Clinton Road – The Most TERRIFYING Road in America?

Clinton Road – The Most TERRIFYING Road in America?

Clinton Road is located in West Milford, Passiac County, New Jersey. The road and land around it have gained notoriety over the past years as an area rife with many legends of paranormal occurrences, such as sightings of ghosts, strange creatures, and gatherings of witches, satanists and the KKK. It’s also where professional killers dispose of bodies in the surrounding woods, with one recorded case of this occurring. Uh, in the words of a local police chief, “it’s a long, desolate stretch and makes the imagination go nuts.” You wanted to check this out tonight? Let’s do it… (Music intro) GPS: Turn right onto Clinton Road. Alright… The first legend of Clinton Road that we’re investigating is that of an abandoned Druid Temple. Somewhere in the woods along the road there supposedly lies a large stone pyramid where Druids would have practiced their rituals. According to the legend, horrible things might happen to any intruder who looked too closely or came at the wrong time. Was that a cop? Yeah, those were all cops. So all three of those cars that just drove by were cop cars, and those were the only other cars we’ve seen on this road so far. That’s a little weird. Okay, here’s a schoolhouse right here. There’s a bunch of no trespassing signs. Gotta be quick. Let’s turn off the lights. It’s sorta scary to have to turn out the lights every time a car comes by. I don’t know where we’re supposed to be going. (distant) There it is! Where – oh shit, there it is! It’s huge! I didn’t know it was that big. Okay, this is steep here so be careful. You okay? Can you get back up though? Yeah, I can. I don’t like this. This is sketchy. You okay? (distant) Yeah, I’m good. After I slipped, Brian decided he wasn’t going to attempt to make it down. Since I was already down, though, I decided to check out the druid temple by myself. Now I’m down here alone. *spooky noises edited in* Damn that’s creepy. Alright, let’s go in. Holy shit. Alright I’m getting out of here it’s freaky as hell being here alone. (distant) Just sit by the road, alright? Yeah, but how are you getting up? (distant) I’m gonna try and find another way up. Yeah, dude, you aren’t getting up here. This looks like a good trail. That was easy! So as you can see from this sign, this wasn’t actually a druid temple, but in fact an iron smelter that was used in the Revolutionary War. I guess you could say part of the legend was true however, as some harm did come to me from venturing too close. Nothing terrible, just a little scrape. Remember guys, we’re professionals. Don’t try anything you see here at home. Alright, so the next two things we’re going to be looking out for are “phantom vehicles,” which we’ll say are “pickup trucks or even floating headlights not attached to any vehicle … … that supposedly appear from nowhere in the middle of the night and chase drivers to the end of the road.” And then also, “strange creatures, from hell hounds to monkeys, and … … unidentifiable hybrids have allegedly been seen at night.” And, “there said to have been survivors of ‘Jungle Habitat,’ a nearby attraction that’s been closed since 1976. … … Which have managed to survive and cross-breed.” Makes a lot of sense, right? It’s so scary without my brights on, too. I feel like I can’t see anything. It’s basically just a road and then blackness without your brights on. A barricade… It’s like, smashed… Despite not really believing any of the legends, Clinton Road already had us thoroughly creeped out. What else would you expect from driving down a narrow, desolate road that winds through 10 miles of densely packed forest in the middle of the night? Imagine being out here with no lights, no car- (other guy) Why would anyone walk down here? If I see a person walking down this road I will flip a shit. Alright, we made it to the end. Oh, this sign says “Clinton” right here. Clinton Road. We made it one trip, and now we have to make it back. Oh, I can turn right here. “Clinton Road.” The final legend of Clinton Road that we’re going to investigate is that of the ghost boy at the bridge. Supposedly a boy had fallen over the edge of a bridge on Clinton Road, drowning in the waters below. The legend says that if you place a quarter in the middle of the road it will be returned to you at midnight. We’re going to try this out for ourselves, but first we have to figure which bridge is even the right one. This sharp curve is called “Dead Man’s Curve.” And that’s where the dead guy is! The dead boy. Quiet, and listen for a waterfall. I don’t know. I hear a stream… But not a rapid waterfall. This is a sharp curve! Alright, if you see a bridge stop and listen for a waterfall. This is probably the bridge. Oh yeah, right here! I remember seeing pictures of the barricades! Go straight. Go straight? I’ll just park right here. Somebody’s out there. Let’s see who it is. Alright, so supposedly the ghost boy at the bridge — We’re blocking their way out. Oh, are we blocking them? Nah, they can get by. Can they? Yeah. Alright. They’re going deeper in it looks