Connect PoE extender with NVR for powering long distance IP camera

Connect PoE extender with NVR for powering long distance IP camera

Hi,there. This is Joe. Here we have very typical PoE IP camera system. This is the PoE NVR. It is not simply just a recorder. The power and switch capacity are integrated into this recorder. so you can send both power and network to our remote IP camera. And the camera doesn’t need DC extra power. It’s getting power from recorder. Now the camera is live. And the maximum distance between the recorder and the camera is
100 meters. Sometimes we may need more than 100 meters Ethernet cable. Here we just got another 100 meters cable. So totally we have 200 meters ethernet cable. If we simply put these two cable together, the camera cannot get the power and
signal from the recorder. The reason is that the PoE requires at least DC 38 voltage remained at the camera end. After long distance transmits the power we would jump downvery sharply. So here we are using the PoE extender. The PoE extender will increase the voltage also boost up
the network signal. All right now let’s make the connection. First we unplug the cable from our camera and then connect to the “PoE in” in the
PoE injector. Then connect the other terminal to our new cable cable. Now we are using the PoE extender to
connect these 200 meter cable together. And we find the new cable and connect
that to our camera. You see the LED is turn on. It means the camera is taking the power from the PoE NVR. Let’s just wait for a few seconds. Now the camera is live again. We’re just using a PoE extender to send the power and network with 200 meters extension for remote IP
camera. What if we need more than 200 meters Ethernet cable? All right now we get another 100 meters. Now we have 300 meters Ethernet cable. In order to put everything together, you will need one more PoE extender. Okay, the connection is similar. First we disconnect from our IP camera, then plug in “PoE in” of our PoE extender. Then connect one side of the new cable to the “PoE out”. Then connect the IP camera. Now the camera is getting the power and network again. Let’s just wait for a few seconds. Now the camera is live. Totally we are sending power and network over 300 meters now. So if we need more distance we can add an extra PoE extender. but just be aware that make sure the remained power is enough to for your IP device. After long distance transmission, the power will be converted to heat and lose on the cable. All right that’s all thanks for
watching. If you have any question, you can post in a convention below. If you have other questions you can sent message to our social media. Have a nice day.

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  1. So if I need to extend my 60 ft cable, I just plug my 60 ft cable from camera into this extender and then plug another cable into the other end of the extender to my NVR? Nothing else needed? If so, can you provide a link to the one you are using please? This will be outdoors by the way.

  2. Can i use this poe extender to the 4-port poe switch with 4 cameras connected on the poe switch? Can i install the poe extender between the poe switch and NVR? Thank you very much for this video.

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