Connect IP camera PoE NVR vs external PoE Switch

Connect IP camera   PoE NVR vs external PoE Switch

Hi there. I am Joe. This video is going to demonstrate how to connect PoE IP camera to PoE NVR or PoE switch. Now we get start with easy one. PoE NVR. We need RJ45 cable. First, we plug the cable to one of the PoE port. And we connect the other connector to PoE IP camera. Once we plug in, the power light would turn on. Also the recorder is sending data and power to camera. We need few seconds to active camera. Meanwhile, we can take a look to recorder. This is power pass unique for the recorder. It not only powers the recorder but also sends power to camera. And the recorder has been connected the Monitor by using HDMI. There has mouse. You can operate. There are one RJ45 port. If want to watch the recorder online, you can connect the recorder to our main network. So we can watch the video on mobile devices. Such as mobile phone, PC, iPad. Now the camera is almost ready. We need to add it in system. The NVR discovers the camera’ IP adress. So you just need to click “Add”. Click “Apply”. Now the camera is live now. This is one way. Now we use the second way. Connect the IP camera to PoE switch. First, we remove the cable from PoE NVR. And plug the PoE switch. Once we plug in, the LED light would turn on. The PoE IP camera is getting power and data from PoE switch. There are no connection between the NVR and PoE switch. So we need a new cable to link the NVR and PoE switch. Now the switch became the center of these network devices. Both these solution get the job done, using the PoE NVR or PoE switch. However, if you have more cameras, such as 24 or 48. You may need larger PoE switch that has more ports. Also the PoE switch is more reliable. The screen allows us to see the data and power each channel. And we can use button to do some operation. All right. That’ all. Thanks for watching. More information can follow our channel or our official website.

5 Replies to “Connect IP camera PoE NVR vs external PoE Switch”

  1. And when u have one port on the decoder and u use a external poe and u can see the camera but not get online for p2p

  2. Hello ,i have poe switch 16 ports connected to nvr ..can i use the hikconnect app what i shall do there is no network port in the switch

  3. I noticed the NVR had 8 ports and the POE Switch had 16 ports. If I connect the cameras from the POE Switch to the NVR can I increase the number of cameras to 16 or will the NVR still limit number of connections to 8?

  4. Can you run 4 15V POE cameras from a 48V NVR?

    Do I need a POE switch? If so, what sort of specs should I look for?

    The store said a switch would work, but gave no more info. I tried using an old gigabit switch but I couldn’t get it to work. Maybe I didn’t set it up right. Last time I just plugged the cams into the NVR and it detected them.

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