Can we solve global warming? Lessons from how we protected the ozone layer | Sean Davis

Can we solve global warming? Lessons from how we protected the ozone layer | Sean Davis

So, I’m a climate scientist, and if this room is representative
of the country we live in, that means about 60 percent of you,
so maybe from about there over, don’t strongly trust me for information
on the causes of climate change. Now, I promise to tell the truth tonight, but just to humor that demographic, I’ve started this talk with a falsehood. [The Paris Climate Accord
is a product of the recognition that climate change
is a global problem …] This statement was not made
by President Obama. It was made by President Reagan, and it wasn’t about climate change
and the Paris Climate Accord. It was actually
about the Montreal Protocol and stratospheric ozone depletion. Now, I’m sure that many of you aren’t
familiar with this environmental problem, but you should be, because it’s a rare
environmental success story. And it’s worth revisiting, because sometimes, we need
to examine the world we’ve avoided in order to find guidance
for the choices we make today. So let’s go back to the 1970s, when some questionable choices were made: first of all — hoo —
hairstyles. (Laughs) Second of all, objectively
terrible quantities of hairspray, and third, CFCs, chlorofluorocarbons, man-made chemicals that were used
as propellant in aerosol spray cans. And see, it turns out
these CFCs were a problem because they were destroying
the ozone layer. Now I’m sure most of you
have heard of the ozone layer, but why does it matter? Well, quite simply,
the ozone layer is earth’s sunscreen, and it’s really fragile. If you could take all of the ozone, which is mostly about
10 to 20 miles up above our heads, and compress it down
to the surface of the earth, it would form a thin shell
only about two pennies thick, about an eighth of an inch. And that thin shell does
an amazing amount of work, though. It filters out more than 90 percent
of the harmful UV radiation coming from the sun. And while I’m sure many of you
enjoy that suntan that you get from the remaining 10 percent,
it causes a lot of problems: cataracts, damage to crops, damage to immune systems and also skin cancer. It’s not an exaggeration to say that a threat to the ozone layer
is a threat to human safety. And actually, ironically,
it was human safety that motivated the invention
of CFCs in the first place. You see, in the early days
of refrigeration, refrigerators used toxic
and flammable chemicals like propane and ammonia. For good reason,
the refrigeration industry wanted a safe alternative, and they found that in 1928, when a scientist named Thomas Midgley synthesized the first
commercially viable CFCs. And in fact, Midgley famously
inhaled CFCs and blew out a candle to demonstrate,
at a scientific conference, that they were safe and nonflammable. And in fact, as a scientist,
I can tell you there is no way you could get away
with that kind of antic today. I mean, wow. But really, at the time, CFCs were a really remarkable invention. They allowed what we now know
as modern-day refrigeration and air-conditioning and other things. So it wasn’t actually until
over 40 years later, in the 1970s, when scientists realized that CFCs
would break down high in the atmosphere and damage the ozone layer. And this finding really set off
a lot of public concern. It led, ultimately, to the banning
of CFC usage in aerosol spray cans in the US and a few
other countries in 1978. Now, the story doesn’t end there, because CFCs were used
in much more than just spray cans. In 1985, scientists discovered
the Antarctic ozone hole, and this was a truly alarming discovery. Scientists did not expect this at all. Before the Antarctic ozone hole, scientists expected
maybe a five or 10 percent reduction in ozone over a century. But what they found
over the course of less than a decade was that more than a third of the ozone
had simply vanished, over an area larger
than the size of the US. And although we now know that CFCs
are the root cause of this ozone hole, at the time, the science
was far from settled. Yet despite this uncertainty, the crisis helped spur nations to act. So that quote that I started
this talk with, about the Montreal Protocol,
from President Reagan — that was his signing statement
when he signed the Montreal Protocol after its unanimous ratification
by the US Senate. And this is something
that’s truly worth celebrating. In fact, yesterday was the 30th
anniversary of the Montreal Protocol. (Applause) Because of the protocol, ozone-depleting substances
are now declining in our atmosphere, and we’re starting to see the first signs
of healing in the ozone layer. And furthermore, because many
of those ozone-depleting substances are also very potent greenhouse gases, the Montreal Protocol
has actually delayed global warming by more than a decade. That’s just wonderful. But I think it’s worth
asking the question, as we face our current
environmental crisis, global warming, what lessons can we learn from Montreal? Are there any? I think there are. First, we don’t need
absolute certainty to act. When Montreal was signed, we were less certain then
of the risks from CFCs than we are now of the risks
from greenhouse gas emissions. A common tactic that people
who oppose climate action use is to completely ignore risk
and focus only on uncertainty. But so what about uncertainty? We make decisions in the face
of uncertainty all the time, literally all the time. You know, I’ll bet those of you
who drove here tonight, you probably wore your seat belt. And so ask yourself, did you wear your seat belt
because someone told you with a hundred percent [certainty] that you would get
in a car crash on the way here? Probably not. So that’s the first lesson. Risk management and decision making
always have uncertainty. Ignoring risk and focusing
only on uncertainty is a distraction. In other words, inaction is an action. Second, it takes a village
to raise a healthy environment. The Montreal Protocol wasn’t just
put together by industry and governments or environmental advocacy
groups and scientists. It was put together by all of them. They all had a seat at the table, and they all played
an important role in the solution. And I think in this regard, we’re actually seeing
some encouraging signs today. We see not just environmental groups
concerned about climate change but also civic and religious groups, the military and businesses. So wherever you find yourself
on that spectrum, we need you at the table, because if we’re going
to solve global warming, it’s going to take actions at all levels, from the individual to the international and everything in between. Third lesson: don’t let the perfect
be the enemy of the good. While Montreal has become the brake pedal
for stopping ozone depletion, at its beginning, it was more
just like a tap on the brakes. It was actually the later
amendments to the protocol that really marked the decision
to hit the brakes on ozone depletion. So to those who despair that the Paris Climate Accord
didn’t go far enough or that your limited actions on their own
won’t solve global warming, I say don’t let the perfect
be the enemy of the good. And finally, I think it helps us
to contemplate the world we’ve avoided. Indeed, the world we have avoided
by enacting the Montreal Protocol is one of catastrophic changes to our environment
and to human well-being. By the 2030s, we’ll be avoiding millions
of new skin cancer cases per year with a number that would only grow. If I’m lucky, I’ll live long enough
to see the end of this animation and to see the ozone hole
restored to its natural state. So as we write the story
for earth’s climate future for this century and beyond, we need to ask ourselves,
what will our actions be so that someone can stand on this stage in 30 or 50 or a hundred years to celebrate the world
that they’ve avoided. Thank you. (Applause)

