100 Replies to “Chris Watts Exposed- 08-13-18 1350 Officer Coonrod Body Cam”

  1. At mark 24:00 Nicole A. comes out of bedroom with turquoise wall. At 24:01, I swear I can see a little toddler girl walk from right to left in that bedroom. Does anyone else see that? I have no idea if my imagination is on over time or what . . .

  2. Again, I see what appears to be a little girl at 25.17 mark inside turquoise wall bedroom going from left to right ???? Can anyone else see this?

  3. Nicole clearly doesn’t like Chris. She never looks at him, they never even said hi. You can tell she thought he was trash from the go.

  4. I still find it a bit odd that she was so insistent within just a few hours of not hearing from Shanann.

  5. Normally I would say I hate it when they single friend who has nothing going on puts herself in the middle of her friend's marriage but in this case it was necessary. Her gut feeling and quick thinking helped to solve this case quick. Good on her. And good on those police who never gave up.

  6. Always curious what made the son look inside the couch where he found the phone stuffed. Just seems odd. I'm glad he did but it just seems like an odd place to look for 3 people.. (snarky comment). I guess I do the same thing- when I lose my keys I do stupid things like look in the fridge and under beds. Weird.

  7. 41:29 that big ass smile. He just wants to call his girlfriend that was her calling not his mom what a fucking liar

  8. Will be a year since he murdered them all in a couple of weeks,and I still feel so sad,was so unecessary,keep thinking of those beautiful intelligent girls,shannan was so hardworking,and a good mum,what a selfish,unfeeling monster he is,sounds like he's doin OK in jail,better than the rest of his family,👺

  9. Why would a pregnant 34 year old woman with a 3 year old and a 5 year old leave just disappear owning a house like this, leaving her car, I believe her freind spoiled it for this asshole sick gay faggot….

  10. Chris Watts is such an idiot! He told on his own self 😂😂😂 which was funny to see!! Nicole Atkinson said “you think they could be at the pool”, then Chris said “I don’t know, I’ll go check”.. when his dumb ass knew the entire time where they were; so what in the heck was he going to check for?! Although him telling on himself was funny, the situation itself is saddening bc 2 beautiful little girls, and a beautiful pregnant wife and mother, had to lose their lives, due to the fact that ‘that piece of sh*t for a husband and father, fell in love with a below average white chick that he said “took his breath away when he saw her”, and he wanted to be with her so he took his wife and kids breath away permanently, thinking he could get away with it and be able to start all over with his mistress that “took his breath away”🙄…. Looks like your plan didn’t work at all Chris!!! Not only are you spending the rest of your life in prison, but your mistress won’t be your mistress anymore, she’ll just be a reminder of why you killed your family, as well as the next married man’s mistress!

  11. Love you Nicole!!!! True hero !!! So sorry you had to go through such a horrific ordeal. But YOU truly helped justice for your friend and her beautiful little ones.

  12. The lowest scumbag piece of shit, knowing what he’s just done hours previous to this, and to sit there and spit out lie after lie after lie, smfh. This mother fucker is literally one of the worst kind of people, showing no remorse what so ever, or any genuine concern for that matter. Makes me sick! Shame on this piece of shit, and what he did to his family, as highly publicized as this case is, I’m sure everyone he’s in jail with knows what he’s done, and I can only hope he’s getting the shit end of the stick (literally) pun intended, in prison every single day for the rest of his miserable no good ass life.

    I am no police officer but at that moment, I would knew immediately it was the fucking husband.

  14. Nikki barely even talked to Chris, she totally knew he had done something. If on that Arizona trip she was so upset I wish when Nikki dropped her off she would have taken the kids and SW with her back to her house.

  15. The fact that he won't look anyone in the eyes, is not frantic or panicking are huge red flags. Not to mention he makes it a point to tell the officer the girls blankets are gone.hmmmmmm

  16. That's a good-sized nice house but there's no way I could have that tiny yard and be right on top of the neighbor's houses like that. U can practically reach out your bedroom window and touch the house next door! I live in East Tennessee. I do realize the cost of living is alot higher in Colorado but my house is basically same square footage, large yard and about 100 grand cheaper!! RIP 3 Angels💜😇💜

  17. Bravo great performance Christopher, he deserves an academy award for pretending to look concerned in front the police and genuine in front of Nicole. Such a narcissistic idiot

  18. It’s annoying how he is acting like he is texting n looking at his phone. i wish someone would have slapped that phone rite out of his hands that day n told him to stop lying. what a little pansie..

