3 Replies to “Canary 1080p Full HD WiFi Home Security Camera”

  1. I brought this from hsn,. for $137.oo during the 2016 xmas holiday, There is a menbership that I don''t use,. I installed am app for my phone that records the screen, so when I arm the cam, and it records, go the view timeline share it say its downloading, install dropbox on your phone and pc, once there, move to your computer and you can record the footage to a DVD and play it. Love this cam awesome 1080p quality. and sound. get this, im a real customer. I have ip cam, security cams this the best, doesn't rotate, but you can get something cheaper for that, this cam is awesome, just put something in front of the bottom, because it flashes when it senses motion, I just told my new room mate it was wifi extender. now I know who keep stealing my shit.

  2. This camera works great>>>t.co/jueYEC0Apv  especially at night. The picture quality is great and the app is really fast. The only problem we have with it is that the voice is in and out which could be because of our internet. Either way, I love my canary!

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