Compliance: Not Always The Best Option | Active Self Protection

Compliance: Not Always The Best Option | Active Self Protection

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  1. translation of the lat video:
    bad guys: Don't delay. Get out, get out, get the fuck out.
    good guy: Wait, wait, i don't have anything.
    bad guys: Hurry, hurry. Get out, son of a bitch (punch the good guy in the face).
    good guy: Fuck, take it (get punched in the face the second time), fuck, relax man. Fucking hell, wait man.
    bad guys: Get out of the bike, get out of the bike, son of a bitch. (and his goddamn flip flops broke, that's probably why he shots) Go go go, turn around (shots fired).
    good guy: Ouch. Fucking hell.

    bora= hurry
    desce da moto= get out of the bike
    filho da puta= son of a bitch

  2. Hi John, I don't know why you always try to put doubt on compliance. Statistically it seems to be way more safe than a confrontation, where is common that people don't get away untouched regardless of the skill and training background. The last guy on the video was kind of half compliant. As we all want to keep our belongings (and pride), it seems to me that the ego component is what leads everyone to lean towards confrontation over compliance.

  3. Having ATMs like that is a thief's dream you have no idea who is outside. At least with ones is open areas you can look around while you withdraw cash.

  4. Shouldn't the ATM glass be clear so that maybe it would prevent something like this?
    Either the victim can think twice bout opening that door with two suspicious characters hanging around. Or someone from outside could see what's going on and call for help

  5. That has to be one of the stupidest ATM designs I have ever seen. Basically its designed makes it easy for the robbers to corner their victim…

  6. What we learn from all these videos that BRAZIL IS A SHITHOLE the only positive thing about that shithole is their horny slutty women thats it

  7. I always look at the cars pulling into a gas station-store at night if I am stopped there. Stopping with the gas filler on the wrong side is another thing to notice. Could be inattentive driver. Can be criminals. Always always always be aware of vehicle and pedestrian traffic near you and cover your ASP. Great Videos !!

  8. If you are in another country other than US and two dudes in flip flops on a motorcycle are around you already know what they are doing.

  9. I will never comply. Only feigned compliance before my counter ambush. I have seen too many heartless killers, OF ALL RACES, who kill for fun. I don't care if it's my car, or phone, or $2 , I'm gonna fight because murderers have killed for less.

  10. I really want to learn self defense. I've only been robbed once, and if it were to happen again I want to within my possibilities be able to defend myself. I was robbed pretty stupidly, I was walking home, one woman and a man in a bike park beside me, the woman gets off the bike and touches my pockets as she tells me to give her my phone. I just froze, and stuttered as I told here I didnt have my phone with me. What I find curious is that she never put her hands in my pockets, she just touched them from the outside, sort of like a cop would do. All of this while the man was waiting in the bike, he had a bag, and was sort of threatening to to get something out, but never did. I wanted it to be over so I just pull my iPod out of my pocket and give it to the woman. They never showed any type of arm. But I had never been in situation like that, and I was pretty much alone, not a single person on the sidewalk, and not a single car passed by in the few seconds it lasted. I think it's very likely I could have just ran off, it would have taken them more time to make the turn than for me to reach the door, but like I said, I just froze

  11. The guy in the motorcycle made a bad mistake, he could have hauled ass or press the breaks completely and turn right or left. That compliance was not worth it as he still got shot.

  12. Being robbed by a one legged man:
    Don’t say it…
    Don’t say it…
    Don’t say it…
    Don’t say it…

    Sweep the leg!!!

  13. People like this rarely will get more than 23years old, they don't care if they will die, because they don't wanna die poor, social inequality=robbery

  14. These videos frustrated me. I understand the point but I require a video to counter the injustice I’ve seen in this one.

  15. My wife an I own a convenience store and I tell our employees that if someone would ever Rob us to comply if they just want things or money but that if they want them to go with them or to take people for whatever reason to absolutely fight back and do not just go with them. That is one situation that usually ends worse once you get in the car with them.

  16. He was half complying, took too long to leave the bike, if left the bike right away, they wouldn’t have shot him, he pissed off the thieves.

  17. Compliance is for feigning or when resistance literally means suicide. Based on what I think of scum's mercy and what they will do with you, there are much worse things than going out in a blaze of glory.

  18. hi john this video is a intese gus fight out of davao, philippines. A police officer and his civilian friends vs 6 liquidation squad of npa rebels. What is you reaction on this

  19. The ATM booth in Karachi looks lol a death trap. Reminds me of the Lady in Bangalore who got severely brutalised by the perp in one such a ATM booth till someone noticed blood eventually flowed out of the doors nobody even checked into the ATM for nearly an hour, scary place!

  20. The first one was very sad to be honest, he prolly needs the money, I'd give him anything I had at the moment.

    Everybody else can go fuck themselfs though.

  21. Unfortunately I'm a felon based off of decisions I made when I was young so I cannot carry, but I live in a very very rough area and these videos as well as my Street smarts have allowed me to better understand situation I might encounter

  22. I've seen a similar one in another video, a motorcycle jacking, out of Brazil like the last one. What the victim did was he grabbed the keys instantly as soon as he stopped. He just laid down his bike, snagged the keys, and took off running. That guy, like this perp, wasn't interested in murdering him, so he didn't chase him down. They left and he went back and got his bike. Haha! Brilliant.

  23. In Pakistan, where that ATM video was shot, all you have to do is bribe a public official with enough money for a "Weapons Permit" and you can own any Military grade Weapon limited to explosives.

    When I was there for a year I was with family and we were going around the town With AK-47s.

    The Self Defense market is huge in Pak, but most people there dont believe in the use of fire arms for self Defense.

  24. This video should be called "If you don''t carry a pistol to take responsibility for your own safety, then its your own damn fault."

  25. I think the last guy got shot because he put the steering lock on as he got off his bike and that pissed the robber off. Anyone else notice that?

  26. Il be damned if I let a one legged flip flop wearing helmet pumping fool try rob me…for goodness sake

  27. Great teaching points again. Overall, the ASP theme proves compliance buys victims time and potential life saving benefits from the criminals in the vast majority of cases.

  28. They should arrest anyone 2 up on a scooter or motorcycle in Brazil. Better yet just shoot them off the back since they are guaranteed to be armed

  29. Why are a lot of these bandits in South America motorcyclists? Is that just a thing there or what?

  30. That dude has the world records on getting on a bike, he just gets flush ands sits doesn’t have to throw that leg or anything 😂

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