like, actually. Oh, there’s a couple cars in there. They’re going in… Do you wanna go in after them? We’ll talk to them, but anyway- No, they’re definitely turning around. WOOAHHH DUDE YE GOT CAMERAS BRUH? WOOOAHHH Hahaha! So you guys live around here? Nah, we live in New Jersey, and he lives in North Carolina. We brought him here. Have you been to this road before? No. Do you know stories about it, though? We’ve heard stories about how people died around here, and we just heard a car crash around here. Really. Did you see anything spooky while you were out there? Huh? Did you see anything scary? Pretty much, pretty much. Are we gonna be on YouTube? Do you wanna be on YouTube? Hell yeah, bro! Wait, hold up, wait wait wait wait wait Lemme ask this real quick. I have to say something. Wait, I have to say something. Free will. And free L.J. Robinson. Shoutout to Piedmont… you already know, North Carolina, that’s where we are. That’s my boy Nick… I mean Danny! Yo, what the hell? (Unintelligible). There was a big-ass fuckin’ wreck, bro! There was, was… We haven’t spotted any ghosts tonight, but we did find a bunch of kids smoking weed, so… … Hey, whatever makes for an entertaining video. *laughs* So it says if you put a quarter in the middle of the road where the yellow line is — (Kids) OOOHHHHHHHH He’s driving with no headlights. I’ve got the quarter right here. *The drug induced antics of multiple stoners* Yo, this guy just screams when he laughs, bro. I am screaming. I’m the guy from scary movie. *screaming and the honking of horns* I’m putting the quarter on the bridge now. You have to put it in between the lines! We don’t need a whole crew standing over me. *laughs* What time is it? Um, like 11:45. We’re gonna leave a quarter on the- In the middle of the bridge, yeah. Alright, so here’s the bridge… Let’s go get the quarter, Bam. Quarter, right there. Haven’t tried this yet. It’s not midnight yet, it’s not supposed to be gone until midnight. Wait, you can’t- I’mma just throw it. No, leave it there. You’re supposed to leave it, and it’s supposed to throw it back. Just wait until midnight. Leave it there and see what happens. Now let’s get out of the road because a car’s coming. Watch out, guys. (distant) Did it throw the quarter back? No, not yet. Did you try it? We’re trying it. This shit’s real! Midnight… I see it already. *laugh* It’s right there. … I think. Lemme check real quick. Wait, no, that’s not it. That was a piece of glass. Oh, the quarter’s right here. There is our quarter. You gonna toss it into the lake? Or the river? Well, the quarter’s in. Do you see all the coins down there? People say that if you look in you’ll see tons of coins. I do. Where? Look, there’s one there, there, there… There’s a few, not tons. More than there would be in a regular stream. I don’t think this is the right bridge, dude. Wait, this isn’t the right bridge. We did this at the wrong bridge. Look, there’s a plaque right there. Oh, let’s go read the plaque. This was the board of chosen freeholders. What? Are they changing out the plaque? Yep, this is the wrong bridge. We summoned the wrong ghost! Sorry! *cough/laugh* Yeah, it said it was supposed to be a roaring waterfall. Yeah! But it could just depend on the amount of rain, or something. Since we were so uncertain about which bridge was the correct bridge, we decided to continue traveling down the road in search of one that better fit the description. This looks kinda tight. This is it right here. This is it, this is it. This looks like a creepy bridge. I hear the waterfall, this is definitely… Do we have a quarter? I have a quarter. Throw it in. One of these bridges has to be the right one… I left my hazard lights on. Let’s get out of here. There’s a car coming. Yeah, I think this was it. We threw the quarter in, and we did our… we paid our dues to the ghost boy. The ghost is now 25 cents richer! Let’s go. We were about to head out, but we soon discovered another bridge, and this time we were convinced that this was the one. That was the bridge! Alright, for the third and hopefully final time we believe we found the real bridge. It has a waterfall and it’s on a bend, just like the last one. But this one looks more like the pictures. But this one has the rocky face on the side, and is closer to the Druid’s… There was a bad wreck here. Is this why they call it “Dead Man’s Curve?” Probably. It looks like a car went right in here. Look at the damage in the trees and everything. Oh yeah. Did you lock your car? I heard a door open. I heard a bang out there, somewhere… Let’s quickly look at this bridge and get out of here. I heard that second bang, too. Ok this makes a lot more sense because this a height that you would actually, like, get hurt… … falling from. Oh yeah. We have no more quarters to throw down there, though. This… … down here… That would definitely hurt you… … falling down into. I think this is the bridge! This is definitely the one. It looks just like the pictures. Crazy. Alright, let’s get back in the car. Yeah, I… I’m done with this place. Bit too much, I’m starting to get creeped out now. That was a big, steep, drop, though. *music outtro*

