Check Out Next-Generation DIY Alarm System

Check Out Next-Generation DIY Alarm System

Hi, I’m Danny and I love gadgets. I was
first in line to buy an iPhone and I had one of these flip cams before anyone knew what
they were. So when it came to choosing a new alarm system,
I wanted something that was cutting edge. Let’s face it, for years the home security
industry has been stuck in the past. You’d get a keypad on the wall, a big grey box in
the closet; you’d turn it on, turn it n and off, and that was about it. Well finally, home security is catching up
with the times. With FrontPoint security’s new wireless alarm systems, you can arm and
disarm online from anywhere; whether you’re across town at the office, or across the world
on vacation. Check out how easy it is to customize. You
can get an email when your kids get home from school and a text when the power goes out
when you’re away for the weekend. In fact, you can get alerts about practically anything.
Monitor the liquor cabinet, leaking water in the basement, or even a gun safe. Just
use your imagination. If you really want to take it to the next level, wireless cameras
can be your second pair of eyes. When you’re away, you can watch live video of your house
on your phone or computer. Even get motion activated clips. But cool uses aside, the main reason you buy
a security system is for peace of mind and since FrontPoint uses all cellular monitoring,
even if phone lines are cut or go down, the system will still work. It’s also perfect
for people who only have a cell phone or voypal. The bottom line is that using a traditional
security system is like using commodore 64 as your home computer, or using a cell phone
so big it needs its own brief case. These days there are great systems out there that
provide the security you need and the gadgets you love.

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  1. Now you can install a key logger program on an office comp, capture the log in details of the worker, unlock their home when you know they're out an rob that dude blind. Oh and lock his house again after it lol.

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