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  1. NAZA say all is well, that the rocks all cool and has been for the last couple of years while Harvard announce that in the near future they plan to use miniscule amounts of pixie dust and glitter to spray a shield over the sun, dimming they call it. Whatever the truth is about global warming and all that bollocks about inaction is an action fucking think about the consequences of the decades of escalating experiments you cant hide or justify like weather modification, chemtrailing, cloud seeding, geoengineering and social engineering, bouncing HAARP waves, massive amounts of radiation into space and calling it ionospheric heating and NEXRAD, radar, scrambling, direct energy weapons and fucking about with every kind of light and frequency on the spectrum and spending vast amounts of time and money experimenting with them using all living things as guinea pigs of a global social engineering eugenics program to such a fine detail you know exactly what hurts who and where and how much. The only truth I heard in that insipid speech was that its ridiculous to think any scientist in this day and age would contemplate experimenting on him or herself, in the name of health and safety…

  2. And Science saves us from the true Evil which is that we've now discovered that despite ourselves CFC's are being produced , only done without having to be responsible due to lack of ability to be identified, definitely cannot be responsible to our morality when you only defy detection of it's obvious manufacturing despite knowing it's consequences. It's not addressing the problem and the problem is not being aware of the immorality of ignorance and consequences to be without concern .

  3. Manipulating data to support the "Settled Science" theory of Climate Change is disingenuous and the mainstream establishment should be ashamed of its complete disregard for "Scientific Method".

  4. Global warming is a lie. And the greatest contributors to degradation and nature waste are the big companies. Individual actions are insignificant.

  5. In 10 this will happen. In X years that will happen. They have been saying it for so long. It’s so exhausting. It’s all about control, they want people scared and controlled. Big companies are the greatest polluters. Stop with these threats, scare yourselves.

  6. Governments could take action, they could invest in solar panels for every suitable building and they could get their money back on that investment through charging for the electricity, as it is Government they don't need to make it back quickly so could charge a nominal fee that works out cheaper than paying for electricity supplied by fossil fuels. If you want action on climate change it has to coke from those with the power to change things on a mass scale, and that is Governments. Individuals alone can't make much of an impact, and given most can't afford to take action to leave it to individuals is to ignore the problem. It has to be Governments that take the action.