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  1. I've been there. I don't care what anyone says about this place. It was definitely terrifying. When we were exploring I swear on my life we heard a little girl screaming. And then nothing. And nobody and not even a car. I believe but I do believe the mind is powerful, still freaky. All in all I like doing this stuff adrenaline is the best drug.

  2. Adorable couple…but they should really prepare far better than camera lights, and low top vans. Not very practical for exploring….anything…but esp woods and abandoned areas, lol!

  3. 5.1K 👎 = 5.1K Liberals who can’t take a joke.

    I did like the video, it was very spooky, I couldn’t do it, I’m a coward. 🙂

  4. Even if that was related to the druids, it wouldn't be evil. They were peaceful people, despite what stories have been told about them.

  5. Everytime a woman enter this forest, a loud voice say: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

  6. Spooky.

    I would like to share three very important quotes with you that i try to share with as many people as i can. Jesus said “if you do not repent (turn away from sin: lying, stealing, getting drunk or high, pre-marital sex, commit dultery, hate, murder, suicide, witchcraft, homosexuality, using God's name in vain, praying to statues/pictures/paintings or anyone else but God, etc) you will all likewise perish (eternal fire)."

    Jesus also said "no one comes to the Father except through me (no one else).

    And third quote: “those who believe and are baptized will be saved, but those who do not believe will be damned.”

    God takes sin very seriously. If I steal a car just once I will go to jail, likewise God warns that if we sin just once we will go to Hell, if we lie, steal, have sex before marriage, commit adultery, get drunk or high, etc, just once. But God does not want us to go to Hell.

    God became a human being in Jesus. He took the blame for us and took our punishment. He went to Hell and came back, Jesus paid our fine, then arose from the dead because He is God, he can do that. He paid for us to go to Heaven, the door is open for everyone, but to be forgiven there are three things we must do besides just asking God to forgive us.

    # 1. Trust in Jesus. #2. Turn away from everything that is a sin because Jesus is not a license to keep on sinning. If you are in sin you are following sin into Hell and not following Jesus into Heaven. You are going the opposite direction. Just saying sorry and asking God to forgive you can’t help you if you are going the wrong way. You have to change direction. #3. Get baptized. Baptism means submersed under water, not just water on your head. Also, baptism is a choice you must make. When people are babies they cannot choose to get baptized. If a person is not submersed under water by there own choice to be baptized to Jesus then it is not a baptism. You do not want to be damned to eternal fire so if you haven’t yet, please get right with God as soon as possible; trust in Jesus, turn away from sin, and get baptized. Please do it today, you may not have tomorrow and eternity is a long time to be regretful. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I care about where you will spend eternity.

    For proof of God please watch these videos:

  7. Uh, it wasn't used in the Revolutionary war. It wasn't even used in the war of 1812 or the civil war. It started in 1826, and then supplied ingots to other forgers until 1857 when it shut down.

  8. Last time, I drove on that road back in the late 90's. My truck's auxiliary lights cut out for some add reason. Though soon as I turned off that road, they seem to came back on, to this day I have not figured out what caused it. Also, great video always see Youtuber's drive, on that road. You two crazy people walked into the damn forest.

  9. Yay nj. There's a road like this in every county I bet. We used to have Essex road in tinton falls. Same stuff. Kkk, albinos, cults, yadda yadda. All there was was spray paint in the road. It's all Been renovated since they put in a retirement village and an outlet mall.

  10. Many people use this road, even though it is sketchy, crooked, old, untrustworthy and poorly maintained. However, many people who attempt to point this out or talk about this road are suicided by the road itself…

  11. The ironworks wasn't making iron during the Revolutionary War. The Revolution was in the late 1700s and the sign says the furnace functioned during the 1830s…50 years later.

  12. Looks like you found the towns party road. Every town has one. Ours is Cottonflat Rd. And Rockhouse Rd. Yes there is lore on both roads.

  13. I bet ALL the people in this video know each other and this was all a scripted set up! including the random car that drove by asking if they "threw it back" at 12:03!

  14. 5:31 – "…don't try anything you see here at home." Damn…and I was all ready to explore the abandoned Druid temple in my basement. lol

  15. im a new subscriber but i gotta give you a thumbs down on this one for testing out a half assed urban legend. Ive seen your videos and youre better than this. also those kids were MORONS

  16. I've seen creepy children standing at the side of the road while I was driving
    Maybe they're the children Hillary keeps in her basement as sex slaves

  17. When we drove down it there was some dude in the middle of nowhere wearing a tall clown hat. He scurried off into the woods a we got closer.

  18. The group of kids really bothered me. Especially them driving full speed with no headlights. Why do people think its ok to allow that to happen? It's not just dangerous for them, its a hazard for other people too.

  19. I love how honest these fellas are you know if something happens it legitimately happened it’s A nice change of pace. From the rest of the channels.

  20. I used to travel this in a 65 bel air with my friends in the late 70's. And the 80's too. It's a through road on the way to the gun range. The road is creepy and dark. Lotsa weird shit went down over the decades off that road.

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