Ceramic Coating Explained – How to Protect Your Tesla Model 3 – Part 1

Ceramic Coating Explained – How to Protect Your Tesla Model 3 – Part 1

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  1. Very informative. Thanks Ben. I take delivery of my 75D model S in June and I’ll be going to Eron Knox in ATL for paint protection.

  2. I'm getting my Model S in late June and am trying to figure all this stuff out right now too. I'm mostly curious about maintaining the ceramic coating. Especially for people who live in apartments without access to a hose to hand wash the car. Hopefully you bring that up in part 2!

  3. Very cool! I have heard about SD wrap from another youtuber. Seems like a cool place and that ceramic coating you're getting should be awesome.

  4. Thanks for the video, Ben, it is very informative. I have a black Model 3 and I am still undecided if pain protection film and/or ceramic coating is worth it. Looking forward to part 2 to see if it helps answer that question.

  5. Im in this same boat. I might go with this same option as you for my model 3. Excited for part 2 to see how it all went down

  6. Middle aged man worried about tiny swirls on car paint finish …but wears baseball cap backwards.
    A case study in aesthetics perspectives.

  7. Gets Tesla Model 3, gets add-ons (that if others purchased since they don't get them for free) that would make it cost more than a Model S. haha

  8. Every 10 years or so, there is a new "coating" for cars that is all the rage and endorsed by detailers because its a high profit margin product. Keep you car clean and use a good quality product from your local parts store. Your car will look great and last years at a fraction of the cost.

  9. Wes @Elite Finish is a great guy, has spent a lot of time helping me both personally and making my car look great!

  10. So had my M3 ceracoated. Verdict: the "scratch resistant" scratches easily. I am looking at fixing it with wax, which isn't supposed to stick to the coating, I guess I'll see. My overall impression: Wish I had just gone with a wax job. Cheaper, can have a new application over old wax, and can be removed if necessary. The result is the same, a car that looks wet all the time.

    Sorry Ben, gave it a shot, wish I hadn't wasted the money.

  11. Best paint protection is film, not ceramic coating. I fully wrapped my Model X in Xpel Stealth. Now my Midnight Silver has a cool stealthy look, wash for $6 at Sam's Club, film is self-healing for minor scratches.

  12. I wrap cars as part of my business, I’m curious as to how the wrap removes after it’s been ceramic coated? If you have any insights I’d appreciate it, especially since I just ordered a Model 3 with the base black paint. I plan on wrapping it right away, but I’ve never experienced ceramic coating over a wrap.

  13. Worst thing you can ever do is take a car to a commercial car wash.Those spinning brushes are loaded with grit and grim, the soap is full of harsh chemicals, and the guys at the end wiping it down for final dry, are using cloth rags contaminated with micro grains that will scratch. Watch some YouTube tips on cleaning and washing your car at home, or who you should take it to for a proper cleaning.

  14. I thought a bit about doing paint protection, but decided to just treat the Model 3 like a regular car. I dont really need the showroom quality shine or need to keep the paint preserved in pristine condition. I spent the extra $ on a photosync tint for all the windows since we are in AZ. Just my opinion

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