Cargo ship sighted, CCTV maybe? | Rust update 24th August 2018

Cargo ship sighted, CCTV maybe? | Rust update 24th August 2018

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  1. Rust makes military boats and cargo ships but can’t make a car that you can find?????????????????????????????????????""?????????

  2. Sooooo any update when they’ll actually have decent anti-cheat??? Helk?….. anyone….. okay. Back to building up only to be esp raided…..

  3. The CCTV should be implemented with Rustnet. I wouldn't mind paying a fee to connect to my CCTV on my cell phone to monitor/checkup. It should also be a blue print if the CCTV where to be released. .

  4. Rust has come so far since I started playing so long ago. They have a way of keeping people interested in the game.

  5. I’ll never stop watching your videos, but oh boy I cannot believe I wasted 3k hours on this piece of a shit game. It’s sad how terrible it’s gotten. Only upside to rust is that you meet great people, friends I’ve kept since Legacy.

  6. Wtf shadofrax youtube unsubbed me from your channel. I havent seen your videos in like a month till this popped up in my recommended

  7. hey if you have any contact at all with Helk could you ask him about the mac crash since puzzle update, seriously, pls 🙁

  8. I would love it there came an app with the CCTV, one that would give you live video feed from the camerase if there is a raid going on

  9. They added some shit boats wetsuits a ton of shit but whered the underwear? Youtubers and streamers needs this and ik its not that hard to add it if they have added swim sets boats and shit but cant add underwear in 1 year.

  10. I think since Unity 2018.1 they do support dynamic navmeshes. So moving as well maybe? Could possibly kill performance though.

  11. New Bolt, cancer. CCTV's Cancer. Smoke grenades meh. Another server event, meh. No airdrop nades in water, Cancer. These are not meaningful updates. They still refuse to address core issues of the game. I think the move to monthly updates was all about less work.

  12. Really want to get back in this games but I hate playing solo. If anyone wants a new recruit hmu. 😀 3k hours.

  13. A cargo ship is called that, because it carries supplies, and wagons that carried supplies back in the day were called cargo wagons.

  14. Yet we all know they aint gonna fix the memory leak bug,i get shitframes because my ram is full,got 2 sticks of 4gigs and i cant run rust dangit..


  16. you know what i think about you @shadowfrax .. you write such amazing and gripping content for a topic like Rust. A small game with very limited content to write about. What happens when you write for something much bigger! which intrigues the question .. do you write content for anything or anyone else ? Like imagine, shadowfrax writes a content on world peace in his own twisted and funny way. You could teach about something serious to an audience who cares very less about it. I am not sure if you are aware of the powers you have.

  17. can we get remote access to those cctv streams when they are added? like out-of-game remote access. I want a live feed that I can add to my NVR and stream to my phone so I can watch my base get raided by a zerg of 14 year olds no matter where Im at!

  18. CCTV and Targeting computer is perfect combo to have for surveillance. I can see it being a lot of work, but would be very fun.

  19. would be cool if you could use c4 on some of the container doors for better loot, but with an anti piracy crew on the boat (so you can lose your c4)

  20. CCTV synced up with a rust mobile app? Gives players a chance against offline raids…. or some depressing content while your at work, just a thought ;D

  21. This game used to be epic, since helk started catering to large clans at th expense of solos its went to shit. Population is falling like a stones in water the grind is ridiculous RIP great game.

  22. when you say cctv cameras do u mean like security cameras that you could place around and inside your base? I think that would be a cool addition to rust, maybe even turn raiding into a payday 2 style hiest lol

  23. great update! any word on fixing the aiming function in-game … its sooo clunky and just about useless. its a wonder why so many people hack..

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