Canary All-in-One Home Security Device Review

Canary All-in-One Home Security Device Review

[music] Gabe: Everybody, everybody, everybody, everybody,
this is Gabe at Security Baron. Today, we’re looking at the Canary all-in-one
home security camera. [background music] Gabe: If you’d like to see a list of our favorite
cameras, google Security Baron plus best security cameras. If you have any questions about today’s review,
drop us a comment below and we’ll get back to you. Canary was founded in 2012 in New York City
by a team of experts with experience in robotics, security, design and software. Let’s look at what features the Canary team
brought to the all-in-one home security camera. They said they have intelligence and security
stemming from 1080p high-definition video, 90 decibel siren and the built in climate
monitoring. In addition, they also have desktop streaming,
30 days of clouds storage and two-way audio. Now, looking at the Canary all-in-one home
camera, my initial thoughts are that well it doesn’t look unlike how from 2001 Space
Odyssey. Our version, of course, is the all-matte black,
which gives it a clandestine look. When someone walks into your home or your
apartment, they don’t look at it and say “Oh, there’s the security camera.” The face of the camera has a glossy finish. The lens and the camera are actually flush
with that finish. Those are actually a bit recessed from the
exterior plastic. You have the indicator light and microphone
further down on that front face. On the top of the camera, you’ll find four
beams that are meant for measuring the environment within your home. On the bottom you’ll find the speakers and
an LED light that lights up when you’re streaming and recording. On the back, you’ll find a space to connect
your Ethernet, micro USB and 3.5 millimeter audio, along with this handsome Canary insignia. In order to know whether or not the Canary
all-in-one home security camera is right for you, let’s put it to the Security Baron necessary
features test. Cue the music. [background music] Gabe: Here at Security Baron, we think that
every camera should have stellar video, two-way audio, night vision, cloud and local storage,
smart platform integration, artificial intelligent, value and convenience. Unnecessary feature here at Security Baron
is video quality, and the Canary has stellar video, coming in hot at 1080p high-definition
video with an impressive 147-degree field of view and three-time digital zoom. While the 108p and digital zoom are relatively
standard for a camera like this, the 147-degree field of view and that angle definitely puts
the Canary in the upper echelon of security cameras that we’ve seen. For that, we give them full marks for video
quality. The Canary kind of comes with two-way audio. Out of the box, you can use the two-way audio
when you sign up for the premium features. While it does have it, it’s awkward to say
that oh, it has this necessary feature when the necessary feature doesn’t come necessarily
with the camera itself. When it comes with two-ways audio, the Canary
actually works admirably, but there’s the caveat that you must pay for it. We still give it full marks for its two-way
audio. Here at Security Baron, there’s a lot of emphasis
in terms of necessary features on night vision, for those of us who are a little bit more
nocturnal. For the Canary, it has 12 infrared LEDs, which
allow for a really clear picture in that nice black and white. All your images will be detailed, not blurry. For that, we give the Canary full marks on
its night vision. Security Baron necessary feature of local
and cloud storage, when it comes to the Canary, it can only really get half credit from us. The Canary has no local storage options. It does come with the last 24 hours of video
recordings. You have to pay a separate subscription price
to get the last 30 days. The fact that you can’t plug either a USB
or a microSD into the Canary only allows us to give it half credit when it comes to the
Security Baron necessary feature of local and cloud storage. A security Baron necessary feature is Smart
platform integration, and really, the Canary is firing on all cylinders when it comes to
Smart platform integration. It works with the two biggest players in the
market, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can throw the feed of what’s going on
in your home to your Amazon Fire TV under Amazon Alexa, or you can type into Google
Assistant to figure out what the humidity in any particular room, all because of the
feature set built into the Canary. When it comes to smart platform integration
we have to give it full marks on the Security Baron necessary features test. The Security Baron necessary feature of artificial
intelligence usually refers to facial recognition. While it’s not necessarily facial recognition,
the Canary does come with person detection. The AI can learn your habits over time. In addition, Canary claims that they’ll be
rolling out a host of new features in the near feature, powered by AI. Even without considering AI features to come
out in the future, we think that the person detection and other features of the Canary
definitely merits full marks under the Security Baron necessary features test for artificial
intelligence. A Security Baron necessary feature is value. At about $170, the Canary does bring good
value. We would actually say it’s great value if
you were planning on buying of subscription with premium features to whatever camera you
buy, because with 9.99 a month or 99.99 a year, you get everything that a top of the
line home security camera has in the Canary. However, if you just wanted to pay your 170
