Choosing a Security Camera | Safety Before the Open House Series

Choosing a Security Camera | Safety Before the Open House Series

Criminals want the path of least resistance and knowing that there is video surveillance in place can be a great deterrent. There are a few features that I suggest you look for in a cloud-based camera. First is to ensure that it does in fact have cloud-based capabilities so that you can access the video footage later. This isn’t just from a safety and security standpoint, but also you could monitor your own performance during that open house. You can work on your own personal scripting and personal marketing so that you can fine-tune your sales skills. I also look for in models that allow for two-way communications so that if I’m not able to have a buddy at that open house that someone could check in with me verbally over that camera and we can communicate so that anyone else that’s present at that property will know that there’s someone else that knows about my whereabouts and the activity within that open house. It’s a great opportunity to to really up your technological game and to add that layer of security during your open house. I can’t recommend it enough. We care about your safety and security. For more information, please feel free to access our website at

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  1. is there a way i can know if my wifi signal goes down? i have a wifi home security camera but i wonder if an intruder could figure out how to shut off my power and therefor cut the wifi signal.

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