  7. Global warming is a hoax. I have never seen so much money moving towards fixing this so called climate change thing. Billions of euro's and dollars are spilled to a mother nature who can not be controlled. Mother nature has her own way and fluctuations in cold and warm has always been and will always happen. Please I love a clean and healthy environment but this co2 reduction is just insane. I would say, clean up the oceans first and good affordable healthcare.

  8. If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything. (Mark Twain)
    The country that causes the most global warming worldwide.

    At the same time, however, the country is ignoring international agreements on this issue.
    Guess what.
    The brainless civilization that sinks the world but at the same time sends satellite to Mars.
    Crazy civilization melting polar ice.
    Civilization invented and discovered nuclear weapons that could destroy mankind not only once but also thousands of times.
    The civilization of sin, rebellion and pleasure!

  9. Solve it? The first volcano that goes boom null and voids all the "solving" you people think you are doing…It's called Earth and Nature and over populating. .

  10. If global warning is true. Where are the ancillary policies to help. Such as banding global trading and every country manufacture the product they use. Transportation supposedly creates a lot of green house gases. Supposedly reducing carbon is more important lower prices.

  11. Global warming and climate change is wall about tranfering wealth from the 1st world to the 3rd world country. It is either pollute or do not pollute, it not buying the right to pollute from poor countries. Carbon credits are evil and designed to make people like Al Gore and George Soros very rich.

  12. All climate change prediction have not come true. In Australia every prediction of our ex head climate change minister has not come true.

  13. The whole idea of forcing us to invest trillions of dollars into something we have no idea would work to move the average temperature one degree without evidence is insane.

  14. He's right but the comparison with ozone is wrong on the most essential point: fossil fuels still create huge revenues and are supported by enormous lobbies. The products destroying the ozone weren't as much.

    Some countries would even lose more than 80% of their economy by stopping extraction and burning of fossil fuels.

    Not all people want a change (see in France where a small tax increase on petrol created 3 months of weekly strikes and riots so far… as of today). For most people, the end of the month is more important than an increase in freak storms, global warming or pollution which effects are not immediately seen. More people that you'd think do not care at all about future generations and you'd be surprised to see many of these people being parents.

    Conclusion: with most people not wanting a change and the wealthiest companies and lobbies blocking everything, don't expect a change anytime soon!

  15. @ted it might be worth renaming the video "Can we solve climate change" as it's the currently more accepted way of approaching the topic, in particular to avoid rhetoric around "it can't be global warming when it's getting colder here".

  16. We can solve it but we probably won't. It's the people in charge that need to change, the consumer is just buying whatever cooperations are offering. Most people just don't care about what happens after they die.

  17. Of course we can solve climate change, it will take several generations of worldwide reduced births. That is the only thing that will work in the long term. Educate the population of the planet about the effect of exponentially populating and endlessly destroying the natural world and start from there. Any other approach is a complete waste of time.

  18. We have to solve this problem to our future generation and I think with this video that's not impossible to do. Be optimistic and do positive things that will help our ozone get better. Though that just a little.

  19. Yes we can but with equality between consume co2 and protect ozone layer of it because if we solve this problem by disable co2 forever this will make another problem is the cold of the earth and the atmosphere so that's it

  20. this talk sucked. SUCKED

    global warming cannot be solved, everyone. stop drinking kool-aid and stop claiming "science" when you have no idea what you're talking about.

  21. Good talk and good analogy. But it does break down on two main points. Cutting CFCs out of our lives was VERY easy compared to the prospect of cutting out fossil fuels. CFCs were much less critical to our lifestyle. They also posed a more clear and present danger to human beings. Keep using them and people will die a painful death from skin cancer. With climate change, in the minds of many people, the costs are much higher in making a change and the dangers seem less clear and, for human beings, anyway, less urgent.

  22. No, you mind controlled victims of propaganda can't even fix your own car. The mini ice age will start mid century so forget warning. How about working on banning Roundup before all insects are gone.

  23. You can't stop the globe from warming or cooling. That's just the way the planet has fluctuated since weather began. Humans are only concerned because we got used to certain temperatures for growing food. Now its changing and its hard for peoole to accept change. I say we adapt and stop whining about an ecosystem we should be apart of not fighting against.

