CES 2018 Interviews: Honeywell Smart Security and Angee

CES 2018 Interviews: Honeywell Smart Security and Angee

Hey y’all, it’s Rose. Welcome back to CES 2018! This is the second and final installment of
my CES interviews. Let’s kick things off with Tomas, CEO
and Co-Founder of Angee. Angee launched on Kickstarter in 2015 bringing
in over $500,000 in pre-orders. As of this week, they are shipping to Beta
Testers with all backer orders targeted for fulfillment by the end of this quarter. So Angee is a home security camera but it’s
so much more than that. I mean spec wise, it’s a full HD camera,
it’s got a built-in motion sensor, but tell us about, how it protects your home. It’s not only about break-ins. A lot of our customers feel that security
is a complex problem. It’s also about people getting hurt at home
or situations like fires or glass being broken so we do have some sensors to detect these
events and there’s a lot of things coming on our roadmap to really improve this functionality. For now, this means that Angee can detect
not only motion events but also specific sound events like the sound of breaking glass as
well as the sound of a smoke alarm. This is their multi-hazard pillar, but Angee
has two others. We focus on three pillars. And these three pillars are automated, it’s
multi-hazard, and it’s privacy cautious. I think these things matter a lot to our customers. So for privacy it’s about, in order to make
an intelligent system, we work a lot with data, but we also are very passionate in a
year or two to make the system that really is following all the best practices in terms
of end-to-end encryption, anonymizing all the data, not streaming anything to cloud. I know that this is a huge problem. A lot of people are concerned. Privacy means that when Angee is armed, it
only sends videos to the cloud when a threat is detected or when you choose to live stream to the
app. When you’re home, the camera rotates a full
360°, essentially “looking away” to give you privacy. And the privacy pillar ties into the automation
pillar. When I walk in my front door, I’m an Angee
owner, what happens? How does it know I’m there? So it detects your phone pretty much. You have it in your pocket and you don’t
have to worry about it. In case, in case it’s off or you don’t
have it, you can also use voice password to identify yourself. For now, voice password is only accepted through
Angee’s own voice assistant, named Angee. Hey Angee, my password is 3172. The system has been disarmed. Welcome Home. When Angee first launched Amazon Alexa devices
had yet to take over the world and Google Home wasn’t a thing. Angee is looking into integration with Alexa, but Angee can still do the basics on her own. Hey Angee, what do you think of Alexa? I am looking after her all the time but don’t
tell her that. So let’s go back to the sensors. The additional sensors, are they built into
the device? Are they external to the device? You know, the whole idea is that you have
the main product which is the station and also the tack, which is this little puck right
here. So what this thing does is that you put it
on all entry points to your apartment or your household and it detects people going through
the door. We do have some sensors in the camera as well. We do take in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, geolocation. We do have motion sensors in the camera, and
we do have also some advanced sound recognition. How are the devices powered? So actually it’s plugged into electricity,
but in case of power outages, it also has the battery. It can go for eight hours. And it also has the local storage so in those
cases where there’s an alarm situation, it captures all the evidence and it streams
it to a cloud afterwards. So you have that crime evidence for later
if you really need that. When can we expect to see Angee available
for purchase? It’s going to be very very soon. We’ll be launching the product at the end
of this quarter in the US. Congratulations Another talking camera showcasing at CES? The Honeywell Smart Security Camera. In fact, this camera has a lot in common with
Angee starting with the fact that they both play with sensors. This is the Honeywell Smart Home Security
System. It is an all-in-one, do it yourself home awareness
and security system so all-in-one in the sense that it has a camera onboard, it’s a 1080p
camera. It’s a security system that comes with a
suite of sensors. You see back here. Doors and windows, indoor motion, outdoor
motion, camera sensors As a standalone device the camera will soon
offer faceial recognition. At launch it offers motion detection and intelligent
sound detection. As a hub, it can control third-party devices
and play with other Honeywell devices. We also have these things called motion viewers. which are motion sensors, so it’s a PIR
motion sensor. It detects heat signatures combined with a
camera so when it detects motion, it captures about a 7-10 second clip and sends that to
you on your phone. And we have an indoor and an outdoor version
of those. Those are wireless obviously but battery operated
too. The batteries last about two years. So they’re great little things because you
can kind of move them around, put them wherever you want to pay attention to, and you’ll
get that notification with the clip. Another way Honeywell’s device is like Angee? It can talk. In Hicksville, it’s 36° with clear skies and sun. Honeywell is multilingual. Soon, it will have built-in Google Assistant. At launch, it has Amazon Alexa built-in as
well as Honeywell’s own voice assistant that controls the basic security features. The camera is also like Angee in that it’s a little bit expensive. It will retail at $399 which includes
some free cloud storage. So is it all cloud storage? Yeah so at launch, we have 24 hours free cloud storage and we’re looking at ways to expand on that. Paid plans expand or free expand? Probably paid, but you know, we’re looking into the details. 24 hours is pretty generous so I’ll give you that. Good job. Alright. Thank you.

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  2. If Angee rotates a "full 360°" it's just looking in the same direction again? Confused about how that gives you privacy?

  3. I learned of this channel through the Security Gem channel. Your new videos look significantly higher quality and more professional than the old ones, and still contain a lot of great information you don't seem to get anywhere else. Keep up the good work!

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