Brinks Unboxing

Brinks Unboxing

Gabe: Hi, everybody. This is Gabe at Security Baron. Today, we’re unboxing the Brinks Home Security
System. Brinks! Let’s get started. [music] Gabe: If you’d like to see a list of our favorite
security systems, Google Security Baron Best Security Systems. If you have a question about today’s unboxing,
leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. Let’s jump into this system. [background sounds only] Gabe: Slide that aside. This is a welcome. It’s got a unique code for me to set it up. I’ll put that aside for now, so we’re not
doing that yet. I’ve got these referral cards. I’m trying to get my friends to jump on board
with the Brinks Home Security Program. Put that aside. The ever loved shield, denoting my Brinks’
superpower. Here we go. Let’s get started with the pieces. We got our IQ panel. It talks about how to temporarily disarm. We have an activation appointment later today,
so we’ll get into it. It’s just a white panel. It looks pretty straightforward like things
you would see in a building. I did note that it’s attached to this. Here we are. Power supply. It doesn’t look like you can detach the two. You have to set it up, I guess, at the same
time. It looks like there’s some mounting information
here or rather mounting plugs and holes. Maybe, these are the pieces to mount it. It looks like it. You use this to mount this. Put that aside for now. Let’s see what else we have in here. Oh, wow. First of all, I just want to shout outs to
Brinks for having a very environmentally sustainable packaging. There’s a lot in here in a very small package. With some of the other systems, we’ve seen
a lot more for much less, though this side is completely empty. It’s a little strange. I probably could have set those up a little
more evenly. Let’s jump into the rest of the things in
here. We got our motion. What’s this? Sensor, another sensor, sensor. We got our indoor camera. Before I forget, there’s some more mounting
hardware. Our doorbell, it’s pretty cool. It’s the SkyBell doorbell. This is one of the thin versions of the SkyBell
doorbell. Here we go. Also, you should note that it says on the
back that this one is not compatible with the SkyBell app. It’s only compatible with the app. That’s weird. It’s the SkyBell hardware, app. We’ll get into that later. We’ll see how well this system works. Another window sensor. We got our window sensor, door sensors, bedroom
door. I’m saying that because that’s what it says
on here. I imagine when I was on the phone with them,
I told them what pieces I wanted. They went ahead and marked each one, which
is useful. It’s nice. I know exactly where to put each one of these. Finally, we have our setup guide here. The setup guide, we’ll go through that. Of course, we have to have our activation
call, which is scheduled for about an hour from now. Some more pieces for setup along with our
stickers, so people know that we have a Brinks Home Security System installed. You put these decals on your walls, on your
windows so that any possible potential intruder knows what’s going on. Whoa! Let’s take a quick break folks. Every month at Security Baron, we like to
hook our subscribers up with a little something, something. Leave us a comment below. Subscribe to our page, and you’ll be entered
to win a $200 Amazon gift card. Make sure to subscribe. Make sure to comment. Let’s get back to the video. Let’s look at our inventory of Brinks Home
Security System devices. I’m going to go in this direction just to
keep some semblance of order and structure as we continue on this unboxing. Let’s start with our 1080P Indoor
WiFi Video Camera. I’ll empty that right there. Voilà! We got our white adapter and power pack, some
mounting, stuff to mount, and our camera. The camera has an Ethernet port which is interesting. We don’t see those very often on indoor cameras. As you can see from behind me, we have tons
of indoor cameras that we’ve gone through. We have our power and our reset button. Underneath it, we have a speaker. It has this rubber bottom for wall mounting. The front of it is a glossy black. I like it because it’s flush. The entire apparatus is flush, the lens with
the camera itself. There is some rotation, so you got some mobility
here. I think you use the plug here for the power. You can also do more with the swivel. There’s some different options there. Oh, wow. That’s a lot of range. That’s pretty cool. You can do a lot of things with that. I would say it’s actually one of the most
mobile flexible cameras that we’ve seen here at Security Baron. That is the indoor WiFi camera that comes
with the Brinks Home Security System. That’s something that you’re going to want
to have indoor on your kitchen table, on the mantle just to get an actual look at what’s
going on. Now, let’s jump into the doorbell. Now this is one of the slim doorbells. There are a lot of doorbell companies out
