Cara Delevingne Plays “Sweet Home Alabama” on Guitar Behind Her Back

Cara Delevingne Plays “Sweet Home Alabama” on Guitar Behind Her Back

-Last time you were here, you showed us
how you can beatbox. We always try to ask you
for a hidden talent or something like that.
-Mm-hmm. -And so I found out — And you were great,
and we loved it. And I found out there’s another
hidden talent that you have, which is that you can play
the guitar behind your back. -Behind my head.
-Yeah. -And with my toes.
Just joking. -No, but how did you learn
how to do that? -I like to show off, apparently.
-No, no. -No, Jimi Hendrix.
I don’t know. I always think,
with musical instruments, it’s always fun to play them
how other people don’t. ‘Cause it’s like,
you get taught how to do things, and I like to do them
unconventionally. -Yeah.
-But that’s something that I’ve seen before,
so I was just like, “Oh, I want to try it.”
And it’s actually not — It is hard,
but it wasn’t as hard — I learned when I was young.
Very young, so… -We happen
to have a guitar here. -Oh, no!
-I was just wondering — -This is one he made earlier.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Could you —
-Oh, God. -I’d just like to get —
Can you give us a little taste? -[ Imitating guitar playing ] Oh, Go–
Ow! Ooh, Jesus.
Okay. -All right.
Now this is Cara Delevingne playing the guitar
behind her head. ♪♪ -Ooh.
Okay, sorry. [ “Sweet Home Alabama” plays ] ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -Oh, my God! That’s how you
do it right there! Cara Delevingne, everybody! “Carnival Row” is streaming now
on Amazon Prime Video! We’ll be right back
with Lester Holt, everybody! [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪

100 Replies to “Cara Delevingne Plays “Sweet Home Alabama” on Guitar Behind Her Back”

  1. She's got a Beautiful Neck…and curves for DAYS…yes Sir ee Bob …that Epiphone Wilshire with a Tremolo set up is Gorgeous.. TOO BAD that HAG doesn't care…..

  2. Not fucking impressed for even a second. Glen Campbell was one of the first ones to do it while playing his version of William Tell Overture which most guitarists can't play his version with the normal way of playing. BTW, he was using a 12 string guitar which makes it way more difficult and impressive.

  3. Her outfit makes me uncomfortable, draws my attention towards her.. But i know it's not something you should do.
    Anyways, she looks like an awesome woman.

  4. I hate this old shit thing "playing guitar behind the back" as it was a hard thing to do. Its the fucking same thing playing it normally but with the eyes closed. Dumb.

  5. This is no surprise. Homegirl has had soo many gfs. She is officially Shane from the l word. I salute you and we all hope to have your skills.

  6. Ok … you know that everybody that knows how to play they guitar can play it in the back of their head. It's just a gimmick to impress people that don´t know how to play the guitar … Sorry for the negative comment.

  7. …So if you can 1: play Sweet Home without looking at your hands 2: hold a guitar behind your head, then you too have amazing skills on guitar "Behind Your Back". Willy Nelson is rolling his eyes somewhere.

  8. I can just imagine Hendrix, Vaughn, Ed King, Allen Collins and Steve Gaines snickering from beyond the grave as Gary Rossington rolls his eyes. Richard Benson, however, feels her comment section pain. And get that girl a properly tuned Stratocaster to play. Cute outfit though! Perfect for playing guitar behind your head and with your toes…you lil' show off.

  9. is there anyone on earth that you would want to hang out with more than cara delevigne. well maybe emma stone. but cara would be so fun to hang out with.

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