Camera Unboxing & Demo: EZVIZ C4S 1080p Outdoor Dome Camera

Camera Unboxing & Demo: EZVIZ C4S 1080p Outdoor Dome Camera

Hello and welcome to another of our unboxing
& demo videos, this week we’re looking at the EZVIZ C4S 1080p outdoor dome camera. C4S comes in 2 variations, the EZ-C4S-WIFI
has wireless connection included and EZ-C4S-POE which can be powered over ethernet, but in
terms of what comes in the box there is no difference. Now when you open the box and remove the inner
packaging the 1st thing you will see is 2 small packets, the 1st contains the standard
set of 3 screws and 3 rawl plugs. And the 2nd packet contains a waterproof gasket
for protecting the cameras network connector and/or power supply when installing outdoors. Next you’ve got the camera itself which
we will come back to in a moment and cover in greater detail. Next in the compartment at the end of the
box you will find a 12v mains power supply, this comes with both the Wifi & PoE models
because in a lot of cases people won’t have or won’t want to invest in a PoE injector
or switch and would instead prefer to just power the camera off the mains. After that you will see a tool that looks
a lot like an allen key, this is actually a Hex tool and is used for opening the camera
housing. Finally under the camera you will find the
last 2 components of this camera, the 1st is a drill template for easy wall or ceiling
mounting, And the last thing in the box is a quick start
guide which will help you get the basic features of the camera up and running. Now going back to the camera itself you will
see it’s sturdy metal base and it’s vandal proof dome. First off to make everything easier to see
we are going to take the cover off, to open the camera you’ll 1st need to remove the
black plastic ring from around the dome, Once removed you’ll see the 3 access screws,
these will need to be unscrewed using the supplied Hex tool. After this is done you should be able to simply
lift the cover off and put it to one side, it may be attached via the safety cable inside the housing but this is simply for safety and can be easily unscrewed to let you put the cover out of the way. The front of the camera features the standard
ring of IR nightvision LED for seeing up to 30m in the dark, but be aware that like most
dome cameras with a ring of LED’s the C4S will suffer from some IR reflection which
may cause some bright spotting in the middle of the frame, So if excellent nighttime performance is your
main requirement we would probably suggest spending a little more and upgrading to a
Hikvision turret. Moving to the back of the camera you can see
the standard 3 screw hole layout to mount the camera to a wall or ceiling as well as a single
weatherproof cable bringing together both connectors to make passing them through a
wall or ceiling much easier. Next we come to the connectors, the C4S comes
with just 2 connectors one is a network/PoE connector and the other is a 12v mains power
connector, these connectors are the same on both the WiFi & PoE models but obviously for
the WiFi model you don’t have to use the network connector and for the PoE model you
don’t have to use the mains power connector. Next on the underneath the camera’s lens
you will find the MicroSD card slot, this model like all of the EZVIZ range can take
up to 128GB of onboard storage but from our test we would suggest a 32GB card would be
enough to get you at least a week of recording before overwriting. Also next to the MicroSD card slot is the
reset button, which when held for 10 seconds when the camera is on will reset & reboot
the the camera to factory settings. Now to adjust the view of your camera you will want to remove the inner cover from around the camera lens, once the inner cover is off it should be simple enough to pan, tilt, and rotate the camera. also we would point out that it is best to do your adjustments once the camera is mounted and connected so that you can actually see the image you’re going to get. Before we get to the demo footage we should
say now that we will not be covering the setup of the camera using the app in this video
as we have already covered it in our previous MiniPlus demo and the setup process is pretty
much the same for every camera in the EZVIZ range. You can find a link to that MiniPlus demo
in the top right of this video or in the description below. Finally we thought we would show you some
demo footage from the camera, 1st off we have a simple picture quality and resolution test. As you can see for a 1080p camera the resolution
isn’t bad and faces are clearly identifiable even over quite large distances. Although if you want clarity over further
distances than shown here you’re going to want to upgrade to a 4MP or higher Hikvision camera. Next we tested the cameras IR nightvision
performance Again as you can see like most ring IR LED
setups it throws out a good amount of light and the picture is incredibly clear for such
a low budget camera, but it still suffers from some bright spotting in the centre of
the picture like all IR Dome cameras Thank you for watching and subscribing, if
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next video.

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  1. I was hoping to see the actual full shot of the camera and cables in single shot. What has to be passed through the wall. Video shows the cable going in to the camera saying how its a nice single cable for ease of passing through wall, and then it separately show the connectors which are huge and not easily passed through a drilled hole. So what has to pass through the wall if this is mounted outside? Is it just the thin cable or the chunky connectors too?

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