  24. Idealism is a wonderful ignorance. We've reduced our impact on global warming while China, India and others continue to increase their out put with little consequence. If it's truly that important, your focus wouldn't be on those progressively improving, it would be in the ones accelerating in output.

  25. @8:25 Who supplied the data from Beijing? Let me guess, the CCP? You poor naive fool. There are reports pointing to a new ozone hole resulting from China's lax standards on the quality of home insulation manufacturing.

  26. I see that many people here are "confused" over the existence of climate change. Let me just clear up 3 big myths that people have about climate change.

    1. It's just natural! The earth's climate has always been changing!
    That is true. The earth's climate does change. The thing that makes today dangerous however, is the man made change. The earth is getting drastically warmer, not steadily warmer. The natural cycle is being disrupted in a really bad way.

    2. CO2 is used by plants! How could it possibly be harmful!
    True again. CO2 alone is not bad. The bad thing here however is the amount that's being released. There is so much being released, that plants and nature cannot deal with it. Too much of anything unbalances the earth, and things start falling apart.

    3. Its just a couple of degrees. It can't be that bad.
    I understand that it seems that just a few degrees can't possibly be so destructive, but in reality it is. To put this into perspective, the last ice age was only around 4 degrees cooler then today. Imagine an increase of 3 degrees. It would be catastrophic. Changes in weather of 10 or 20 degrees is fine, and that's where people get confused. Climate is not weather.

    Remember. Facts are facts. Science is science. Corrupting them deliberately is a against human progress. keep that in mind. It is great to question. That is the foundation of science. Question everything. Just keep in mind that whatever conclusion you get to, you have to have solid data and evidence to back it up, or else don't call it a fact. (internet articles and youtube videos are not evidence, in case you were wondering.)

    I hope you learned something, and have wonderful day.

  27. Mankind is not going to destroy the planet. That privilege is reserved for the Eternal Almighty.
    " But the day of Yah Veh will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up".

    Universal warming on a scale that is unimaginable and fast approaching.

  28. I love how many people throws out reasons to disprove climate change (or that its not caused by humans) and assume that scientists somehow didn't think of that in the course of almost a 100 years

  29. We MUST elect politicians that will act to fix this crisis. We can accept nothing less. Climate action must be the defining issue of our day. It will require fundamental change, far larger than any group of individuals can enact (although individuals need to act also). We need governments to force the necessary changes onto the companies that are the root of the cause. As AOC recently said climate delayers are the new climate deniers . We have no time left to delay.

  30. Carbon dioxide is a trace gas present at 430 ppm in our atmosphere. It consists of a carbon atom and two oxygen atoms … hence it is called carbon dioxide. It is not called carbon by anyone who knows even a bit about science. Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas. It absorbs longwave radiation at 2.3, 4.7, and 15 micrometers. Carbon Dioxide has a slow emissivity … it doesn't have time to radiate energy and instead it gives off heat when it expands according to the gas law and collides, transferring heat by convection, with millions of oxygen and nitrogen molecules. The earth radiates heat across the entire longwave radiation spectrum … the amount of energy available at Carbon Dioxide's absorption spectrum is limited. The effect of CO2 as a greenhouse gas is logarithmic; its going to cause most of the warming at lower concentrations and not so much at higher concentrations. Some studies suggest the greenhouse gas effect is close to saturation … so if you double (860 ppm) or even triple (1290 ppm) the amount of carbon dioxide you won't get much more warming effect. The best estimate of warming by increased Carbon Dioxide thought to have originated from human activity amounts to about 1.7 watts per meter squared … or about 1% of the energy radiated by the earth in any given quantum of time. This is just one of many different atmospheric processes that affect the heat budget. There is no way to determine how much if any of the recent modest warming (0,8C since 1880) can be attributed to rising levels of CO2.

    Climate Change is a natural cycle driven by the sun and moderated by ocean currents. There is nothing you can do about climate change except to adapt.

  31. Ozone layer got destroyed by UV bombardment by a sun at its grand solar maxima. Ozone layer is getting stronger again because the sun is going to a relatively inactive state … possibly grand solar minima.

  32. I'm sorry, I just don't believe in global warming/climate change. Call me uneducated but I really think this is a conspiracy.
    For liberals : I am not a Trump supporter, not a fan of Alex Jones, I am not a racist, not a xenophobe.

