang, and let the wind cool me down. but the new solution Evoc got is great. but I had my backpack for year and it's still going strong. only ripped compartment and plastic things for the zippers, and one zipper handle snapped off, so pretty happy with it. but the shoulder area comfort is not the greatest. it would be nice to see a improvement in this area.
    0:28 I see the hose holder is on the chest strap, you should have filmed the whole backpack, but you might not had the chance.

  5. i like the look of the poc body protector vest, looks hardly noticeable at all. Hopefully the price isnt that noticeable either, I will check them out 🙂
    Actually whats it actually called? It looks different to the vpd system vest they have on thier websute

  6. One of my friends has recently had a bad crash and damaged his spleen and still loves to ride and was wondering Is there anyone who makes protection for your spleen area? Great content thanks

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    Doddy, as usual, is on point

  9. I'm so pissed off today. I was all ready to spend about $1500 on a new fork and shock until I found out there isn't a 26" fork with boost spacing available. So now I'm just stuck. Stuck with this old FOX Talas that is totally fucked. I need a 26" fork with 160mm travel and boost spacing…. nope. Not happening. I hate the mtb industry for scrapping 26s. Looks like I might have to quit riding all together. Mtb is a rich mans sport.

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  13. those back things look like car floor mats…. and the camelback back protector looks like foam from the art store stacked together…

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