Canary Flex Review: An Outdoor Security Camera

Canary Flex Review: An Outdoor Security Camera

Hey y’all it’s Rose, and today we’re gonna
to take a look at Canary Flex, which is an indoor/outdoor, potentially battery powered
home security camera. We are going to look at using it indoors running on a power adapter, but primarily we’re going to focus on using it outside running on battery
power. While testing indoors, I placed Flex next
to my original Canary and ran them side-by-side. Using the same motion sensitivity settings,
Flex outperformed original Canary by ignoring several false events. However, original Canary produced a superior
picture quality with more accurate coloration. This is probably because Flex is capable of
Full HD recording, but streams in HD 720p, and it’s noticeable. It has a wide-angle lens, and automatic night
vision capturing both sound and video. And though it currently lacks two-way audio,
Canary claims this feature will launch soon. It also includes 24 hours of free cloud storage,
though that limit is shared if you have multiple cameras. If you need more, you can purchase 30 days
of storage starting at $9.99/month. However, even if you don’t pay, you will have
access to unlimited downloads. You can also bookmark events so that they
aren’t deleted. Events are recorded when Flex detects motion. It includes smart motion via a self-learning
algorithm and adjustable motion sensitivity to keep false at bay. With the settings I selected, it recorded
swaying tree branches, but spared me notification of the same. I would say for the most part, the events
I received were relevant and included people though it also missed several relevant events
including houseguests. But accuracy is not Flex’s greatest challenge,
sleepiness is. So let’s get all the bad news out of the way. Want to live stream? Expect to wait about 10 seconds. And don’t be surprised if you wind up with
footage of someone’s backside as the camera might not wake up in time to capture events. And worse? After just over one week of outdoor use, the
battery is critically low. In addition, the picture occasionally melts
from normal to blurred. That is if the camera decides it wants to
stay connected. Also, one of my favorite Canary features,
geo-fencing, is all of a sudden having an accuracy issue. The camera can automatically arm when you’re
home and disarm when you leave, but it seems confused. I promise you I didn’t leave and arrive five times
in one hour. Now the good news. The other modes including Home, Night, and
Away all work. All customizable to an extent and aimed at
providing the right level of protection for different situations. If y’all have any questions about Flex, feel
free to comment below. Also, you’ll find a link to my full written
review as well as a link to a comparison of Flex to other outdoor home security cameras. I really appreciate y’all spending time with
me today, and I will see ya soon!

16 Replies to “Canary Flex Review: An Outdoor Security Camera”

  1. Great focus on disadvantages as well as advantages. Hopefully these are simply teething issues that can be ironed out with future software updates.

    I'm looking forward to picking one up when it's released in the UK. Thanks for the review!

  2. Hi Rose, great review! I have a question about the LED light on the Canary Flex. I plan to keep in plugged in (as opposed to using its battery) so is there anyway to turn the LED light off when it's monitoring? I don't want the visibility of the LED light

  3. Hi rose, you mention the device is slow when waking up but does it respond faster when plugged in? I want to assume with the consistent power with the cord it wont shut down. Also the ring light, is it only on when armed and off during home privacy mode?

  4. if I use the two location setup I'm the app, with the same address can I have certain members view only the camera location I want them to view ?

  5. Got my Canary today. Easy as all can be to set up thats for sure. Please tell me that it doesnt take 6-7 hours to charge the battery every time!! Disappointed of the picture quality compared to my Piper even while plugged in. The Piper Camera of course, to be fair, is twice as big. That being said I think it's safe to say its arguably the best unit for what it offers. That'll work for me, whether I like it or not!

  6. I moved from a personal to a brand account on YouTube. In doing so, I lost the hundreds of comments I’ve made since early 2016. I apologize that all the data was lost, but we can start again. Let me know if you have a question, even if it’s a repeat!

  7. Updates:
    01/03/2018: At CES 2018, Canary launched a new camera called Canary View, Package Detection, and an integration with Amazon's Alexa.
    12/17/2017 Canary is adding person detection for free and they now allow you to add five cameras to your Membership for $9.99 per month. Also, they are no longer offering a Home Deductible Reimbursement and have extended the recorded clip length back to 30 seconds.
    11/17/2017 Canary has added Night Mode back to the free plan. They’ve also extended clip length to 30 seconds.
    10/28/2017 Canary Flex works with Google Home. You can check Flex's battery life and also ask if the device is plugged-in.
    10/4/2017 Canary no longer offers all Modes for free. You must pay to access Night Mode and you must pay to customize modes. For free you still have access to auto home/away, Home Mode, and Night Mode.
    9/11/2017 I retested the battery, and the life has improved. This time it lasted 7 weeks. Also, two-way audio is officially here but does require a Canary Membership.
    8/27/2017 Canary updated cloud Memberships. Non-members (free) now have 24 hours of storage per device for up to four cameras, but only have access to 10-second clips. You can still share clips, but downloading them to your phone requires a Membership.
    8/14/2017 Canary has added a Web App for Members. They’ve also improved Watch Live by reducing latency. Finally, they’ve announced that Flex will get two-way audio in September, but only for users with a Membership.
    3/30/2017 You can now adjust the recording range of your Flex to preserve battery.

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