100 Replies to “Bypass 8 Locks in Seconds (with LockPickingLawyer)”

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  2. I love how the lock picking lawyer just goes straight to business in his own channel, but does a lot more chit chat and elaboration here with these guys

  3. The ones with the combs are scary, because most locks can be easily bypassed, but you don't even look suspicious if you do that in the middle of somewhere like a gym locker room.

  4. hes like the tasty of breaking and entering. today we will show you how to successfully pull off a delicious burglary made with organic fair trade tools and weapons.

  5. The crossover I never knew I needed!
    Keep being awesome both channels!
    EDIT: where could i get that pick set because my current one was $13 on amazon and it feels like garbage

  6. I really do wonder why these companies don't secure their locks more, seeing how they're so easy to unlock. Is it purely because of the costs being reduced because of less material? Because if I'd sell locks, and they'd be this easy to bypass, I'd redesign it…

  7. That 3 and 7/40 of a milimeter got a chuckle out of me. As a person who uses metric only, we never do fractions because that is the point of the system being in increments of 10 (10mm is 1cm, 10cm is on dm, 10dm is on m and so on)… But hey, that the 'Murica for ya hahah

  8. As I was reading the title, I had emotional jouney that went something like – "ugh, Brian and Jason really don't have the skills for this, not like LPL…. oh… they have him in the video."


  9. I had a old tool box that I couldn't get open. Had one of those cheap master locks on it. Was gonna use an angle grinder… dont need it 😂😂

  10. me reading the title: hah, bet they've never heard about the lockpickinglawyer
    me reading the title further: owh i didn't expect that

  11. Lol i saw that one. I thought that it was so easy picking locks, watching LPL doing it. Then i realized that it takes a LOT of skill to do it like he does it.

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