Configurar cámara ip wifi TP-LINK NC450

Configurar cámara ip wifi TP-LINK NC450

In this video, how to configure your IP camera To set up, we will connect the network cable, food and wifii antenna. Once connected the network cable, plugged into the current, red blinking LED lights, it means that the system is starting If the red LED is fixed, it means that the network is not available If it turns green, it means it is connected, make a reconnaissance lap. Once you have connected, TP will download the application iOS or Android camera. We create a new user It is imperative that the phone is connected to the same network. Once we have the configured camera and see that it works perfectly Let’s remove the network cable as this shaped by wifii and we install it on the site we have decided. To attach the camera upside down, brings a support which engages the bottom. The transformer takes a few meters of cable, but it reaches the desired location brings a protractor. For cases in which no point have no power or signal wifii brings this device that its function is to integrate the signal power in the network cable. As additional functions, ie carrying a micro Sd where you can record and store photos and videos, Program the motion sensor and carries a microphone and a speaker to talk and listen So the camera would be installed, If you liked the video press LIKE !! and subscribe !! See you next Friday !!!!

12 Replies to “Configurar cámara ip wifi TP-LINK NC450”

  1. pero se puede ver la camara desde fuera de la red wifi?
    donde las comprado y cuanto cuesta? no lo veo en la descripción del video.
    tiene modo nocturno?
    un saludo amigo

  2. de cuanto es la capacidad maxima de la micro sd que se le puede colocar y como cuanto tiempo graba , saludos desde mexico

  3. Esta instalada en un comercio… ve en área local …pero cuando me voy fuera me pide q registre un email……y es imposible….alguien sabe como configurar para poderla ver fuera de la tienda? Gracias

  4. hay alguna cñ{amara que grabe las 24 horas ? , de nada me sirve una que grabe 2 horas y se pueda desconectar solo tirándola a la basura o poniendole un trapo encima

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