Change Locks & Deadbolts on Doors | New House Security Must

Change Locks & Deadbolts on Doors | New House Security Must

and welcome back to Moore Approved I’m
James today we’re going to show you how to swap out a lock set so if you’re
interested in swapping out locks there’s a couple of things that you need to
think of when you’re going to buy it if you’re just replacing one lock chances
are you can just go to your local home improvement store or go on Amazon buy a
unit that comes with a key and then just take the screws out and insert the new
unit and screw it all back together it’s pretty much that simple there are a few
considerations if you have like a slate it usually has a bigger board diameter
hole so I recommend getting something very similar or the same manufacturer
when you’re going to swap those out that’s going to make it easy most of
your standard door locks are going to be the same size the one that we’re
replacing right now I don’t know what the brand is but I know that the
Kwikset will fit in there and it should pull up and match up with no
problems and I also went ahead and got the quick key ones so that way I didn’t
have to look through every single bin on the shelf and then finding the matching
key make which all your manufacturers are going to have a key variety
somewhere on the box and you have to buy the same one for each unit otherwise
you’re gonna have different keys for every door that you’re wreaking the
tools you’re going to need are going to be a drill either
Phillips or flathead or just a screwdriver you can use either or but I
usually like to prefer the screwdriver because you have a longer shaft so it’s
easier to get through there if you don’t have a big enough extension on a power
drill you run the risk one you’re not gonna be able to get it fully tightened
down because now your doorknob is gonna get them away and also if you go full
hog with a power drill when you’re putting this together you run the risk
of potentially stripping out the screw itself or the head in which case you’re
gonna have not good time replacing that so you’ll practical reduction or get
very creative in these pliers and just let’s break into the box you have your
interior you have your exterior and then you have this which actually controls
your lock function and how this works is this goes into your door first
so if the door is facing this direction this pops out at the end this is what
catches on your latch this is on either side of it when you turn this it flips a
little lever it makes this go in and out to lock so you can twist that get that
to come out these go right through the screw holes in here so as you depress
this piece that all lines up and then all you have to do is put this into
position line that same shape up do that and then you just give it a nice little
quarter turn and then you’re ready to tighten down your skirt heads so a
couple of reasons you might want to change out your locks is one you just
bought a new home so you’re gonna want to verify that the keys that they give
you fit in all of the different doors we have a brand new deadbolt on our front
door but it does not open up these back ones so this goes with the original
owner before the people who had last had it so who knows how many copies of those
kids are floating around or if you’re moving out a little place you’re
changing tenants or changing even as part of the case maybe you don’t feel
secure you can always swap these out pretty quickly so there’s only a couple
of screws that you have to take out you’re gonna have to and your top
deadbolt you’re gonna have two of the handle and then you’re gonna have two on
the front place that face up the door and as you can see there’s not even any
screws in there so this is a very secure just to begin let’s write this through there line it
up your final step
she put your screws in the pitbull good to go now this just twist into place
after you line this up push it up and then you twist him down comes right
through the openings and now you go ahead and tighten them up and thanks for watching more approves I
hope you found this helpful on leave everything that I use down below in the
description box and if you’re looking for something else to watch here are
Moore Approved I have plenty more DIY videos everyone until next time

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