Brinno-Front Door Security Camera- Unboxing

Brinno-Front Door Security Camera- Unboxing

hi everyone my name is Tony and this video all give a quick overview
on over knows me this product the PHVMAC The PHVMAC is easy to
install an easy to use motion-activated PeepHole
Camera which features an ambient light sensor and has automatic image capturing
capabilities as you can see who we have a
well-designed and concise acting all information clearly train
includes a user manual and you all certified for leader poland’s & Barrel which as it is he has
a traditional design a tightening for and washer the base planned for the warning batteries and of
course motion-activated people camera not even
close look at the camera itself we can see the problem there’s a me and
yep the LCD screen a power-play and abe et al in the to the right we have up and down buttons and the low lighting
hassles for the laugh because my community wat and on the run for cover is a micro
SD card slot and a lot of cool which can be used when stall now in the back we have the Mandriva
camera cell and that is the built-in sensor for the motion picture and after
removing the back cover with the other part the Alpha Pack three
and out of our own the battery sock alright then now I’ll
go ahead and demonstrate how to install p Mac 14 the first step is to remove all Paul using the heightened will provide
it just was counterclockwise and once ruled if the user friendly then inside the new lens from the
outside and then insert the peace plan wash and the barrel respectively from the
inside and tired now this wash is only necessary for the poor
Mimi version which is the 1 I’m now assessing the
base class correctly looking at the invitation that
says Park fourth point popcorn and finished by Prime poor number please plank with mister we
compare the camera place first lesson for that matter after the whistle is the perfume and no these sends attack the time and select
Paul after doing so i activate the motion is
by flipping shall compactly mentioned earlier and then for the back
cover on it position the camera on the planet and
its Russian your him which is that a hollow you have
a clock term the camera clockwise hopeful of points and there you have it as you can
see in this edition on the outside and digital insights into the design people hope this kinda key Mac
preventing it from learning anyone else I’d known as a
problem for the camera if you are home and someone else is at the door all you
have to do is hit the power button and you will see a real time preview which will last a second and the
screenshot of now as I mentioned earlier activity dollars in pension function
this means that the not in sensor will detect the movement
outside and will automatically start recording a video or take a picture on the whole then you come back we have to do with had the park 1 you to
enter free view more and then hit up or down bottom annual and are a playback mode which’ll
playback all the images or videos that day with just the click of a button and
efficacy every picture and video will be deep
impact that moesha playback is done it will take you to the Daily Log Home
where you can navigate we will file you can also access
immediately all you have to do Press polled
up-or-down vote for three seconds you all as a mention
earlier this morning automatically not use it our it works then battery back in all of it half of nineteen
thousand and it says he mentioned that the band hall
from place the PSB Mac season football museum the peephole you all certified viruses which means
that in case of fire the people will not become a weak spot
with the PC Mac not only enable track balking household
were away it isn’t excellent solution for your
problem security since it can’t even I L on the
front door stealthy manner with the hospital
possible criminal so this is it for this video if you have
any questions related to this product or any other brand or product please visit our website that’s WWW that bring all da car thanks for watchin on to the next time

7 Replies to “Brinno-Front Door Security Camera- Unboxing”

  1. For Vietnam Customer please contact AMECO – Add: 20Fl, Alphanam Building, 151A Nguyen Duc Canh str, Hanoi, Vietnam

  2. I'm disappointed in this product I bought it off Amazon and it lacks image quality and motion sensor doesn't catch people walking up to your door. it only catches the UPS guy as he's leaving, and the device lacks more buttons for better function to navigate it's menu. I can't see how to change the time and date it really has potential but it's just not there yet.

  3. En España no se si existen o no. Llevo esperando una semana a una consulta que envié por tres veces por email y aún sigo esperando respuesta.

  4. Brinno peephole videos have no audio,if someone is pounding or kicking your door cursing you and no sound or you're being robbed by masked thieves and one talks to the other using his street nick name that would help with id'ing the perpetrators.No audio good luck ! Brinno should have thought of a built in Audio microphone so the videos have audio and not just silent movies.

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