  33. Well…we know for a fact that cloud coverage has a major impact on global temperature via the 9/11 airplane grounding.
    So we could create fake clouds to help alleviate some of that heating problem.

    Another thing we know due a very large amount of greenhouses in one area is that they can act almost like a heat sink.
    So we can put a bunch of "Heat sinks" on the planet to again help alleviate some of the temperature problem.

    The real issue is that we're changing the atmospheric balance…

  34. We can enjoy global warming if the Sun says so. The Sun controls weather and climate. Climate is always changing. CO2 is only a political issue.

  35. The question begs the issue !
    Chicken Little inspired the other dumb clucks to run to the cave of Foxie Loxy for salvation!
    See ! people don't heat the planet, at all – it is the huge nuclear fusion reactor at the centre of our solar system, they call the sun, that does the job.
    And, the configurations of earths elliptical orbits as they shifted in regular patterns around the sun that causes temperature variations of our planet as proved by the Serbian astronomer
    Milutinin Milankovitch in the 1920's and postulated by the Scotsman James Croll about about 1875.
    'They can fool some of the people all of the time and
    All of the people some of the time But
    not all of the people all of the time' –
    Abe Lincoln.
    Greenland was habitable they grew crops there, at the time of the Vikings, well before the Industrial Revolution of the18th C!
    So folks don't let the climate warming panic merchants lead you astray.

  36. Climate Scientists are actually idiots. If sea level is rising, how did Earth gain 58,000 km2 of net land surface area, including 13,565 km2 of net coastal land surface area? It’s called sedimentation. Climate “scientists” don’t understand basic science concepts, such as eustatic sea level and sequence stratigraphy, hence, they continue to get their pseudoscience wrong.

  37. Great piece thanks for airing it, I am resolutely hoping that we can, if we all work together come up with an action plan in an attempt to halt what is happening to this wonderful planet of our, I would also mention that I agree 100% with J. Golf's comment.
    Once again many thanks for airing this
    Kind Regards
    Steve Simmonds

  38. Reagan was not a scientist, nor particularly knowledgeable about the environment.
    The Earth is almost 6000 years old. Global warming has no scientific proof to support it.
    It is impossible for humans to create global warming. The earth naturally processes CO2 and balances it to provide a suitable environment for life. The oceans are the greatest sink for CO2. There is a vast amount of water in the oceans which could never become saturated with CO2.
    CO2 accumulates in cooler regions near the poles and at the ocean depths. When the atmosphere is low on CO2, the oceans release CO2 to balance the atmospheric pressure and provide necessary sustenance to plants. When the atmosphere is high on CO2, the oceans take in CO2 to create an equilibrium at sea level.
    As I stated earlier, it would be impossible for humans to create global warming and raise the CO2 in the stmosphere to any degree. The oceans are a vast sink for residual CO2 produced by fossil fuels.
    The oceans contain 20 times more CO2 than the atmosphere.

  39. Car exhaust helps make ozone. Yeah, you have been claiming disaster from global warming since the 1800s. Look at us now. No signs from global warming due to CO2.

  40. the current problem isn't about not believing in global warming anymore. most people on the street believed global warming existed and is concerned about the change. the current problem is that global warming is being understood way too simplified, with narrower problems resulting in fewer proposed solutions, some of the solutions are not even helping. for example, most people see electric cars as better alternatives from cars that run on petrol, however, those electric cars require lithium batteries that itself creates lots of environmental problems in the process of extraction of the raw materials needed to make the batteries as well as the disposing of such batteries. also, the electricity generated to run the cars, most of them still come from powerplants that burn on fossil fuels, natural gas, they emit equally about of carbon as compared to normal cars.

  41. Quite simply, only 30,000 molten salt fast reactors would give us the reliable energy needed to solve the problem, by making possible the absolute mandatory work of removing the excess CO2, NOW!
    Instead, we will die from global warming because most people think nuclear is bad. Of course, today's pressurized and inefficient water reactors are not the answer. And global solar and wind and batteries will be fried in the next Carrington event…

  42. Matthew 16 : 1 – 4 "He answered them : When evening comes, you say It will be fine weather because the sky is red and early in the morning you say, It will be stormy today, because the sky is red and threatening."

  43. John 3 : 8 " The wind blows where it will and you hear the sound of it, but you do not know whence it comes and whither it goes."

