China’s Hubei Province reports huge jump in new coronavirus cases Wednesday: CCTV

China’s Hubei Province reports huge jump in new coronavirus cases Wednesday: CCTV

our top story this morning and news that
came in within the past hour or so the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in
China jumped sharply on Wednesday China’s state-run CCTV reported on this
Thursday morning that Hubei Province the epicenter of the outbreak saw 14,000 840
new confirmed patients and 242 deaths on Wednesday this is a massive jump from
the past couple of days when the number of totally newly confirmed patients in
mainland China was between 2,000 and 3,000 China’s National Health Commission
is yet to release the figures for the whole of the country but with around
44,000 total cases as of Tuesday the total number of infected people in
mainland China is expected to be around the 60,000 mark

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  1. This is disheartening, the will surely overcome this ruthless COVID-19 soon. My deepest thoughts are with the affected families.

  2. Oh my gosh, in just 24 hrs 200 and some people just died.
    WHO said that it will take 18 months to create a cure, like damn.
    The thought that within each passing day/night more and more ppl are going to die is scary af.

  3. What a misleading report…
    At least you should mention that they have now changed the criterion of confirmation. In the past they depended only on nucleic acids test to confirm and now all patients with clinic symptoms are confirmed cases, which takes most of the cases from "suspected" to "confirmed".
    If they keep using the old criterion, there are 1503 new cases for today. The jump of number doesn't mean the situation is dramatically worsening, but they're telling the truth, well, more about the truth maybe.

  4. 60,000 infected, 1100 deaths. This is a mortality rate of less than 2%. Just slightly higher than the flu, but we dont even know the real # of the infected which could bring the death rate even lower.

    Why is this any different from the flu. The flu is infectious and kills over 200 people daily in China and America.

  5. Just a few hours ago they were telling that the rate of infection was slowing down and now this. Isn't this supposed to be less deadlier than SARS? What is the actual mortality rate of this virus. What the fuck is happening.

  6. China govt thinks corona virus will have a great impact on their Image and businesses thats why they are giving falls data & statements. China goverment do not care of their citizens, does not mind how many is to be infected. Global and chinese citizens are the major contributors to china economy. If virus gets worst globally and no cure, china economy is doom…

  7. Hey folks! I just had a strange thought: Has anyone heard of or seen a sick or dying soldier, anywhere in China? Isn't that kind of strange?

  8. Why such a huge jump? Is it because the Chinese government agreed yesterday to let WHO come to China to help China fight this virus which is why the Chinese government is now coming out with real numbers of people infected and dying? Regardless of the reason, it sure looks like we are heading for a roller coaster ride, hang on tight.

  9. Lol…60,000 more like 60,000 a day. I would have a guesstimate more like 600,000 infected. And that's being conservative.

  10. "i believe in science, who needs religion or God in this modern day n age"
    God gas destroyed many civilization before us for committing sin and looks like we are next.
    Religion tells you what to eat, drink and how to treat people, something that science doesnt.

  11. these are results of censorship by CCP China government. Lack of freedom of speech in China, as a consequences they have to face

  12. 😢🙏🏻 let's seriously pray for the cure.. plss…
    Who ever see this comment, please put the phone down and pray for the cure of corona virus just for ONE minute or above…. Let us aaallll do it NOW itself pleaase…

  13. Jai shree ganesh ji Om sai ram Guru Deva pls Get well soon ad pray for Chine ad someone world Baba pls help
    ad take care all .
    Chine people angels friend's ad family take care your health ad pray your God's ad over God s because this world all deparent flw so take care good food take vegetables many this times avied don't eat something your now very well ,so take treatment first doktor all now your God's i pray for your all anywhere everywhere I love you your all show sun 🙇

  14. WHO team :- Hi china
    CCP :- Hi, how can we help you?
    WHO team :- F*kin give us the correct numbers because of you bsterds we had to come here to get em.
    CCP:- Sure here you have.
    WHO:- DMN you idiots you made us a joke to the world.
    CCP:- Yes, we were just kidding with you all. Are you happy now?

  15. It’s funny how no one “important” has come down with it yet. They travel the most. Yet no celebrities, no millionaires, no government officials.

  16. Okay so they say they have a new way of testing so the number is way higher (14000 in 1 day) for positive cases. But why double the number of deaths; is there a new way to check if someone is dead? If the Communist Party have been hiding the numbers for fear of incompetence or loss of face or what ever reason the numbers are gonna continue to jump probably for awhile as they slowly release the info.

