Capabilities of the VISTA Home Automation Module (VAM)

Capabilities of the VISTA Home Automation Module (VAM)

Hi, DIY-ers, Joe
from Alarm Grid, and today, we’re going to
talk about the capabilities of the VISTA automation module. Now if you have a
VISTA system, you’re going to notice that
there is no built in Z-Wave controller
on your VISTA system. Over here, we have a 21 IP
installed, and as you can see, other than the onboard
cellular communicator, there’s no way for this
system to communicate with Z-Wave devices. Z-Wave devices are
home automation devices that you can use to do
different things in your house or wherever you install them. Lights, locks and thermostats
are common devices that will have Z-Wave
in them, and as long as they’re compatible
with the VAM, which is what we’re going to
talk about in a moment, you will be able to
interact with them and program them into scenes and
rules right from your system. The VAM will be
one of the devices that you need to add
to your VISTA system to provide it a
Z-Wave controller. The other device that
you can connect to it give it the same functionality
is the Tuxedo Touch. This also has a built in
Z-Wave controller in it. And as you can see, it’s also
a seven-inch touchscreen, full color, and it works great. You won’t want to have the
Tuxedo Touch as the only keypad on your system, as you
aren’t able to backdoor into programming with it, but
for all intents and purposes, it works great as a
keypad for your panel. The VAM, on the other hand, it
doesn’t have a built-in touch screen on the unit
as you can see. And the only way they
can communicate with it is through a web browser. You can access it from a
tablet, a phone, or a computer. As long as it’s on the
same Wi-Fi network, you will be able to
connect to the VAM. Both these devices connect
to your VISTA system with a four-wire connection,
and they wire right up to the ECP bus. Both of these devices also have
very, very similar features. The only difference, or one
of the biggest differences is that the VAM natively
can support up to 10 scenes for your automation
devices, whereas the Tuxedo Touch can support up to 30. Both of these devices
will allow you to control your Z-Wave devices
remotely through Total Connect. You’ll have to speak to
your security monitoring company about that,
but installing one of these to
your VISTA system and then providing your security
company with a MAC and a CRC from the VAM or the
Tuxedo Touch will allow them to enable
remote automation control, and you will be able to interact
with all your Z-Wave stuff through Total Connect. It’s really one of
the biggest reasons to install one of these devices. Perhaps the biggest difference
between the VAM and the Tuxedo Touch is the price point. The VAM is much less expensive
than the Tuxedo Touch. It doesn’t have that
built-in touch screen. But if you’re looking
for an economical way to add a Z-Wave controller
to your VISTA system, the VAM is definitely
what you’re going to want to go with. And just to show you what the
user interface for the VAM looks like when you log into
it, we have this tablet right here connected to the VAM. And as you can see, it has an
almost identical user interface to the Tuxedo Touch. The Tuxedo Touch also has
a built-in web server. So you can connect to it with
a tablet or a smart device or a computer, and you’re
going to see almost exactly the same thing. Those are the features of
the VISTA automation module. Thanks for watching. If you did enjoy the video,
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  1. Can you connect several VAMs to the 21IP for use in a larger home? If so, how long can the wire be between the VAMs and the 21Ip panel? I assume you will need more/appropriate battery power too. Lastly, why would I choose VAM over Wink 2 Hubs? Thank you in advance.

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