CCTV Camera DVR Motion Push Notification to iOS Using Motion Detection

CCTV Camera DVR Motion Push Notification to iOS Using Motion Detection

In this video, I will demonstrate how to setup
push notification alerts from iDVR surveillance DVRs to the mobile CMS app for iPhone. Please
not that this app is also available for iPad and Android mobile devices, and the setup
is the same. On the left side of the screen, I’m displaying a live view that I captured
from the DVR. Let’s get started. To configure the app for push alerts, I’m
going to go ahead and open it up. Then once I’m in here, you’ll see I just have the one
DVR, the demo DVR at a warehouse that is already configured. There’s that link there that says
edit APNS. You click on that link, it opens up the push list, and this particular DVR
is set up to send push notifications to 3 different devices. The top entry is to this
phone, which is the iPhone 5 that we’re on. I’m going to tap to open up the configuration
area for this phone, and then if I click on motion, it will open up basically asking me
which channels do I want enabled to get alerts from, and the only channel that I have enabled
is channel 4. I’m going to click done, and then I already
have this set up, but if I wanted to set up the time frame for which the push alerts are
active, you could do that in here. Your start and end time, basically I have this enabled
for 24 hours. Then when you’re done with these settings, click done there, and done again,
and what that just did is that saved that configuration to the DVR, and now we’re set
up to receive push messages based on motion activated from camera 4.
Here we are looking at the main interface of the iDVR-E. If I click on the menu button
on the remote and login to the interface, first thing I’m going to do, is I’m going
to go to the camera settings and show you the motion area that I’ve set up for camera
4. If I go down here to motion grid, you see in the upper right that shaded light blue
area? That’s the area that’s defined to trigger motion. The rest of the grid that’s clear
will not trigger any motion. You can see as I’m moving around, it shows you how the DVR
is detecting motion in that entire grid. Then if I exit out of there and I go into
record, I will show you how in the record setup I have, if we look at camera 4 down
here, it’s configured on motion to record based on motion from itself, from camera 4.
Camera 4 records on motion from camera 4, that’s what this entry here is saying. Now
go back out to the main menu, and I will go walk over to trigger the motion, and you’ll
see on the DVR that the motion icon appears, and the channel number lights up in red indicating
that recording was triggered, and I get a push notification on my iPhone that looks
like this. I’ll tap on the launch button so I can go
into the mobile CMS app, and I’ll load the DVR that just sent us the alert. Here’s a
4 camera live view of the DVR right now. If I tap on camera 4, it’ll go to a single camera
view of camera 4. This really enables the user to login immediately and see a live view
of what’s going on. Users can even go back and play the recorded video, although I’m
not going to cover that in this video, we do have other videos showing how to go back
and play back recorded video from the mobile app. That’s it, it’s as simple as that.
I hope you found this video useful in explaining how easy it is to use the iDVR to receive
push notifications based on motion events. If you have any questions, please contact
us at this url. Thank you for watching.

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  1. CCTV Camera Motion Push Notification to iPhone

    Watch this video to see how the iDVR-E8 surveillance DVR can be setup to send a push notification to iPhone based on motion detection from a CCTV camera.

    The DVR is configured to detect motion in a specific area of camera #4. When motion is detected by that camera, the following actions are triggered.

    1) The DVR begins recording on channel #4.
    2) The motion trigger icon is displayed on the screen.
    3) The channel display turns red indicating that channel is recording.
    4) A push message alert is sent to the configured iPhone.

    Please note that push notifications can also be sent to iPad and Android mobile devices using the same free app that is included with iDVR-E and iDVR-RT16 DVRs.

    Also, the DVR can be configured to send push alerts based on events other than motion detection from a security camera. The following system events can also trigger push messages: external alarm inputs, camera video loss detected, hard drive failure, recording disabled, temperature warning, fan failure, voltage drop, network loss (reports after network connectivity resumes), hard drive full, and admin system login.

    To learn more about push notifications from iDVR and see step by step setup instructions, please visit this page. 

    If you have any questions, please comment or contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-561-433-8488.

  2. great items>>>   very good video and night vision works better than most I have seen. easy to install and power up.

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