CCTV footage shows North Korean soldier crossing MDL during pursuit of defector

UN Command says video footage shows that a
North Korean guard violated the armistice… when he briefly crossed the Military Demarcation
Line last week while pursuing a fellow North Korean soldier fleeing to the South. CCTV footage release by UN Command shows North
Korean guards scrambling to stop the defector,… shooting in his direction and into South Korean
territory — also a violation of the truce. Kim Hyun-bin starts us off at the defense
ministry. The United Nations Command on Wednesday released
a video showing a North Korean soldier defecting to the South through the Joint Security Area
of Panmunjeom last Monday. The video shows the defector was using a jeep
for his escape until it became stuck in a drainage ditch. As the defector got out of the jeep and started
sprinting towards the Military Demarcation Line separating the two Koreas, four North
Korean soldiers opened fire at him. Dozens of rounds were fired with several bullets
hitting the defector. The footage also shows one North Korean soldier
crossing the military demarcation line for a few seconds during the pursuit. Soon after crossing the MDL, the soldier returns
to the north side of the border. The defector was wounded and fell unconscious
on the southern side of the border. Three South Korean soldiers crawled towards
him and dragged him to safety. The UNC Special Investigation Team said that
the investigation results show that North Korea violated the UN Armistice Agreement
twice during the pursuit. “The key findings of the special investigation
team indicate that the KPA violated the Armistice Agreement by… one firing weapons across
the MDL, two by actually crossing the MDL temporarily.” The UNC notified North Korea of these violations
at the JSA on Wednesday through the normal communications channel in Panmunjeom, and
requested a meeting to discuss the results of the investigation and measures to prevent
future violations. The UNC Special Investigation Team said on
Wednesday the investigation team was made up of personnel from Australia, New Zealand,
South Korea and the United States. Members from Sweden and Switzerland of the
Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission also observed the process. Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News.

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