Compliance Does Not Always Work As A Strategy | Active Self Protection

Compliance Does Not Always Work As A Strategy | Active Self Protection

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  1. I'm sorry, but the idiot that was at the cash register, PRETENDING to be compliant, kinda deserved what he got, because all he was doing was frustrating the robber, who he had already witnessed was very serious about his intentions. So he was NOT compliant at all. He was too attached to the funds in the register & didn't want to lose any of it, so he most likely lost his stupid life.
    Fuckin idiots!!!😏

  2. The last guy should have just opened his drawer. Instead.. he wants to die over the $132 in his drawer. Stupid.

  3. Thank you for this video. I can't tell you how many times I've even heard CHL instructors, teachers, parents, "authority figures" say "Just give him your phone, bag, etc." It's sometimes just bullshit as shown in this video with the guy who got shot in the head

  4. Those targets are pretty awsome. I wonder how many rounds they can take. My and my wife both carry. Glock 27s, perfect size and .40. Also training with your weapons is extremely important

  5. How in hell people own businesses without having guns in pocket anything , some business owners just get confortable and ignore owning guns

  6. I bet everyone in this video was anti-gun LOL secondly good for you fukin idiot, now your their looking like a deer in head lice . if you ask them before that day "do you need a gun and carry permit" they'll tell you no whats the need. and the last video just made me bite my lip off look how hes just shooting people like its gta and their helpless

  7. Man every anti gunner needs to watch these videos before they tell people what they can and cant use to defend themselves.

  8. Hope the catch the gun happy asshole an he takes the room temperature challenge after the broom handle anal bash challenge.

  9. not gonna lie the first robber is the most profesional one ive seen all he had to use was the fact that he was armed he didnt hit shoot or harm anyone as far as we know and he simply walked away with what he wanted

  10. The last one is an asshole, I would've killed him, it seems that last guy doesn't know how to use weapons and tried to aim somewhere but not the face. If I encounter him, I will kill him.

  11. Just like most things there is no one answer fits all. Sometimes compliance is the only option you are given but if an opportunity presents itself its time to act. Alot of these videos we can judge in hindsight and say it worked because the robber was sane and didn't decide to kill or hurt anybody but thats not always the case. So you have to treat somebody with a force multiplier as a deadly threat because it may become one.

  12. thats the gas station,-88.1143749,3a,60y,17.43h,81.81t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sSFweAmukPVpgakKEXN798Q!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

  13. Hahah just know when they caught the last guy a K9 officer bit him in the head. Not justice, but goddammit it sounds sweet.

  14. That last vid is scary! Omg this guy doesn't care he is not a human being but an animal. Hope someone caught that guy.

  15. people like the last guy are totally the worst. he doesnt need life in prison they need to do a surgery on him to make him a potato then he can do life in prison

  16. last video, WTF!!!!!! I dont know what works or do not work anymore, you cant just shoot someone who's not intending to fight you

  17. I'm 190cm and I weigh 94 Kg, at 4:14 I would have rushed over that motherfucker. It's a 50/50 chance of me making it, so I'd take the chance.
    Since in Italy is illegal to carry.

  18. That last one,now that's a stone cold killer,if someone pops you from the off ,they are probably going to kill you,i mean that dude should have fought back,at least go out fighting,instead of just standing there.

  19. Was at a 711 one night years back. Not a great neighborhood. Was bullshiting with the clerk. Asked him if he was worried about getting rolled.
    Dude smiled (we'd spoken several times prior) and pulled up his shirt to reveal a 1911. I asked if the company was cool with that.
    He said "fuckem. they arent gonna get me out of a grave. I can find another job!"
    Thats my philosophy as well.

  20. Can you find a video with mirror punishment like law of retaliation? I’m about that, you know eye for an eye. Like if I succumb that pain or see someone get affected like getting shot in the leg or they got shot but didn’t die I will make that suspect feel that pain. I don’t know what comes after death, so I don’t want that suspect to get away without punishment, they will live pain.

  21. Here in California we cannot protect ourselves somebody pulls out a gun on us we’re screwed like many times it’s against the law to protect ourselves here in California so sad.

  22. My at a convenience store and asked what would you do if you are in a robbery being armed?I said grab my chest fall down and hopefully they will think I am not a threat.If I have to shoot my background will be the ceiling.She gave me a funny look I have thought it through.

  23. Most robbers are not murders. They don't want to really hurt anybody they just want the money/loot/stuff. The guy in the last video is just a murder acting like a robber. He needs to be removed from this planet. The sooner the better.

  24. wow that was just awefull. :'( Seriousely. That man is a vicious psycopath.
    I realy hope he got caught and be away till he's too old for causing any more harm to people.
    This is insane! Why?

  25. Im glad criminals are stupid. The 4th video guy only had a .22lr lol thats why the clerk was able to stand after taking a shot to the hip

  26. How do you own and operate a convenience store any where in the US and not have a firearm? Seems stupid to me. Also, that perp at the end, I hope he was caught. Trash like that needs to be locked up for life.

  27. Those vids are why I have my .45 on me almost at all times. But it's against company policy to have a firearm, or most tools that could save you while at work. So I would be f'd if some dude showed up like these people at work. Sure makes me a bit stressed to see all the one's with people getting surprised at work.

  28. the last guy wasn't being compliant as didn't open the register as he was asked, probably as the gun made him panic.

    if he had managed to open the register quickly then reduces time of the attack as well as attacker's frustration.
    in this instance there is a good chance the attacker would have shot him regardless as he shot the first guy without cause or hesitation. however would have significantly reduced the time of the encounter and so more likely he would have only been shot once instead of twice. with a cold blooded killer like this all you can do is maximise your chance of survival and hope for the best outcome.
    in the majority of robberies they don't want to add murder charges so in most cases compliance will save your life

  29. That 4th video is exactly why I take my gun anytime I go into any corner store, I take it everywhere else of course, but corner stores are a no questions asked for me

  30. Here's a little pro tip It's somebody has a gun to your head county 60 seconds Because in that 60 seconds if they don't blow that The the most likely as scared as you are and this is the 1st time doing it or they never have had to pull the trigger on somebody Also compliance is always the best thing and just trying to be a little bit comedic trying to kill the tension is always a safe thing to do

  31. He stressed & can’t find the password. He was in a situation to fight cuz he can’t run & hide. If u scare u can’t do nothing!! One life one opportunity 🦅

  32. That one where the guy just shoots em in the head looks like the guy may have jad a 22 cal weapon i had one that looked similar to that one i had an old jennings j22 was a loud little gun not very reliable tho i kept it clean and greased thing still jammed

  33. The guy @ the register should have ran out the door as soon as the robber went in the other room!. He would have only been shot in the leg…..since he missed his shot. He got shot!
    No Pun Intended

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