Civil Protection: Double Feature!

Civil Protection: Double Feature!

[Subtitles by danielsangeo] DAVE: Dude, you’re never
going to get anyone in there. MIKE: What the hell am I supposed
to do? The whole place is infested! DAVE: Exactly. It’s infested with rats. MIKE: I kill them every day, but they
keep coming from God knows where. MIKE: How am I supposed to
find a better place [cellphone rings]
MIKE: on a salary that’s a… [cellphone rings]
DAVE: I have to take this. DAVE: Hello? MIKE: Wow, seriously? DAVE: Speaking. MIKE: I’m actually surprised your phone DAVE: Uh-huh.
MIKE: even works. MIKE: I thought the aliens knocked out DAVE: Yes.
MIKE: most of the cell towers when MIKE: the invasion happened. DAVE: Yes, that’s right. MIKE: I thought all we had now
was landline and radio. DAVE: Uh-huh. MIKE: It’s kind of funny. That wasn’t DAVE: Yes.
MIKE: even part of the alien’s agenda. MIKE: And most of the phone
companies refused to cooperate and demanded money from them. DAVE: I see.
MIKE: So, the aliens just killed everyone DAVE: Well…
MIKE: involved instead. MIKE: Hence, no cell phones. DAVE: Are you sure we need that much? MIKE: Personally, I kind of like it. DAVE: I don’t think we need THAT much.
MIKE: Back when we had cell phones, MIKE: everybody was running around acting DAVE: Doesn’t sound that bad…
MIKE: self-absorbed and ignoring MIKE: the people in front of them. MIKE: Kind of like you’re doing right now. DAVE: I mean, it might be dangerous,
but not THAT dangerous. MIKE: Okay, you know what, Dave? You can catch up with me. DAVE: No… MIKE: I’m not waiting on your stupid call. DAVE: …no, I understand. Uh huh. Uh huh. Yeah. [cell phone dial tone beeps] DAVE: No, I agree completely, commissioner. This DOES sound like a job for Batman! MIKE: I don’t understand how
you get so many dates when you’re doing crap
like this the rest of the time. DAVE: Well, I try not to bring
my work home with me. MIKE: So, does that make this
business or pleasure, right now? DAVE: That depends on what I find. Ooh! This looks interesting. MIKE: Yeah, a rubber tire.
I’m sure it’s amazing. DAVE: No, check out this! MIKE: Whoa, what is that? DAVE: I don’t know!
Must be worth something. MIKE: Well, get out of there already. DAVE: Hey, it’s got a switch. [gravity gun hums] MIKE: What the hell is that? Why is it humming? DAVE: Hm. MIKE: It looks way
too big to be a flashlight. DAVE: Dude! It’s putting out a magnetic field! It’s a magnetic generator! MIKE: Huh, well that’s kind of neat. DAVE: Yeah, it’s got a great grip. [gravity gun chirps]
Aw, it can’t lift this shopping cart. I think the battery’s dying. MIKE: Bummer. DAVE: Hey, this thing runs
on a 9-volt battery. MIKE: Damn! I’ve never even
heard of anything like this. DAVE: Lets hook it up to the APC.
That’s electric. DAVE: It’s got a 300-volt
battery array. MIKE: Uh, sure. I’ll get the jumper cables. All right, give it a shot. [gravity gun hums loudly] DAVE: Oh, HELL yeah! MIKE: Now THAT is friggin’ metal! I want one of these. DAVE: I’m going to try to pull
these gutters off. MIKE: Uh… okay. [building rumbles] DAVE: Uh-oh.
[people screaming] [people screaming] MIKE: Jesus Christ, Dave.
Put it down, put it down. Down down down, put it down. DAVE: Shit. Uh… Okay… trying. WOMAN: Helpmehelpmehelpme helpmehelpmehelpme
MAN: HOLY SHIT! [people screaming]
WOMAN: (gibbering) [gravity gun thrums] MIKE: Not good, Dave. DAVE: Yeah…. So, should we call and get some help? MIKE: I don’t think we need to. I’m pretty sure somebody noticed that. DAVE: Yeah… MIKE: Put that thing back
in the Dumpster, Dave. DAVE: Yeah, I don’t want to be
carrying this on me anymore. MIKE: Did you know anyone in
that apartment? DAVE: No, did you? MIKE: No. DAVE: Let’s not mention this
in the report, then. MIKE: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. DAVE: Let’s get out of here. MIKE: Yeah.
[APC doors close] Oh, come on! Now the car battery’s drained!

89 Replies to “Civil Protection: Double Feature!”

  1. Even though it's animated and the quality isn't the best, I knew at 2:47 Dave was going to do some stupid, yet awesome shit.

  2. "Holy shit Dave! Where did you Learn to drive?!"

    "I took a course in high speed maneuvering"

    "Do you even have a license?"

    "Yeah sure, here"

    "Uhh… Dave… Freeman? Hey haven't I heard that name before?"

    "What was it?.. Umm Gordon… Nah, oh! That's it! Morgan freeman! Academy award winning actor Morgan freeman!"

    "That's probably it…"

  3. i would love to see more of these cartoony styled civil protection animations, but the heads need some editing at some angles 😛

  4. WELL, that face at the end….I was watching it at night…wow I was never scared like this… holy fuck :DDD

  5. Did I notice correctly that lady in the pink is saying "Co se deje, Co se deje?" meaning "What's happening" In Polish or Czech

  6. too bad the show didnt continued:( i really enjoyed it:D
    would be fun to see….somekind of….paralel story about those 2 when gordon freeman was 1st reported in the city and how dave and mike try to survive the rebel attacks and the aftermatch when the citadel was destroyed:D
    would be awesome:D

  7. Just imagine just sitting in your apartment not too bad everything's going pretty well then you look out your
    window see 2 civil protection agents you see one of them in a damn trash can one of them
    Hook up a device to the apc and they lift your apartment building off can you go back 5 miles away horrifying

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