Clifford Matrix +1 one way alarm system sound install review

Clifford Matrix +1 one way alarm system sound install review

Alright so I just recently purchased the Clifford
Matrix + One car alarm. It’s the one that comes with the little
key dongle like this. You can see on there it says “Clifford”. The installation was fairly easy. I did it myself. I’m fairly experienced; I’ve done sound
systems and stuff. That’s all the experience I have doing electrical
wiring in cars. Basically you have your sensor right here
that I just mounted behind my rear view mirror, ran the cables up around the top, down the
side, right here by the kick panel. Then I mounted my head unit, the brains of
the operation, right here. You can see where you can adjust it to be
more sensitive or not. All the cables….the hardest part of the
whole project was just getting the right cables to match up. The ignition has a few wires that you connect
to. And then I connected to the door lights down
inside of here next to this push pin. So that’s somewhere you can connect. I got all my wiring schematics online. As far as the alarm itself goes, I haven’t
mounted it completely; I just have it zip-tied in there. And then the cables come up and down, and
then through the firewall right there. And this is in a Toyota Tacoma so it’s going
to be different in every vehicle. But as far as how it sounds: if you press
it once, it locks it. And you have the unlock;s gives it two beeps. The alarm sounds like this and just continues
on. I’m just pressing the button once just so
that the high pitched whining just keeps going and going if the alarm goes off. But that’s the installation for the Clifford
car alarm system. It is kind of cool though with this light
inside of here. That flashes blue, just like that, when the
car alarm is set. So it kind of lights up the whole cab at night
which is kind of cool. Anyway, if you have any questions just ask.

4 Replies to “Clifford Matrix +1 one way alarm system sound install review”

  1. I want to know how you get the second remote to work, also now the alarm wont lock and I cannot get it to set the alarm I have the clifford matrix 1x .

  2. Your battery might be dead in your remote. Your second remote should already be programed to your system. Check the battery in both.

  3. The red and brown wires (I think) are the ones that go to the siren. You can wire them up to your normal car horn as well if you want. That would work too. Sorry about the incredibly late response. Check out my viper car alarm install video, it will show you how to actually connect everything. It is almost the exact same as the clifford.

  4. My battery died and now my car won't start. Can I bypass the engine kill immobilizer? If so how. Been three days. I have the Clifford 7142x

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