Can you use a Nest Cam as a baby monitor? (Watch before buying!)

Can you use a Nest Cam as a baby monitor? (Watch before buying!)

The Nest Cam is a pretty
slick piece of technology, and quite honestly, it
does a lot of things you’d hope a baby monitor would do. However, there is a vital,
almost critical feature missing that keeps it from being
a viable, fully functional baby monitor option. Let’s talk about
what that feature is. Hey, this is John
with Fathercraft. Thanks for joining us. You know, there’s no denying
that the Nest Cam comes with an enticing list of
features that at first glance, make it seem like an
optimal surveillance choice for your child. But before I forget, let
me know in the comments if you’ve ever used the Nest Cam
as your baby monitor, and let us know how that
worked out for you. Also let us know
what you use now. For that matter, let us
know what you’d like to use. So as I was saying,
it streams HD video to your smartphone or tablet via
the Next app, has night vision, has two-way audio
communication, and provides a crisp, clean,
high quality audio. Now, at this point,
you’re probably thinking to yourself, no need
to watch this video any further. Sign me up. This sounds amazing. Well, hold on a
second there, friend. Before you adding this to
your child rearing tool kit, hear me out. So we wanted to use the Nest
Cam as a baby monitor, too. And in fact, we tried to do
so for a number of months to understand its benefits
and its drawbacks. But there is one crucial
imperative feature missing from the Nest Cam that
makes it an absolute no go in terms of using it
as a baby monitor, and that is background audio. All right, let’s get into
some background information, if you will. So a baby monitor
needs two devices, a camera with a
microphone, sometimes called a child unit, and
a display with a speaker, often called a parent unit. So one of the biggest selling
points for all Wi-Fi monitors is that it allows you
to use your smartphone or tablet as the parent unit. You also don’t have to carry
around an extra, oftentimes bulky parent unit,
like one of these, which is the display for
the Infant Optics DXR8. Also, the display quality
for most any smart device is going to be an
order of magnitude better than these
traditional parent units. So to make your phone
parent unit operational, you need to install a
corresponding app that allows you to manage all of
the controls and settings. But to make that smartphone
or tablet a fully operational parent unit, you need to be able
to hear the audio when the app is closed, and this is crucial. So the ability to
hear the audio feed when the app is closed or not in
use is called background audio. And this is arguably the
most important feature that a Wi-Fi monitor can offer. If you don’t have
this, whenever you’re using another app on your phone,
like say, using your YouTube app to watch some pretty
stellar videos, like this one, for instance, and maybe you’re
even hitting the Subscribe button, so you’ll get more super
helpful videos on parenting gear from said
channel, you won’t be able to hear your baby. I know it’s important to be
able to hear me and watch me, but hearing and watching your
baby is far more important. So long story short, when
the Nest app is not in use, the audio feed shuts off. And this by itself
should be a non-starter for any parent or parent to
be looking for baby monitors. So to be fair, the
app has the ability to send you alerts
when sound is detected, which is definitely
useful when you’re awake. But when you’re
sleeping, you’ve got to rely on your
subconscious, basically, to hear the ding of that alert. Me, personally, I turn my
phone on do not disturb. So I’m not hearing anything
but the background audio through my phone. So simply put, for
us, the absence of a background audio feature
is just an absolute non-starter. So you can find our full
review of the Nest Cam by clicking the link below,
or potentially clicking the link up here. In that full review, we
list out other drawbacks and considerations, such
as connectivity issues, lack of speed when connecting
to the app, among other things. All right, that’s it. We hope you found this
information useful. If you did please consider
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chatting with you. We’ll see you in the next video.

9 Replies to “Can you use a Nest Cam as a baby monitor? (Watch before buying!)”

  1. Have you tried the Nest Cam as a baby monitor? What else are you considering? We'd love to hear! Also, be sure to check out our best baby monitors of 2019 video:

  2. trying to decide between Miku, Nanit, or Owlet + Owlet Cam. Would love a review on those 3 together and side by side comparison!

  3. I had a spare nest cam that i decided to set up as a baby monitor but I have an old samsung galaxy tab next to my bed with the running and the screen set to always on. I then have another app running on top of that called 'black me' so i can keep the screen off but still hear the audio then I can just tap the screen to turn it on if needed

  4. We have Echo Shows around the house and have the Nest cam streaming to them. Amazing quality and large video screen, easy to see anywhere in the room. With our Apple TV we can also just have the video up on our television through their app for a gigantic baby monitor, it's awesome.

  5. What about using an nest camera and then also using an Google Hub as the "parent device" that could be left on and can easily carry around the house. Has anyone had issues with that solution?

  6. We use two old Apple devices (2 iPads) with the cloud baby monitor app. It works flawlessly and the video quality is awesome

  7. While still pregnant, I clearly understood that I could not do without a baby monitor in my house! Moreover, the nursery is far away, and you worry about the child all the time and do not want to leave one unattended. We bought a baby monitor from MonBaby and do not regret buying. Everything works fine, responds to all functions and never fails.

  8. I use nest cam linked to a dedicated iPad as well as our phones and overall am happy with the result but do notice brief connection issues with fast network connection. We tried the alro baby for a while but didn’t notice a justifying change.
    The owlet has been our number one piece of mind since we brought our daughter home (which is flawless)

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