(chime tones) – [Announcer] Dogumentary
TV, producing the best breed documentaries on Youtube. (dog barking) (suspenseful music) – My name is Alex Chavarin, and I’m just been fortunate enough to turn a hobby into a passion, obsession and now into a lifestyle, which is dogs. I’m a dog enthusiast. Me and my wife run a pet training company named Five Star Dog Academy. We do obedience, home manners, socialization, specializing
in family protection. As far as training, all your breeds, from your young Shih Tzu to your big dogs, your Mastiffs, your Cane Corso’s, all the different types of
dogs that are out there, I work with. So your street pitties
and the Cane Corso’s are the two breeds that I personally own. Why we call them street
pits, is that they’re not American bullies, they’re not
American bit bull terriers. People call them muts, you know, to me, they’re just my pitties. And when I grew up, that’s what we bought. I wasn’t able to go buy
high end expensive dogs, they were right there, 25 dollars, and we got ’em and we worked ’em. Some people might call
them American bullies. They’re just straight pits. They’re not your typical UKC, your bullies that you see nowadays. Maybe a couple five, 10,
maybe along with that, you probably can see this style, but they’re not bullies whatsoever. They’re not your game pitties. I say these are a little bit more thicker than your actual pitties, and they’re not as girthy and compact as your UKC bullies that you see nowadays. So in addition to our street pits here, I personally, we breed Cane Corsos. So as a hobby breeder, I actually show my Cane Corsos. It’s important to take
’em out in the show ring. But the majority of my
main focus is workability, the balance of being neutral socialized and being able to have a
good protective nature. So that’s the majority of my focus in creating a good balance. My Cane Corso’s right now
comes from Maximo Kennels, in San Jose. That’s my female Maximo
Giovana di HighPower. And then we also have
Steel Town Kennel’s Kevlar, that I’m gonna be working with today. So the two Corso’s we have today are both showing conformation, one Kevlar is an AKC champion, who also have a couple
different obedience, temperament and protection titles. Our main focus with this guy is majority, of course, protection work. Kevlar’s three years old now, and about 28 inches high,
and about a good 120 pounds. We got Giovana, she’s
about 24 inches tall, and I haven’t weighed he in awhile, but maybe a good 85, 90 pounds. She’s only 14 months now. She done in the AKC, we’re
up 12 points right now, so we’re pretty close to champion, or if not, fairly soon. She also CGCs, TEI,
which is a therapy dog. We compete in Iron Dog events. So both these dogs do have
both titles as temperament and protection work so far. So then I got my sheep pit Leonidas, he’s about 18 inches tall, 75 pounds. We do compete in Schutzhund work. He just got his BH title, we’re looking forward
to getting his one soon. We compete in Iron Dog and Acal events, so you know, he has
many temperament titles and obedience titles as we can with them. To be honest, my ideal
dog are the pitties. Short, compact, short
hair, very easy to stay inside the doors, inside
homes, can work outside. The well balanced, the short hair, the temperament was
there, the workability. When I got introduced to the Cana Corso, they’re pretty similar in my opinion. The workability, they bring good drive, good servitude to the table, nice family dog, show good well balance. And they can turn it on
from zero to a hundred. And that’s usually what I’m looking for. A dog that can be inside
the house, mellow, and can handle the work. (growling) The courage that comes out, nice good hearts that
can take the pressure, we want to bring to the
table with these guys, so that’s why, to me, they’re very similar as far as personalities and temperaments. The main difference
sometimes I can see sometimes your Corso’s tend to be
a lot more territorial. I can leave my female outside in the yard, and she’s a little bit more
sensitive to new environments, new people coming up. She’s more vocal. My pitty, he tends to be more laid back, watch people walking in and out, a little bit more than anything else. So I’ve been training dogs now for the majority of my life. I fell into it very young, like most trainers do. I was 13, 14 years old. I would say I got real serious and started creating
this more as a profession now for about the last 10 years. My passion in work is family
personal protection work, so that is my main focus. Your obedience is very
very definitely important and home manners, but my main focus on is creating the balance, to create a good family protection dog and a bodyguard. So the main difference between a sport dog and a personal protection dog, is with sport, he plays a sport. He goes out there and
he excels and does well. A personal protection dog can go out there on the training field,
and excel and do well, but he also has to perform on the streets as well too. With the baby right there next to you, with the wife right there, you have to make sure as handler owner that the wife can control the dog, that your 12 year old
daughter can touch the dog, and control that dog, and be involved in the training. Sometimes in sports dogs, there’s only one handler, one owner, man, wife, caring for that dog and working that dog. Family protection dogs is a dog that can be
controlled by every member of the family. With all these personal protection dogs, these dogs always had the controversy for a real dog or a sport dog. These dogs should be able to do both. I don’t agree with just a
working, only on his sport field and just working him on there. I think sometimes if you only engage him on the sport field, he can get maybe just
stuck on playing a game, which is cool, if that’s
the way you want to work. Me I personally believe
that if you’ve got to create a game where you’ve got to
work a dog a little bit off, and engage them on the
streets as well, too, in your home, in your car, and in different areas that you want him to potentially protect you in. Sometimes if you get stuck
working on a training field, then he’s stuck on just a sleeve, the dog can create this sleeve happiness, and want to play sport. If you are a point dog
and want to go through that route, a personal protection dog needs to engage in outside environments. And that’s where you
do your home invasion, your car jackings, and
engagement with civil work. A sport dog doesn’t
ever have to do any kind of civil agitation, he’s always going to be