and be done with it, you would actually be missing out on some basic features like two-way
audio. Under the Security Baron necessary features
test of value, we find the Canary to be a good value without the Canary membership with
premium features and a great value if you decide to go with all of the subscription. A Security Baron necessary feature is convenience. The Canary was super convenient. We basically were able to take it out and
have a live stream running within about 15 minutes. All it took was plugging in the power, downloading
the app and I was ready to go with the Canary. In terms of convenience, we have to give it
full marks. Before I turn to the app, I want to talk about
a feature that is unique to the Canary home all-in-one, which is the home health technology. That allows you to see the humidity, temperature
and air quality in the room in which your camera is located. All that is visible in the app. Let’s check it out. When you turn on the app, you’ll see that
it’s pretty tame, which is nice because we’ve seen a lot of apps that just overwhelm me
with everything that is immediately visible on the screen. We’re going to start out with a timeline of
what is going on. You have events, in terms of when I’ve arrived,
when I’ve left. Below the watch live button, which is the
largest thing that you’ll see when you open up the app, you’ll see that there’s sensory
data for temperature, humidity and air quality that comes along with Canary’s proprietary
home health technology. In here, we’re going to jump straight into
a live stream. In the live stream, you can adjust it with
manual zoom and a digital pane. You can look around what’s happening in the
room or zero in on something you want to focus on. Below that you’ll see that there is a walkie-talkie
talk button for two-way audio, a siren if you want to scare an intruder, and a safety
button that you can push if you’re not feeling safe and you can ultimately alert the authorities. Other things that you can look at in the setting
are the modes. You’ve got away, home and night mode. If you don’t want to be recorded while you’re
in your own home, you can just set it on home mode, where it will not record if any of the
users are home. You can setup your users and know that they
can feel safe and that they’re not being watched. Of course, you can look at previous recordings
and clips from earlier in the week. That’s a look at the Canary app. It’s both pleasing to the eye and intuitive. Now you can see the 1080p high-definition
video on the Canary all-in-one home camera. You’ll see that it captures a lot of what’s
going on in this room because it’s got 147-degree of field of view, which definitely puts it,
as we said before, in the upper echelon of home security cameras and their angles. They also have digital zoom, so we can look
in here. Actually, let’s go look and see what we get
on our globe. Oh snap, we got India over here, we got China,
a little bit of Russia. The digital zoom on this camera is not one
of the highest ones we’ve seen. We’ve seen some stronger digital zoom, but
definitely enough for us to know that India is our country of the day. That’s the video quality on the stellar Canary
all-in-one home security camera. Here’s the night vision on the Canary all-in-one
home security camera. It is pretty phenomenal. You’ve got 12 LED infrared lights that really
provide for this detailed non-blurry image in the dark in black and white. If I move around, see what’s going on, you
can still get a very detailed image. If I go up to the camera, look at it like
so. In fact, you can even do a little more globe
action and see what’s going on. Wow yeah, Australia again, look at that. Overall, the night vision on the Canary is
one of the strongest we’ve seen, and we definitely give it full marks. [background music] Gabe: Let’s provide an overview of how the
Canary all-in-one home security camera scored on the Security Baron necessary features test. Stellar video, full marks for the 1080p and
147-degree field of review. Two-way audio, full marks for how well it
worked, despite the fact that you have to pay separately for it. Night vision, full marks, with the 12 infrared
LED lights. Cloud and local storage, half marks because
there’s no local storage option. Smart platform integration, full marks because
it works well with the two biggest players, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Artificial intelligence, full marks because
it has person detection and other AI features along with more to come in the future. Value, full marks because it’s a good buy
as is, and a great value if you’re deciding to go with the Canary membership. Convenience, full marks because we were able
to set it up and have it streaming within 15 minutes. Ultimately, the question we’re trying to answer
at Security Baron today is whether or not the Canary all-in-one home security camera
is right for you. If you really like having local storage or
you don’t want to have a Canary premium membership, then you definitely want to look for a camera
that has all that included from the get-go. However, if you’d like to link with Amazon
Alexa, Google Assistant, have 1080p high-definition video, really great night vision, then you
may want to give the Canary a look. That’s our review of the Canary all-in-one
home security camera. If you appreciated this video, give us a like
and hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [music]

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  4. I was about to purchase this amazingly advertised product, but upon reading the reviews (2.6 out of 5 both in App Store and Google Play Store), no way.

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