Budget Home Defense Shotgun – Maverick 88

Budget Home Defense Shotgun – Maverick 88

How’s it going guys and welcome back to
the pilot Patriot channel we got another fun gun review for you guys today this is the Mossberg maverick 88, This is my choice for the best budget home defense or tactical shotgun now for those of you that are on a
budget maybe you’re looking to get your first home defense shotgun this is the gun for you. The Maverick 88
can be found pretty much any day of the week for
around a hundred and eighty nine bucks now don’t let that price fool you, this is a quality Mossberg shotgun made
in Texas and basically it’s the cheaper version of the mossberg 500. I know
pretty much everybody knows mossberg 500 one of the best shot guns out there and
for any of you are Mossberg 500 fans, maybe you want a 500 but you can’t quite
afford that higher price tag or maybe you’re planning on upgrading the gun
that you’re going to get and put some tactical stocks or ammo carriers or
whatever, but all those things are going to significantly increase your overall
cost so why not start with the Maverick 88 save that initial investment. Now, this
is the security version of the maverick 88 it comes with the black synthetic stock, black foreend. This is a 20 inch barrel they do have an 18-inch barrel but the
18-inch barrel only holds six shots the 20 inch barrel has an eight-shot
capacity 7 in the tube, one in the chamber. It has a brass bead site on the front and it is pretty
much a mossberg 500 in every way except for three main differences. one of the
main differences is the safety on the mossberg 500 the safety is going to be
up here on the tang on the maverick 88 you have it right here
from the trigger guard, which for me it’s not a big deal All my other shotguns have safety
there in front of the trigger guards so unless you’re just really in love with that Mossberg
tang safety this is’nt gonna bother you bit. the next
main difference is going to be up here on top It’s not drilled for optics rail
on top but really for home defense shotgun that’s not very important only reason
you would need objects is if you’re using this for turkey hunting or
something like that the third main difference is on the
foreend grip. Now on the Mossberg 500 the foreend is separate from the action
slide tube, and because of that it’s easily customizable you throw any foreend you want on there, all you have to do is unscrew that castle nut on the front,
slide on your your other foreend and you’re good to go. Its a little bit more
difficult on the maverick 88. On the maverick 88 it’s molded to their so to
replace that you have to replace the action slide tube, it’s going to cost you
about 50 bucks but really for the home defense shotgun the foreign that’s on
here is really nice good quality this ribed design here lets you get a good grip
on there and you really don’t need anything else like i said if you did
want to change it you can. i’m actually a big fan of the magpul foreend and I might
end up getting that but for now i’m happy with the way it is this isn’t a gun thats meant for hunting, you might take it to the range every now and then have a little fun with it but
primarily home defense shotgun is one that is going to sit in a corner until
you need it as long as it works as long as it’s well-built and it’s going to go
bang when you want to, then that’s really all that matters and the maverick 88 is all of that. The Maverick 88 is a down-and-dirty, tough shotgun it doesn’t have any bells and
whistles on it, now with that said, as good the quality and as functional as this
shotgun is, like a good Gun nut I’m gonna have to put some gear on this bad boy.
So stay tuned for the next video and we’re gonna throw some tactical upgrades on here

38 Replies to “Budget Home Defense Shotgun – Maverick 88”

  1. I get it good point. However, if you plan too add a optic then you want too go 500 already drilled and taped. Other option would be a new haven 600at you can find them used for around 150ish

  2. These are great budget shotguns, i own this same model, the 20" barrel and it has shot whatever i put through it with no jams at all. So far got 150rds through it. Got mine for $215 shipped no tax from an out of state vendor.

  3. Btw, this gun holds 8+1 so a total of 9rds of 2 3/4 shells just fyi. I've used this for dove hunting also and snagged a few just to see if it's capable, good ol' #8 birdshot. Not just for home defense. Plan on using it for deer hunting and gonna run some Rifled Slugs through it to see how she does too.

  4. You can use the aguila mini buck shot shells for self defense in the Mav, as well as any Mossy 500, if you use the Opsol Mini-clip adapter.

  5. The Maverick 88 is a great budget shotgun had mine since February no problems at all added a shell holder on the butt stock and a flashlight and she's ready to go

  6. Mossberg 88's are nice, but I prefer the IAC Hawk or H&R Pardner Pump at this price point ($200 or less). The Hawk and the Pardner Pump are both Remington 870 copies, made by Norinco (same Chinese company that makes the SKS). Hawks and Pardner Pumps accept every 870 accessory, except the barrels.

  7. change your fucking smoke detector battery before you film a video man. come on quit being lazy, so fucking distracting

  8. Loved the first one I got so much that I just had to buy another. Went on and camo painted both of them lol. They're great shotguns!

  9. No no no, don't put baby in the corner,,, I take mine with me every time out on the rang. Me son has one, we shoot clay's with em. Very fun times.

  10. I just purchased a mossberg maverick 88 it came with 2 barrels and i was told that i cant shoot slugs out of it. Is that true?

  11. I bought the rifle sight 24โ€ slug barrel model a few years back. I just ordered a magpul stock set and a 500 action tube. Going to be my hunting shotgun.

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  13. I love my M88, fired over 2,000 rounds through it and still looks and cycles as if it was brand new. They are the best shotguns out there for $200. It could have a price tag of $500 and It would be believable and it feels like it.

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