Cheap Security Tips Items From Dollar Tree

Cheap Security Tips Items From Dollar Tree

cheap security tips from the Dollar Tree who gets in a preppers house Dollar Tree ways to keep your house safe from burglars intruders prepping how to be safer in your home hi it’s Alaska Granny when I was at the
Dollar Tree recently I found these little LED key flashlights and you can stick
a key in here and press on them and they light up so
what I did was I took one and I opened it and I put a piece of foam mounting tape you can either buy a little squares you
can in a roll and I stuck a piece on here and I will show you what I did with it I stuck it right here on my door and I can come home at
night and push on it and see where I need
to put the key into the lock so I have my little light with the tape on it and I’m going to
put it right here right over the inside lock as well then in the nighttime if there’s no power and I want to make sure the door is locked I can press on it and see yes indeed my
doors are locked and add that i don’t have to worry if I
think I hear somebody creeping around I don’t have to test anything I can just look at it
interestingly somebody spotted one in mine and said what is that is that part of your security system and I said yes yes it is so then I
decided to go and put them on every one of my exterior doors including
my sliding glass doors on the outside because for only one dollar I can
pushing the button and get a good view in the night if they
need to and if somebody is going to think that that is an added level of
security system that they’re not familiar with
that works for me learn more at please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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  1. Awesome idea. We have a little wind chime hanging on our front door on the inside. Since we manage an apartment complex. In case someone just walks in the chimes sound off adding noise to the front door. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Actually had a home invasion here tonight Granny, Canadian style. A colleague barged in my unlocked back door bringing me gifts from workmates: a small Xmas tree, big bag of good frozen Italian dinners, and bags of candy. Merry Christmas. Peace on Earth.

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