  44. stop believing in propaganda,instead watch this video

  45. Natural climate change associated with the grand solar minimum mini ice age of the 1600's has returned for its 400 year cycle, expect radical weather, meridional jet stream flow, record snowfalls, glacial growth, Polar Bear population booms, falling sea levels, blooming deserts, galactic influences, cosmic rays, wandering magnetic poles, volcanic uptick, earthquakes, mud floods and associated catastrophes with famine from crop failures leading to peak food shock and real climate migration, which has NOTHING to do with the man-made co2 global warming climate change myth. See ice age farmer, ice age now, adapt 2030, John Casey, Tony Heller, Piers Corbyn, grand solar minimum news, etc.

  46. Fewer people are now believing all the hype. Al Gores predictions have not come true. Is any of the hype really happening? The planet has not warmed further since 1999 hence we now call it climate change instead of previously global warming. I have a pic of a Sydney light house from 100 years ago and again a pic from last year, no change in sea level around its base. In the 1970's, scientists were afraid of another mini ice age by near the year 2000. Then out steps Al Gore who spoke of global warming. Since his dire predictions in early 2003, nothing has changed. There are still storms, tornadoes, floods etc as much as ever. Well, NASA feel they are reducing but all the media jump on any global catastrophe as if every event points to climate change. Polar bears are increasing in number, and interestingly, green house owners in Europe deliberately pump Co2 gas into their greenhouses to massively increase yield. Plants love Co2. Scientists say we are actually well down on Co2 gas levels compared to the Jurassic and other periods when there was much more vegetation than we have today. Was it NASA again, who say from satellite images that areas of the planet are becoming greener as Co2 levels rise. There was a mini ice age in the mid ages, in London the river Thames used to freeze over every winter until 1802. Since then the planet has been warming. This was before the industrial age or large amounts of human population. And again NASA, I read a lot of what they are seeing from outer space, they say most of our planets have been warming in the last 30 years due to a solar maximum. The sun is now entering a solar minimum so we can expect a little cooling of the planet. I say, follow the money and see what these climate change folk say we should do with our countries money supplies. Handing over billions to global elites is the aim of the game here it appears and not much else. China and India give the middle finger to all this reduction of emissions.

  47. Production of CFCs have only recently started to decrease. R22 refrigerant is still available and is in the majority of Heating and air systems.

    If anything lines up with global warming it’s the production of CFCs! Sure the world agreed to stop producing CFCs in the 80s, but it takes forever for the government to act! CFC refrigerant is still widely available and preferred!

    CFCs were never eliminated or reduced! So that wasn’t the savior of the ozone!

    Think of how much America and China has grown since 1984, all of them buildings and homes have CFC refrigerants in their HVAC systems, and everyone has wore out produced a leak and was venting the refrigerants into the atmosphere.

    The Montreal Protocol didn’t do 💩! BTW, the replacement for R22 is 410A, the 410A refrigerant is polluting the soil and is being phased out in 2022! Keep up the good work! Pat yourself on your back!

  48. I think the world is beyond recovering from climate change due to selfish corporations who will refuse to stop

  49. It's absolutely disgusting how apology videos and other useless videos that waste people's times get hundreds of times more views than educational videos that raise awareness on problems that can actually kill thousands if not millions of people.

    Why does James Charles' apology video get more views than a TED talk on global warming? Or the ongoing crisis in Yemen that has killed thousands of children due to malnutrition. Or how WW3 is almost breaking out with rising tensions between Iran and the USA?

    People seem to prefer drama about celebs than reading about how half of all animal species will be extinct by 2050? This is not an exaggeration: we will die if we don't stop this. We are alreading facing the premature effects of climate change right now. Here in Italy where I am living, there are some days where it's so hot I can't even go out. The pavement is so warm it can hurt walking on it with shoes.

    So just imagine the consequences when temperatures rise by not half a degree, but three.

    Wake up people. Stop wasting time on useless videos on YT. If we all get educated about actual issues that matter (and not drama), then together we can solve this.

  50. Like this so that everyone sees this. I have an Idea for a Magnet Motor that works with magnets and superconductors nothing else ,It wouldn’t spin forever (so its not a perpetual motion machine) because magnets loose its power after like 300-400 years ,if this would work we could built a lot of these magnet motors to produce enough energy and destroy all coal-fire-stations so we have 0 emissions : )
    The only problem is that I don’t know if this could actually work and I can’t Build it to Test it because I don’t have enough time… :/

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