Command Line Security Tools – CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 – 2.2

Command Line Security Tools – CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 – 2.2

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  1. What is the TTL of the returning packet with the "TTL Exceeded" message? Does that have the same number TTL as it received?

  2. Quick question, if you can capture packets with a protocol analyzer or from the command line in which case would you use one over the other. I was wondering about this from a wireless standpoint as well. When would you use a wireless scanner to capture packets opposed to a protocol analyzer or does it matter?

  3. I appreciate the tracert explanation. I have used this to great effect in the past and would have found some troubleshooting far more painful without it, but I never knew the mechanics beyond the used of ICMP.

  4. Just dropping in to thank you for educating the vast majority of individuals in US Air Force COMM Squad training in varying degrees.

  5. you explain this material significantly better than a lot of the sec + material ive read. thank you. if you werent already aware, almost every single person who goes through the air force 3D schools use these videos to learn. thank you from all of us

  6. Professor Messer you are the "Man" with capital M ! I learned almost all of my networking skills thanks to your videos ! God Bless you !

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