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  18. I tired already. Next. This shit is old news. Talk about something else. Coronavirus you get em or not it doesn't anymore…

  19. I think the real number is far from what is being reported, which is scary, i think what they are reporting is only the tip of the iceberg, and suddenly, they cant keep it a secret anymore, it means they cant control it, omg

    China accused of major coronavirus cover-up as chilling satellite pics ‘show extent of corpse burning in Wuhan’
    * Patrick Knox
    * 10 Feb 2020, 16:17
    * Updated: 10 Feb 2020, 16:26
    HIGH sulphur dioxide levels in quarantined Wuhan and Chongqing could signal mass cremations, it’s been claimed. 
    Satellite maps in recent days have detected alarming levels of SO2 around Wuhan which is the epicentre of the outbreak.

  21. Because of the acts of the CCP, a doctor who tried to warn a world of people with silenced and travel was allowed. Now it will be everywhere within 30 days.

  22. "Number of coronavirus cases in China jumped sharply" And that's still a fake numbers. The real numbesr should multiply by x100.

  23. "Number of coronavirus cases in China jumped sharply" And that's still a fake numbers. The real numbesr should multiply by x100.

  24. We keep believing in this unreliable data until we realized that the whole population of Hubei province in millions was already wiped out from the virus.

  25. Lying… infected over 150,000+
    26,000, dead, 1,400+ deaths daily incinerators are overflowing and Satellite shows massive burning around Wuhan…

  26. Who is responsible ? W.H.O. is responsible because the organisation minimizes the dangerosity of the coronavirus we can now call Trojan Horse coronavirus. Even with with the numbers that china gives we can read that the critical cases and death totalyse 20% and recovered cases only 10% .With the unbelievable very bad experience of the cruise we see from one suspicious passengers we reach nearly 10% of the passengers contaminated. I magine what´s going on in Wuhan where China was late to react. W.H.O. is guilty because he believes China and are unable to read the datas.

  27. ابن خلدون .. الجاسوس
    هل كنت تتجسس على المستقبل منذ 700 عام؟؟؟

    من روائع ابن خلدون رائد علم الاجتماع العربي،
    أنه كتب في مقدمته الشهيرة في القرن الرابع عشرالميلادي:

    "عنـدمــا تـكثــر الجبــايـة تشرف الدولة على
    النهـايــة .

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    رحمك الله يا ابن خلدون..
    هل كنت تتجسس على المستقبل منذ سبعمائة عام؟!


  28. LEAK: The virus came from a Canadian lab, sponsored by round table organizations including the trilateral commission. CCP spread the virus to kill two birds with one stone: its population and dissidents.

  29. I watched a nurse inside China report clandestinely a week ago. She said, "90,000 infected." Doctors were literally hysterical from overwork. One doctor was crying & screaming at someone on the other end of a phone call. It was a mess.

  30. The REAL numbers are just staggering. Expect COVID 19 to be placed in the history books as one of the most aggressive and highly infectious diseases in recorded history. The Spanish Flu may have met it's match.

  31. Close those detention centers and stop killing innocent people.
    Or else Corona, later Bhothrona…. Aur sirf Marona Marona.

  32. Because the testing kits are not working…doctors changed the diagnostic method,so lots of suspected casas turned to be confirmed today

  33. The doctor who tried to warn people is a hero. If only they had listened to him it could have been contained because it began with a very small number of people. The incompetence shown by all the govenments of the world is breathtaking.All flights in and out of china should have been stopped weeks would not have spread round the world like it has.the latest woman to be ill in britain flew in from china! I thought that all flights had been stopped. But only flights from whuhan were stopped. And this ridiculous nonsense of people still traveling round the globe merrily as if nothing was wrong.

  34. 😢so surreal feels like a sci-fi horror movie! Praying 🙏🏽 for the affected and full eradication of this terrible illness!

  35. But once he reaches the number of people he wants to kill he will find the cure so damn sad for my China people god help us all

  36. Please help and support to innocent chinese civilians at this moment, innocent civilians are dying…
    As much as possible .and NO arguments…

    Joy Maa kali..



  37. WHO still doing nothing, WHO said infected people is dropping? Now a huge jump of infected people. what is happening to WHO? giving false information, WHO nothing to worry, don't panic, Just panic when it is uncontrollable. Trust the Chinese, praise the Chinese for a good response to the situation. common disclose everything so that countries can prepare.

  38. I feel sorry for china people..but they r getting punishment what they did with Muslim people..we should respect all religion.. no religions are bad there r some people who makes it bad. Every religions have good and bad people every family have good and bad peoples, if someone is bad in ur family do u punish everybody? no u only punish the person who did the wrong. They didn’t respect Muslim religions they didn’t respect their faith ,they stopped Muslim people wearing hijab but now they r wearing mask to save there life. They’re covering their body to save their life.. this is call karma what u did wrong u will get it back.. I don’t like saying this but they need to understand what they did wrong.. Muslims r not bad there’s some people who is using the Muslim name they don’t have any religions.. no religions says to do bad things.. but I pray to Allah to keep China people safe…

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