CES 2018 Interviews: Remo+ DoorCam, Oomi, abode iota, and Blink Video Doorbell

CES 2018 Interviews: Remo+ DoorCam, Oomi, abode iota, and Blink Video Doorbell

Hey, it’s Rose and welcome to Las Vegas CES
2018! This year I met a lot of awesome people and
I saw a lot of exciting products. And I wanna introduce you to some of those
exciting people starting with Joe from Remo+. Smart doorbells were a definite trend this
year at CES and Remo is showcasing three of their doorbells, including their new slim
wired doorbell called RemoBell W. The camera offers full HD video, a 160-degree viewing
angle, and live streaming from anywhere. W will be available later this year. But what was more interesting, and is already selling,
is DoorCam. So, we have DoorCam which is our over-the-door
smart home security camera. You just hang it over the door making installation
a lot easier, taking ten steps into literally two. Uhm, it’s powered by three D batteries and
the cool thing about this is that if you are a tenant, if you cannot install devices because
you don’t wanna drill the walls, this is the perfect product. You can just hang it over the door and if
you just wanna be damage-free, just take it off. How much does this one cost? This one costs at $199 and will be available
at remoplus.co, also on Amazon. Next stop was a visit with West at the Oomi Booth. They made two major announcements this year
including an integration with the SafeTrek safety app and options that lower the price
tag which currently sits at around $500 for a starter kit. I think the number one complaint I heard a
couple of years ago when we first covered you was price. And I know you guys have some good news for
people that are interested in Oomi but maybe not willing to go all in. Yes, uhh, so we, we pride ourselves as a,
a great way to start in smart home. And so a lot of people who are starting out
they don’t want to spend so much money, we found out. So we’ve dropped our price hundreds of dollars. Uhh, we also have many more, affordable
solutions, that are simpler solutions, you know, just buying a basic package with a few
sensors, instead of a full six-piece starter kit. And in the future we have a, a smaller hub. So the original version was the Oomi Cube,
which is basically a camera, a hub all in one. And then it also came with this tablet, that
you can use to connect devices and control them. So now the first option is instead of using
the tablet, you can use the free mobile app. If you prefer to swap out the Cube, you guys
are launching a new hub that will replace the Cube camera. Well, uhh, yes, so then the Cube is basically
our gateway plus a lot of sensors, plus the night vision camera, and microphone, and headphone
jack, and all of these things. Uhm, for users who don’t require so much in
a hub, we allow you to have the more simplified 2018 hub which is just a gateway. And then you can get all the other functionality
with our accessories, like our 6-in-1 multi-sensor, 3-in-1s, things like that. If someone were to choose to use the app over
the touchscreen, would they lose any functionality there? Uhh, iPhone users will not be able to use
the NFC, Near Field Communication function, because Apple doesn’t allow us to use
that except for with Apple Pay. So you’ll have to just pair like regular IoT
or Bluetooth. And at that moment, it started to rain indoors. So, our interview was over and I was off to
meet abode. Alright, we’re gonna take a look at one of
the products I was most excited to see today which is the abode Iota. This is abode’s newest camera that’s also
gonna act as a gateway for their system. I’m with Chris, CEO, mastermind behind abode. Can you tell everybody about Iota? Sure. What is it? Yes, so, Iota is, uhh, a new form factor of
our, of our current product. Uhm, we wanted to enhance some of the features
in our current product to be able to be sold across more customers in different environments. So this is really set up for, you know, a smaller
environment where someone wants to have it out on display to utilize the camera. Uhm, it has Wi-Fi functionality so you can
move it, while the other form factor didn’t. But they both have the same technology around
our platform, which is all of the integrations that we do across, you know, Amazon, the Nest
products, and now we’re adding HomeKit capability to this device and our goal is to actually
bring HomeKit to our, our other gateway as well through some of the software that we
hope to see coming out from Apple, uhm, this year. So, again, it’s just, it’s not really an upgrade
to what we do but it’s more of a form factor for different use cases. Smaller environments, potentially used in,
uhh, cases where you have elderly people you wanna look after. It’s a simple plug-and-play solution, can
be used as an all-in-one device. So that’s kinda the idea behind it. What protocols do you have built-in? Wireless protocols. Yeah, so we have we have Z-Wave built-in,
