Can DRY AGE save a $1 Steak? | Guga Foods

Can DRY AGE save a $1 Steak? | Guga Foods

This is an eye round
considered by most the worst piece of steak there is. And most people don’t
even eat as a steak. It is a muscle that works hard and for that reason it is not
that tender. But my goal today is to test it two different ways to find out if we
can make this as good as a steak. And the first one is going to be dry aged. When
dry aging you want to make sure you keep everything clean and for that reason I
like to wear gloves. This is an UMA Dry bag kit it is not an ordinary bag. It is
a special bag used for dry aging, it allows moisture to escape without
letting anything bad get back in. It is the perfect way to dry aged at home
without any special equipment. Once I’ve removed the additional liquid that came
in the bag all there’s left to do is transfer the meat inside of the bag. I’ve
gotten a lot of questions before should you pat it dry and the answer is no. You
want the meat wet because it will give a better contact, so never pat it dry. Using
a special fabric that comes with the kit all you have to do is vacuum seal it. Do
your best because you will not be able to remove all the air out. Now transfer
it to a cooling rack and it is ready for dry aging. There is nothing else to do
but put it on your refrigerator and wait 45 days. Now I really want to compare how
good this dry aging will be so I got another eye round. Once I slice it open you
can already tell that it is a tough cut of meat. Since it’s a working muscle you
can see there is almost no intramuscular fat. Most people do not use as a steak
they use it as a roast. Now that I have two halves one of them I am going to be
using the pineapple to tenderize it, and the other one is going to be the control.
for the control I cut steaks at one and a half inches thick, then I seasoned
them well with salt pepper and garlic powder. Now I don’t have high hopes for
this one, but I want to have something to compare with. Since this one is ready
let’s move right into the pineapple. Now this might sound weird but pineapple
have enzymes not only on the fruit itself but also on the skin. To ensure we
extract the most amount of the enzymes I am going to be blending all of it
including the skin. I know it sounds weird to you because we don’t eat the
skin we will also not be eating this blend. Once he does its job we just
gotta wash it off. And that’s what you’re looking for. I cut three more steaks out
of the one I had left I added them to the mix
and make sure he was a hundred percent submerged. Now there’s left to do is let
them marinate for two hours in the refrigerator. Once the two hours had
elapsed I quickly removed them and as you already know by my tenderizing
experiment this makes the meat very soft. Now it really feels like a steak, and I
think if I leave it any longer it will start disintegrating. You can also see
that the color completely changed, that redness is gone and the enzymes started
to cook the steak already. It is important to wash it all off. The enzymes
already did their job be sure to rinse it under cold water for at least three
times. Once that was done now you can really see what I was talking about. It
no longer looks like a steak it looks like fish. But now that they’re all ready
it is time to season them and I kept the seasoning the same, used salt pepper
and garlic powder. Now let’s get back to our dry aged one. After 45 days of dry
aging this is what it looks like. Without even opening the bag it feels like a
rock. As you can imagine it was already hard before dry aging but now that I
open it and I feel this crust it is exactly like a rock. There is no Bend
whatsoever. Once the bags was completely removed
this is what it looks like. Then I got one of my sharpest knife and
tried to slice them into steaks and boy was it hard, but I managed to do it. As you know you have to remove the outer
edges. Once I’ve done that I was rewarded with three beautiful steaks. If you did not see the process and you
touch this, this capacitors a filet mignon. It feels extremely tender but it
is also very small. But the important thing is how is it going to taste. To
make sure the season is consistent I use the exact same thing which is salt
pepper and garlic powder. Now I want to give these eye rounds the
best possible chance of becoming a steak. I’ll be using this as my basting butter.
It’s pretty straightforward we have one stick of melted butter mixed with two
tablespoons of garlic paste, mix it well and your basting butter is done. But now that we have the steaks ready it is time to answer that good question; Will
dry-aged actually make that eye round a steak? What about the pineapple, can that be
better than dry aging? Well there’s only one way to find out. I’m going to be
front searing these steaks and then I’m going to be cooking them in indirect
heat, and don’t forget the basting butter. But now I say it’s enough talking and it
is time to cook them so let’s do it! Alright everybody we have our beautiful
steaks right here. Angel are you ready to try? Yeah. This okay let’s be very clear
so to set your expectations right. They are not expensive wagyu they are
regular steaks yeah, alright. OK. That way we can judge it properly right all right. So
here’s the experiment these are all $1 steak. Now we are gonna judge and find
out how much more it costs from a buck. Makes sense?
Okay all right what was that face so you’re not having a good expectation
already. You just told me it’s a one dollar steak! It is a $1 steak. I had actual $1 steak before so…They didn’t look like that right? No they didn’t. Alright, so we’re gonna see how much more money they’re worth in our opinion sounds good? Alright go for the first one. We’re gonna start
this one here and then we’re gonna go Okay. Alright this will be the first one.
Yes I did cut it real thin everybody huh, it’s like a thin sliced. Cheers! Cheers! Yeah, this one cost $1. I can’t believe I’m
chewing this much for such a thin slice. Maybe 50 cents. Maybe, maybe. Oh. What do you think Angel? Ah… I think would be great in a sandwich. Yeah with some ketchup and cheese.
Even though yeah ketchup and cheese. Anything to mix it up. Something to give it a little more moisture. I think I think I cut a little too thick. I think it needs to be
even thinner than this for a sandwich. Yeah for a sandwich yeah,I mean it’s not that bad for a sandwich. It’s not it’s not bad, I mean it’s it’s it’s a steak everybody. All right let’s go for,