there. You got SkyBell, Arlo, Ring. All offering different things. [background sounds only] Gabe: This allows you to get a look at whoever
is at your door. You can open it for the delivery person or
whomever. It says there’s a look. You can propose with that. What have we got here? Here’s your level to make sure that you got
it together. Your component, just screw it in. Let’s move this out of the way. Here we go. Take that off. I like that. A pretty simple design, not very heavy. You got your lens here. It does protrude a bit out from the rest of
the doorbell. Here’s your ringing apparatus. The light that they know they’ve been seeing. This comes from SkyBell. Brinks definitely has various people to provide
the devices that go along with this system. I’ll go ahead and put this down here. Will it stand up? Oh, yeah. There we go. Let’s jump into that motion sensor. It looks like a Oasis, the same makers of
the panel. They also make the motion detector. Open that up. I like this motion detector. A lot of motion detectors have something that
comes out. This one is pretty flush. You’re always going to want to put something
like this in a corner to get that 90-degree view and let it detect whatever motion is
taking place when you’re not inside of the home. It is all white, so it’ll blend in with most
walls. It doesn’t seem like it’ll be super indiscreet. You’ll be able to be just put it there and
know what’s going on. What I do like is I see that these adhesive
are 3M. I actually have thoughts about adhesive and
I like 3M. I feel like they will actually keep something
in place. That’s good to know. Here are some screws if you also want to take
that route and not chose the adhesive. Let’s jump into the glass break sensors. Remember, break sensors need to be placed
near the windows that you might think might be broken out. The way they work is they listen for the frequency
of glass breaking, which I think that technology is really cool. I’m not sure if I understand it all completely,
but that’s about it. Here we go. We got your mounting hardware for the glass
break sensor. This is pretty easy to open up. You got two batteries here. These are three volts, so these are not your
typical batteries. I’m assuming that when you need to replace
these, it’s a little a bit more of a specialty. You can’t go to your local bodega if you are
in a city to buy these. You may have to go a little bit further. Go to a hardware store. I’m sure you’ll be able to find them. Voilà! Here you are, the glass break sensors. I will note this is a little bit wider than
most that we’ve seen. I’m not familiar with the style but anxious
to see how well it works. We’ve gotten a few of these window and door
sensors. I will go ahead and just show you one of them. Open this up here. These are nice and petite. We put one on each side of the door, and you’re
ready to go. See that magnet. This is what helps you know when a door has
been opened or a window has been opened, and it’ll alert the system. Speaking of system, this is our panel. What I don’t really love, of course, is the
fact that you cannot detach the power adapter. I tend to like things I can just plug in. This always stresses me out a little bit,
but that’s OK. On the back, I can see that it’s already contained
Z-Wave technology, which is super adaptable. Lots of products will be able to integrate
with this panel, with the Z-Wave. You can see even a lot of smart home integrations
are using Z-Wave. On the back here, you’ve got various places
to mount it. This looks like one that goes on your wall. There we go. I’m anxious to see what it looks like. I do note here that there’s a little camera. This one also has ability for people to see
you. You can see them. That’s pretty cool. This is called the IQ panel. This is just another piece of the Brinks Home
Security System component package. Maybe, the most important piece in some ways. This is where you will arm your system, disarm
your system. If something goes off, this would be the place
where you disarm it. Of course, I talked about our decals already. Put this on your window and you’re ready to
go. You’ll note that we’re not setting this up. In about 30 minutes, I’m going to have a call
with Brinks, and Brinks will walk me through the entire installation process. These are all the pieces. When I’m on the phone with them, I’m going
to go through and do the installation. I’ll be sure to include that in my review
of the Brinks Home Security System. If you appreciated today’s unboxing, give
us a like and hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure.

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  1. Actually they aren't nearly as old as you think. This isn't the same Brinks Home Security that used to be around before ADT bought them.

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