Concealed Pro Makes It Look Easy | Active Self Protection

Concealed Pro Makes It Look Easy | Active Self Protection

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  1. Holy smokes John!
    The "Rules of Stupid" have no mercy.

    He gave that bad guy some extra special customer service!
    Unfortunately he got a little serving back. Glad to hear he's OK.
    Things sure get wild in Brazil fast eh???
    Thanks for continuing to share these videos to help us cover our ASP!
    Be safe!

  2. . Can you report on this link above .

  3. He is very lucky he made it. If the bad guy knew what he was doing there would have been a very different out come. I'm glad he didn't know what he was doing. Thanks for sharing another great video.

  4. That’s not an off duty cop. That’s a T1000! Saying “Dead or alive your coming with me!” And “Keep the change you filthy animal!”

  5. Everyone gets firsts before anyone gets seconds.
    .16/ is crazy fast!
    Great on Chuck's "wide-scan" and "who got hit?"

  6. I have to disagree on what the good guy did. I would never draw on the drop. Sure he put 7 shots into perp but was shot himself and is lucky that he is not more severely wounded or dead. I think he should of waited for a better opportunity then go!

  7. Man risks the life of his companion and anyone who the stray bullets could hit. Unarmed man runs away, makes sense. Shooter fires into the back of the fleeing man. I would sue the shooter if his bullets came into my house, car, etc. If someone is kidnapping your child in a van then by all means empty your clip into them, being careful not to kill your kill or bystanders. Risking your life and mine over a car, nope.

  8. 1245 red flag homies walk-in up red flag….he got lucky draw on the drop. Practice Practice Practice and you can still die. I carry locked and cocked no fumbling round ready

  9. My take; poor reaction by a poorly trained/disciplined cop who is lucky to be alive. Getting shot is the worst possible outcome other than death. Depending on where he took a round he may have a constant (and possibly painful) reminder of his impulsiveness for the rest of his life. But he's still got the car!

    The normal advice given on this channel is appropriate; wait your turn, don't draw from the drop, comply until/unless you get a decent chance for a counter attack. Not sure why John see's this one differently. Title should be "Concealed pro screws up and gets shot over a car".

  10. The thing that gave him an edge is the will to kill. One shouldnt depend if the bad guy doesn't have it in him to end a life, but in this case it certainly helped.

  11. I'd assume the good guy drew when the bad guy was scanning the others in his party. It is the only thing that makes sense and possibly why he did not hard lateral at the onset. No initial hard movements to give away his draw.

  12. John you said most of your videos come from the United States. But it seems most of your "gunfighting" videos actually are coming from Brazil. This to me makes your Brazilian videos much more like live training videos.

  13. This got me thinking. If Jerry Miculek got into a gun fight like this he could probably, draw, empty the gun into guy 1, reload and empty that mag into guy 2 before the guys hit the ground.

  14. This guy was perfect! Too bad he took one but it could have been much worse, glad he lived and hope he made a full recovery.

  15. The bad guy was definitely stunned by the fact that he drew on him. I cant say definitely but I'm certain that shot the bad guy got off was a "knee jerk" reaction. Also.. shout to the defender shooting on the move and not staying still.. he looked and shot at distance then came right back to the bad guy on the ground to confirm he was DOWN..

  16. Regarding the laws of stupid, as amended. It took me some time to find the book mentioning Farnum's law of stupid – "Self-Defense for everyday life" by Mete Sunsuli. Can you give a reference to your reference 'as amended' comes from?

  17. Unfortunately I live in CA where the Constitution has been suspended. The ruling master class only ALLOWS those who they have granted CCW permission slips to defend themselves here in California. Everybody else’s life isn’t as important or valuable as the master class.

  18. How does he make it look easy? I thought when the bad guy gets the drop dont draw from the drop. He could have waited until they took his keys or got into the car an then shot him

  19. Quick, precise and highly aggressive response sometimes can shift around that initiative deficit. Surely a risky move, but sometimes it may be the most doable option.

  20. Great draw and getting on target. Practice does make a difference. The other day I was practicing my draw which I really didn't focus much before watching these videos and the SIG has a rail mounted flash light andit got stuck on my belt, I was thinking I would've been shot if this was a deadly encounter.

  21. I enjoy thinking about what runs through these guys heads as they slip forever into the darkness. Hope it was worth it guy.

  22. this guy handled his business, but at that range draw and shoot from the hip. requires training but it is much faster, less noticeable, and just as accurate at those close ranges. Also to other viewers points moving laterally while drawing and shooting here would have done wonders. Alternatively…. you know pay attention and follow rules of stupid! what are you doing out with your family at that time of night???

  23. surprised you didnt address the fact that he drew on the drop….may have wanted to feign some compliance and wait his turn on this one instead of taking a round

  24. Damn this guy was precise with them shots, right at the target at that too, damn now thats what i call ready.

  25. I live in the mountains in New England, after midnight all kinds of animals come out. Same thing in the cities, just different animals…

  26. Russian Roulette – Spin the revolver with a single bullet, pull the trigger and hope it will not fire.
    Brazilian Roulette – You choose a random victim, cross your finger and hopefully your potential victim is not an off-duty cop

  27. Criminals are getting smarter in Brazil. He left his helmet and motorcycle down the street. He lived 3 minutes longer by walking. Except his last life experience was a real bullet suppository.

  28. This is the perfect example of why I carry .45 +P. Guy got hit with 2-3 rounds of whatever the guy was shooting, probably 9mm and was STILL able to fire back, hitting the good guy. And I’ve seen this so many times! Personally, I want as much power in my first shot as possible. Punches in bunches mentality will get you hurt. You want to be Mike Tyson in a street fight, not Sugar Ray Leonard. Maybe the .45 +p isn’t enough but then again maybe it makes the difference! As we see time and again, the first shot you land is CRITICAL! I’m betting on 515 ft/lbs of energy vs 360 ft/lb.

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