  19. She got home at like 2 n i left for work at like 5 n i took my cooler, 3.5 waters, n like a turkey sandwich with cheese on it…. omg.. did this fool really think he was going to just say that she went to a friends house n that was that.?? the end.? and to just trust him.? 😣

  20. Thank God 🙏, 4 Nichol ,cw wasn't able 2 worm his disgusting way out of murdering his family ,he really thout no one was goin 2 investigate them not showing up , he didn think her mother was goin 2 wonder where her daughter/ and g/ daughters were 😒


  22. Nicole and her son are amazing, how many teenagers would be helping his mum find her friend.
    Shanann must have been a loving friend, because you only get friends like that if you are a good friend yourself.

  23. Notice at 26:44 when Nicole fooled with the phone he quickly came over to prevent her from trying to unlock it I think he never tried to open the phone and the officer could see how Nicole was acting that’s how Chris should have been times 1000000 he was really stupid like dr Phil said but thank god he was cause he was easy to catch

  24. Why would she take them on a play date and miss school so they could go that was my first sign right there shannan seemed so happy that they was fixing start school so i didn’t believe that part one bit

  25. This video makes me sick an sad he's a sick bastard helping look for them when he Clearly knows what he did there in a shallow ditch an 2 oil tanks , Rip Beautiful Angels Wow 😭😭😭😭

  26. Interesting that Officer Coonrod stopped searching from 23:30 up to 38:48. He basically recorded Chris' behavior during the initial visit. He can see Chris was floundering with his alibi.

  27. Not the first time in history,a guy (or a woman) kill his (hers) entire family.
    What concerns me… is that is happening in high quantities in this days.. evil.. pure evil

  28. He said does she go to the pool a lot and he said it depends on a hot day like this id say no… ?? Isn’t that when ppl go. Is would jump on that excuse to go check. He’s stupid

  29. I am Asian but dam Fredrick cops so professional doing their job. NA should be rewarding her part act quickly

  30. Chris didn't care about his family … Just look how cold blooded he acts…only worried about not getting cought…& All he cares is about coming clean and starting a new life with new girl…

  31. He walks out with the ring and no one reacts. He went right for it but tried to act like he just discovered it. That didn’t go like he planned.

  32. This case broke my heart in pieces like how could he? Everytime the cop looks tru the door I wish they were there..I wish they were opening the doors saying hello or something I'm literally crying.

  33. This fat bitch is roaming around his house & her fat son is making snide comments. They need to be checked & put out on the front porch.
    But that would set off alarm bells to the cop.

  34. Idiot. He's the dumbest criminal ever. Moron should have left her controlling ass. Instead he kills her and becomes the bad guy even though she was the monster throughout most of their marriage.

  35. Notice that also Nichol entering in that house didn’t call: Shanann!!! Are you ok? Or where are you? Like she knew in her heart that something horrible just happened…obviously she was in shock, worried and still hoping for GOOD news…but her way of behaving from the start, also thinking to the fact that she became concerned so soon, it makes me think that she felt in the deep of her heart that there was something creepy…..she knew about their problems in the marriage and she didn’ t like Chris, so….she felt something in her heart but still wasn’ t able to accept it. Poor woman…it has been a trauma for her too.

  36. 26:27 Long day, then?

    Chris: Yeah, (chuckles) had to throw my entire family away like trash. I mean yeah long day.

  37. Nicole is a saint Chris clearly thought he had more time to cover up the murders and fabricate his story but nope I only hope one of my friends would do the same and as my 2 best friends are my dogs I'm actually sure they will 👍
    On that note their dog barking was trying to everybody something was up

  38. His knew his truck was GPSed! He thought that if he didn't confess and the bodies (AT HIS JOB SITE) weren't found the cops wouldn't have anything on him??!!

  39. Agh these videos get me.. knowing in that moment those babies and woman are dead and laying in their grave made by dad and husband..

  40. Can tell especially in the 20s that her friend is more scared than dad and husband so obviously he had something to do with it. Especially if you don’t know the location of your kids you’d be freaking out.

  41. Why is Shannans purse not on the kitchen bunker when her friend and the cop first enter the house but we see it in the other video with the detective? Im confused as hell here

  42. 20:54 — that's the door that he took Shanann and the kids out through that morning that leads to garage 😩 I would like to also point out at 21:58 how someone can easily slip in and out of the basement through those type of windows. Just makes one wonder if Chris slept in the basement so that NK could slip in and out when they were having their affair (before Shannan left for NC).

  43. @41:20 the smile he gives the officer. "do you think its smart if I go driving around and look" and possibly go on the run 🏃

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