Chuango Open Box Video — G5 GSM/SMS/RFID Alarm System

Chuango Open Box Video — G5 GSM/SMS/RFID Alarm System

Hello there! Welcome to our Chuango video channel. In this video we will show you the G5
Plug & Play alarm system. This system doesn’t need a contract and
doesn’t have any monthly fees. It’s a self monitoring system which you
can set up within a couple of minutes. The G5 kit contains; the G5 panel, desk stand, wall mount, AC adapter door/window contact with double-sided
tape two RFID tags, PIR motion detector
with the PIR motion bracket two remote controls, a screw set warning decals and its documentation. Then how does the alarm system work. When a sensor has been triggered it will
send a signal to the control panel. The control panel will sound the built-in
siren immediately and send an SMS to all stored phone
numbers. When an optional siren is installed the panel will sound this siren as well. Sensors can be placed in different zones. There are four zones; the normal zone,
home mode zone single delay zone and 24 hours zone. The included PIR motion detector is by
default set in home zone where the magnetic contact is by default set in normal zone. Sensors in the normal zone will always be triggered and sound the
alarm when the system is armed. In the home mode zone the sensor set in home mode will not be triggering the alarm when the
control panel is armed. In this setting you will be able to walk
freely in your house while the doors and windows are still
armed, by for example a magnetic contact. With the single delay zone it is possible to set a certain extra delay time different from any other sensors. This is normally used for an away entrance. Then there is a 24 hour zone. Which the alarm will always be triggering no matter if it’s in armed or disarmed state. This is commonly used with smoke, gas and water leakage detectors. In order to receive notifications and
calls the G5 panel needs to have a SIM card. Keep in mind to disable the standard
passcode and disable voicemail. Also keep in mind a normal size SIM
card is used. So when using a nano or micro simcard, you will need an adapter to fit it in the control panel. After placing the simcard, connect the AC adapter and put the control panel on. You will see the network indicator
flashing. If it flashes fast, once per second, it’s searching for a network. if it’s flashing slow the network has been found and the panel is ready to use. In order to check if the pre-paired accessories are correctly paired type in the standard passcode which is
by default 1234 and press to memo button. The control panel goes into pairing mode. When a sensor is triggered and sends a signal to the control panel it will receive the signal and connect. When one beep is heard a new connection is added. If you hear two beeps this means the accessorie has already been paired before. Let’s talk about the door/window contact. First we pull out the strap of the sensor. Keep the triangles of the door/window contact pointed to each other. Then we type in
the passcode which is by default 1234 plus the memo button on the control panel. Now we separate the magnet from the sensor and the LED indicator on the sensor will be
seen which means it has been triggered. The control panel
beeps twice telling us it has already been paired successfully. Installation can be done at the side of a door or window opening. Place the sensor on the side and the magnet on the door or window itself. Make sure the triangles face each other and keep the distance within one centimeter. Now we move on to the PIR motion detector. Pull the strap out of the motion
detector. It will start testing for about 30 seconds. When the detector sees movement twice
within three minutes the detector goes into sleeping mode in
order to save power. This means it will not be triggered and
will not send a signal to the control panel. To connect the device type in the
passcode again 1234 plus memo button on the
control panel. Then click twice on the button on the
backside of the motion detector in order to send a signal. Installation height is best at 2.2 meters. This will give a range of 8 meters at 110 degrees wide. The G5 Plug & Play alarm system also has the ability to disarm the system with RFID tag. Make sure the system is connected to AC power in order to use this function. An SMS will be send, linked to the RFID tag, to inform who disarmed the system. You can control and set the G5 alarm
system by App. Apps are available for free in App
Store and Google Play. In the G5 App you first see the tab with the basic controls. You can arm, stay, disarm, voice memo or have the two-way-talk options. On the other tabs you can set
several settings. For instance you can store the phone
numbers which will be notified in case of an alarm and set if they will receive a text
message a phone call or both. Another nice option is the possibility to name your sensors and even the RFID Tags. Thanks for
watching I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to follow our channel for
upcoming videos. For more information go to:

18 Replies to “Chuango Open Box Video — G5 GSM/SMS/RFID Alarm System”

  1. I have problem with my G5. It work perfectly until I store my phone number to alarm SMS or alarm phone number list, after that I can't send any other commands. Always I get error message "Sorry, Operation failed! Phone number is not authorized". I have tried with different mobile operators and with and without prefixes, country codes etc.
    Currently I send all needed commands and the last command is to store my phone number to alarm SMS list. After that the alarm system is locked and I can't control it anymore. If I need to do some changes I reset the device and program it again.Is there any fix or update available to fix that problem?

  2. @Ahti Paju Hi Ahti, yes, you will have to reset the G5 if it is locked already; when storing numbers, please note that the first one will become the "Administrator." When putting in a text command or using the app to store the first number, please make sure there is no space anywhere, as indicated in the manual. If the SIM card is password protected, please also remove/disable that on a regular cellular phone first. 

  3. press tamper switch 5 times within 3 seconds the alarm will beep twice reset done
    the authorisation error will disappear  program number 1st before doing any other command

  4. hello i got a g5 system and im pretty sure i mute the sound of touch keyboard so when i press them there is no sound and i changed it back . i need to activate back the mute touch keyboard sound how i do it?

  5. Thank you for your note, @Neil Grant. Can you please email [email protected] with the serial number in the back of your G5, and our technical support team will get back to you. Thanks for choosing Chuango!

  6. The additional keypad KP-700 of the alarm is not very good. You have to press very hard to make sure. Do you have a different keypad I can use?

  7. Hi, is there anyway to become an agent?
    i have a surveillance business, i had work with honeywell before, but i will really like to work with Chuango, i get really got deals from USA, but will like to make business with chuango directly.


  8. Two years after buying and using this system easily, it has now started activating the alarm by itself and without the lock being activated. Sometimes we are in the house and it just goes off. When I try to turn it off with the remotes, tags and code it doesn't work so I have to dismantle the wall piece and shut it down. I've reset it back to factory settings and reprogrammed everything but it still doesn't work.
    Can someone please help me? Is there a way to fix this?

  9. HELP!! My PIR sensor is acting like a RFID! All it does is make the panel beep and disarms the alarm. WHY??!!! Going on holiday in two days, need this to work!!

  10. Where can I get these in the UK? I can only find ones from Poland, ones shipped from the UK would be nice due to cheaper shipping!

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