barking for his sleeve, always gonna be barking for his bite, always gonna be barking for a suit, a leg, anything in that manner and sometimes the difference
is the personal protection dog needs to take it just a step above sometimes and then biting
somebody without equipment. So today we set up three
protection scenarios, I guess you could call them. In the first scenario, we had our street pit Nidas, and mother and child preparing
breakfast in the kitchen. When she hears a loud noise, the dog gets up, alert, she grabs the dog, puts
him in protection mode. She then realizes there’s
an intruder coming in, she sends the dog off into a bite command, to dog comes in,
neutralizes the situation, we fight the dog. Usually in a situation like that, I don’t think the fight will go that long. But we put some pressure on the dog, hitting him with certain
objects, picking him up, to really insure that he’s able to take some of these pressures. Definitely I like to train harder than the actual fight might be, and that’s controversial sometimes, putting the pressure on the dog. Sometimes people say it
doesn’t mean anything, but to me, it’s testing the heart and the courage of the dog. Now that’s in any protective sport, you have to test courage,
you test the heart of the dog. If it can take stick hits, take pressure, if I’m looking at him nice and mean, keeping up with the fight. You know, definitely in training mode, if you go in to hopping the dog out, are hot at times, but certain object hitting him, honestly we’re just testing the courage and the heart of the dog. The second scenario, we worked
with the Cane Corso Kevlar. This scenario, here we had
handler owner at his desk, checking some emails, when he hears the doorbell ring. The doorbell rings, and all of a suddent
the intruder comes in, bursting in, trying to attack him. The dog steps into protection mode, handles him, neutralizes the intruder, at the same time the handler owner goes ahead and gives his bite command. And then we kind of go into
now you’re training mode, putting the pressure, squeezing him against the wall, hitting him, small little kicks
and fights here and there. Like I said, to ensure
that dog can hold on, nice comfortable strong firm grip, and can continue with the
pressure we’re putting on him. In a real life scenario, if someone gets bit, they’re going to go into attack mode. Their gonna scream, punch, kick, and we want to make sure these dogs are able to handle that type of pressure. Our third scenario we worked with our Cana Corso Giavana. We don’t do too many civil
defense work with her, just enough sometimes to keep her just there that it’s happening, to make her aware that
the fight is with the man. And then we go ahead and
give her a reward bite. So the scenario here, someone was at the front door. Handler owner comes in, female
walks in with their dog, sees someone at her front door. She yells at him and approaches him, this guy doesn’t back down, wants to test the dog. He’s screaming and yelling at the dog. And pretty much what that is,
trying to intimidate the dog with no equipment. Make sure that dog lights up, basically understanding it’s the man. I want to see nice good strong courage, not allowing me to step
into that lady’s bubble. And I don’t stop until that
dog is committed enough, and then I reward her with a retreat, and to make sure she did
a good job well done, and then we reward her with a reward bite. So that’s what we’ve
worked on with Giovana. Well, in this real world scenario, we talked about personal protection dogs. We always incorporate sports training in there as far as foundation. There’s always some guardian, these are personal protection dogs. The scenario we ran today, we always take different
exercises from those sports. So like your decoy, and your French ring, and
now your Malinois ring, or suit work. Your IPO, Shutzhund and the sleeve. But foundation, testing
grips and making sure they’re nice and comfortable, and courage. So the main scenarios we worked on today is more for your hobby kind
of personal protection guys. That don’t want to compete on the field, that don’t need for as much reliability as far as your focused heeling. We talk about reliability
as far as good sit stays and down stays, and recognizing scenarios, from a threat to a non-threat. And I think that’s the biggest difference, when you walk into a sports field, these dogs understand, you know, hey, I’m gonna come out and I’m
gonna perform this routine, and I’m gonna perform this action. In our personal protection sometimes, we’re doing obedience, sometimes we’re gonna go tracking, sometimes we’re just gonna play with you. You never know when I’m gonna pop out, and you have to defend your handler owner. Not that every jewelry guy’s gonna be able to be out there on the training field. Or even though he trains
on the training field, he wants to make sure
his dog still engages at his home, in his office, and in his everyday life. So when he takes his dog on a Tuesday to the sports field, and then Wednesday to work with him, he just wants to make sure the reliability and the control is still there. That’s usually where I come in. I come in there, some
invasion has put some threat on the dog, so give him some live looks. So I think this keeps
these dogs on their toes, and their main focus is
to teach him awareness, to be that more prepared
for the real life situation, if and when that ever happened. ‘Cause that’s really what they are, protection, sports protection dogs. It shouldn’t be a sport
dog is only a sport dog, and a personal protection dog is only a personal protection dog. They should be both, one and the same. We had our good friends Max Tran come out from Maximo’s Kennels bring his dog DJ out here. Dallas Jr’s gonna come out,
do some training with us, get him ready for his upcoming stuff. We had Zeus from Bloodlines Kennels out here stopping by. Just saying hi, these
guys are always regulars, always in our camp, having a good time, playing with the dogs. So my name is Alex Chavarin. I’ve been fortunate to turn a hobby into a passion, obsession,
now into a lifestyle. I am a certified dog
trainer, slash IPO helper, specializing in protection sports. Me and my wife run a training facility up in the high desert. We’re also hobby breeders
of the Cane Corso. We also show those in AKC Conformation. My main focus is creating a nice lifestyle just working with dogs in general. So no discrimination of any kind of breed, genre kennels or anything like that. Training is training,
breeding is breeding, and as long as there’s one by one focus, the team work makes the gene work, man.


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