you want try this one or this one? This one okay . Let’s just go in order.
Let’s just go in order. What is that dry aged or something? Why
are you saying? Cuz they’re small as hell. Ha, ha yes it is dry aged. You ready for it?
Let’s go. Alright Wow Dried aged. Dry to the max aged. There’s zero juice on it. This is not fun. This is not good
everybody. No. I don’t enjoy that. You? No. I think that one got cheaper. I think
this one here is a dollar and this one here is 50 cents. You agree. Yeah I mean
going from this one to this one yeah it makes this one a lot better. This one is
a lot better for sure. This one I have no idea… What happens with this one here is the
flavor hmm I feel that you feel that dry agedness flavor? Yeah I have the dry
flavor on it but it’s like dry. There’s no juiciness, the tenderness is not there
there is almost nothing there but you can feel in the end after you eat it
that little dry age is there. Yeah yeah you could taste the dry aged a little
bit but. In regards to flavor I think I enjoyed this one a little bit more but
because this one is so juicy it’s. I mean it’s not even so juicier it’s just this
one’s more juicy than this one so this one tastes better than this one. I agree
all right let’s go for the last one Angel. This one I can’t put my finger on
what you did. Well let’s find out right now this one’s still juicy. They didn’t
get a lot of searing on the outside though. It did not see her very well.
That’s one of the things with this method you can’t get a wonderful sear
on it it. Looks more tender.It does look tender Alright well look even the fibers are completely
separating apart. Yeah. Alright let’s see. Let’s try it. Oh yeah. Oh yea. No? mmm You going for seconds. Yeah after all those dry steaks, some juiciness. You going for seconds. That’s a good sign right there. I think this is the winner.
I agree 100%. Yeap, yeah. I’m going for seconds. This one is good! Way more tender mm-hmm way more juicy. Definitely the winner everybody.
Hmm. I consider this a steak. That’s a good one. That’s a steak. This one’s our steak, I
think these are not steak these are kind of like stew meat
or something else. Alright, so here’s the deal these are eye around steaks. Alright. This is
just a regular eye round cooked as a steak. Okay. And you can tell that it is a eye round everybody it is. This is definitely a dollar steak right here.
this was dry aged for 35 days. We recommend dry aging an eye round?
It is waste of your time. The flavor is there maybe if you want to dry aged it so that
you can combine with another type of meat to make burgers out of it so that
you get the flavor of the dry aged on your burger
then it’s recommendable. But you need you need some fat though. Oh you need a lot of fat, you don’t need some fat you need a lot of fat because there is absolutely no juiciness on the
steak it is dry but the nice little flavor of dry aged is there in the end.
In the end yeah it’s got that little aftertaste. I agree. This one right here
was the pineapple Angel like we did our first experiment.
Uh pineapple is good man I’ve been telling you. Pineapple works like a charm if you
have never done the pineapple everybody I recommend it. Now Angel if we have to
judge we got steaks they’re all one dollar. Let’s judge on price how much
does this steak actually cost for you? One dollar.I agree.
How much does this one went. It’s free. This one is given to you for free. It was
a sample steak. Yes sample steak that you cut it on a butcher shop just to give it
away for people to try. This is not good whatsoever it is the very first time we
ever done a dry-aged that it doesn’t taste good Angel. I think so yeah yeah
very first time. Pineapple steak from $1 to 50 bucks more
or less how much do you give this steak? 25. 25 bucks?
Wow that’s a lot of money. if they if I go to a restaurant they give me the
steak I’ll eat it I’ll be happy. If I go to their restaurant I’m not gonna
mention any names but I have been to some restaurants that have steaks worse
than this one here and they charged me 15 to 18 bucks for a steak and this
steak here is better can tell you right now. I can’t mention
names but you know this is considered a good let’s just say it’s not great but a
good steak. Yeah. You agree. Yeah. It is not great. Now if you have some side dishes
with this if we have some amazing mashed potatoes like some incredible pasta that
we did with a… The mashed potatoes from from the video of the salt video you did. Yeah
from that one or you know if you have not seen that video you got to check it out. But anything that complements a side dish this I can see be worth 20 bucks to 25 bucks on a
restaurant. Like just like you said if you have a nice and amazing side dish. So
and if you’re gonna buy it on the store on the supermarket definitely give it a
try to the pineapple. That’s what I recommend. These are the results I hope
you guys enjoyed this video, I hope it was informative to you. I know you’ve
been asking me Guga dry aged some inexpensive meat. I did it does not work
because you, for dry aging you gotta have something. Because it concentrates the
flavor it tenderizes the flavor but if you got no nothing there, there’s
nothing here. Maybe maybe if you were to cooked a little more raw. Now but then
that would be like it would it would no it wouldn’t be bad for you. It just
wouldn’t work no matter what happens this was cook at low temperature and
then it’s still pink in the middle. It just it does not work everybody it
does not work. There’s your experiment you guys asked for it I made it happen.
If you have any other suggestions make sure you comment down below. I hope you
guys enjoyed this video if you do enjoyed this video make sure to give it
a thumbs up. If you’re not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos.
Remember if you’re interested in anything I use everything is always in
the description down below. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you guys
in the next one take care of buddy. And don’t dry age your eye round. No it is a waste
of your time. Big time. Just grab some pineapple you don’t have to wait put it
in there and you’re good to go. This was good.
It’s good. Those are uh good for dogs. Good for the dogs the dogs will love
them all. Now what do you say we cook some picanha? We gotta go everybody
take care. Bye bye Picanha time baby. Let’s do it! Now we’re talking. Now you are happy again. Now you got my mood back up.

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