we have Zigbee built-in, we have our own, uhh, proprietary 433 megahertz protocol,
and then we, obviously with HomeKit capability we’ll be able to… I guess it’s not really a protocol but we
have that capability now. Uhm, and then so we have a battery backup,
we have a cellular failover with 4G. Uhm, so it’s kind of future-proof with that
technology as well. Can you give us a quick rundown on hardware
specs? Sure! So, yeah so it has 1080p HD camera, we have
a siren, it actually has a motion sensor, PIR motion sensor built-in, and I think that’s
it. It has two-way voice control as well, not control, but two-way voice into the product so you can listen in and speak back. Thank you, appreciate it. Alright. Hey, y’all! So we’re with Blink now and they are showcasing
their Blink video doorbell. That’s right. That’s it! This is David. He’s a Blink guy. So tell us about the video doorbell. Why would someone buy this instead of Ring? Well so, let’s focus on our products. So it’s a standard video doorbell. Just press the button and you’re gonna get
an alert on your phone and it’s gonna tell you someone’s at your door. You can open up a live stream and have a two-way
conversation so you can appear home wherever you are in the world and tell that package
delivery guy “Put it on the left” or not. So that’s what you’re gonna get basically
in all video doorbells, but what really set ours apart are two things. The first thing is the price. Like every other Blink camera, there’s no
contracts so the cloud service is free. But this camera starts at $99 for existing
customers and $129 as a system. So the cost can’t be beat. The second thing is the ease of installation. We think it’s gonna be one of the easiest
cameras to set up. Again, like all of our Blink cameras it only
takes two minutes and if you flip it over it runs on the two AA batteries for two years
just like any other Blink camera. But also, optionally, you can connect it to
your existing home wiring just by taking the two wires and connecting them and then it’ll
ring the existing doorbell. So for our camera it’s just gonna be: put
in the batteries, stick it on the wall, and you’re ready to go. So it’s got HD video, two-way audio, a built-in
motion sensor. If you want it just to get ring alerts, and
you turn the motion detection off, could you do that or do you have to have both? No, it’ll be so you don’t have, you can have
both. And if you just want it to fire off and give
you an alert when someone presses the button you can do that as well. Will it continue to record video when it detects
motion even if you have the alerts turned off? That one is a good question, I’ll get back
on it. The answer is probably yes, but I’ll get back
to you on that one. How much free cloud storage are you giving
away with this guy? So we give away, we call it up to 7200 seconds. The big thing to know about our cameras is
that they record between 5 and 60 seconds of video, so for the average user, that’s
about a thousand clips. Would be easily over a month’s worth of video
so, and you can do that, there’s no, the time limit for us is up to a year. When is this guy gonna start shipping? Uh, sometime in the next few months so keep
an eye on our website. Obviously now keep an eye on Amazon and, uhh,
well, we’re, we’re excited to get it into the market. Thank you! Awesome thank you.

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  1. This is sort a step away from what we normally do. The video is much more candid and informal, but I really wanted to give you all a look at a few CES exhibitors this year. Let me know if you have any questions about products. I’m still organizing all the notes I took, but I’ve already written an article on abode iota.

    If you want to buy an abode system, you will soon have the choice between the Gateway and iota. iota is an all-in-one home security device, doesn’t require Ethernet, and is HomeKit enabled. The Gateway can’t protect your home on its own, requires Ethernet, and is not HomeKit enabled (yet). However, the Gateway doesn’t force you to use a streaming camera and though it's the same price as iota ($329), in some ways it provides more value as the Starter Kit includes two door/window sensors, an image sensor, and a key fob.

  2. Well done. When we get into our home (hopefully that's in the next few months) we'll be making it into a smart home. I'll be knocking when that time comes. ✌️ 🐯 🛐

  3. I recently acquired a Skybell video doorbell as part of a security system purchase and I have been less than pleased with the video quality. This is especially true when compared to the Blink XT camera I have in the same area.


    I don't get it. I Just don't get it. Literally fingerprint magnets. Sure, it looks fantastic for studio product photography, but when actually used they turn into these disgusting, smeared, gross, fingerprint plastic messes.


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