Brave Student Stops Active Shooter on Campus | Active Self Protection

Brave Student Stops Active Shooter on Campus | Active Self Protection

In the run, hide, fight mentality – very seldom do you hear people talk about the fight even though it can be very effective. Hi everyone. This is John with today’s Active Self Protection lesson. Today’s lesson is a very important one and it comes to us from Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, Washington. It shows a very brave student stopping an active shooter on his campus and it’s going to teach us some important lessons about: being willing to get in the fight about being able to counter ambush and dogpile on a bad guy to end a threat Go read the news story and you’ll get a lot of information about this one. There’s a timeline in the description actually. And this guy’s already murdered someone just outside this building. He’s deranged. He has a thing against all people and he just wants to create havoc. And he points his shotgun at the student that’s sitting here, who doesn’t notice him at first. So he continues to walk around and see what’s going on. But now he finally kind of gets that student’s attention. And again if you go read the news story he’s going to tell him “if you move I’ll shoot you.” So the guy just kind of sits there. And he’s frozen. There’s another student studying in the tables on the bottom right, just off-screen. And you can’t see that student though. Until they’re gonna run in just a bit. Now you look on the left at the stairs and this gal walks down the stairs and it’s just a normal day. And he actually does pull the trigger on her right there and puts an entire round of birdshot right in the high-center chest on her. And then everybody else runs from there. And he’s trying to reload and this kid is a student at the school; isn’t a security guard. And he pepper sprayed that guy. Hit him with the pepper spray. And then tackled him and attacked him and took his gun away from him Now he’s running off with the guy shotgun as he’s trying to deal with the effects of the pepper spray. Sped it up a little here. And you see this guy now trying to reach for what we will find out later is a large hunting knife. And the student comes and tackles him again takes a knife away from him, calls for help. And then some help arrives if you watch the longer version and this one’s over. I want to go and look at some significant lessons here. The first ones about situational awareness: At first this student doesn’t see that there’s a problem coming because they’re utterly unaware of what’s going on around them when the guys pointing a shotgun at him who is a murderer. So please be aware of your surroundings. Don’t be so engrossed in what you’re doing that you don’t see what’s going on around you to be able to respond. Now when he does finally see what’s going on this guy’s got the drop on him really bad. So waiting for your opportunity to run, to hide, or to fight is incredibly important And I think this student in that moment there’s really not much else you can do. Next the gal, who’s coming down the stairs of course. What are you going to do against the shot gun wielding attacker? Well paying attention would have kept her from being shot. But I also want to note that she took a full birdshot to the high-center chest here. And she’s still on her feet. I want to just pay attention to her because it teaches us how ineffective birdshot can be as a defensive round. Thank God it wasn’t effective because she lived through this but notice she’s just taken a 12-gauge right to the face like that. And she’s going to be able to just walk off. She’s not even taking for a long time. She’s walking off and that tells me how ineffective it is. I do want to back up now again. And let’s look at the defenders actions. Now he’s going to come around here if we go back over to the right and you notice people are running off and so now our defender has to launch a counter ambush. The way to fight an active shooter is with a counter-ambush. And our good guy is going to do that here as everybody’s kind of heading off. You notice now our good guy comes out from concealment. And he waited for his opportunity that the bad guy wasn’t looking at him; the active murderer was not looking at him. And he launches his counter-ambush with nothing more than a pepper spray against the shotgun. And he is able to get some pepper spray on the guy It’s not an ideal situation for sure I’d have preferred to have a firearm But hey it was what he had on him. Puts it on him And then he’s going to get aggressive and start practicing the 5 D’s. Hits it on him and gets after him again Deflect, Dominate, Distract, Disarm, Disable. And we also notice here that – You know what, if you’re going to get in that kind of fight, you should expect to get exposed to the pepper spray. Our good guy didn’t mind that a bit. Don’t know if he’d ever been exposed himself, but you got to just continue to fight. Now this one, I’m not going to give him too much of a hard time about, but this guy’s not completely out of the fight. And our defender takes his gun and runs off with it. Not knowing if the guy has any other weapons on him. I certainly wouldn’t recommend that. Make sure that you incapacitate this guy. If you got an active killer, and you’re able to get him down don’t leave him conscious in any way shape, form, or fashion because he has to come back here as the guys continuing to be a threat and tackle him and get that knife away from him. So make sure your incapacitate that threat. All-in-all this student is an absolute hero. He was awarded a medal for his heroism. And he gives us a pattern here that shows us about active shooter defense: that you got to launch the counter -ambush. You got to be willing to be aggressive, use whatever tools you have available, and get after disarming that guy and tackle him. He did a fantastic job of protecting more people from being murdered, and covered his ASP.

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  1. the kid had all the chairs in the world to go WWE on him after the pepper spray…. just saying or do some clint eastwood shit and shoot his hand off close ranger with the shot gun

  2. Why would you prefer a fire arm in this situation? From where the defender was at pepper spray happened to be perfect.

  3. What if the fact that the person studying that didn't notice him, potentially saved his life? Maybe the guy felt insignificant and didn't shoot him because of it.

  4. This confirms my suspicion that the government is creating human robot hybrid college girls that can take bird-shot without even losing their balance.

  5. Now my question for you is (and I already know the answers) but why doesn't msm (main stream media) report on these types of incidents instead of just the mass shootings

  6. at that distance how much spread could "bird shot" be present? IT's a bunch of BS – 12 guage, close range would put a whole through her

    Please do. But, before you exit, take some off-the-shelf birdshot loads (presumably 12ga in the video and just 'cause) and shoot various materials at 12ft and under. Then watch the following video. Then go take the birdshot to the chest in street clothes. Sign waiver and Last Testament before-hand to indemnify and award your shooter. Feel free to select any gauge shotgun you desire for your (final) personal test.

  8. I watch these videos before going to the gym , my adrenaline gets going ! And I also learn a lot from these thank you

  9. Guns will NEVER be banned. Mark my words, EVER. You fools crying about “control” are the easiest targets for criminals. Criminals would absolutely LOVE it if this happened. There would be non stop robbery and rape sprees. Some thug jamokes taking turns fucking your cute teen daughter while you watch helplessly bound in zip ties while a couple other shitbags ransack your house for everything you’re worth, everything you’ve worked hard for. Go for it though! Put a sign on your front door with smiley faces and hearts stating “This house is proudly gun free.” Now be a good sheep and do what the news tells you, never mind you and your families safety. Do what the news tells you! Hate Trump! Stick up for illegal immigrants and criminals! They’re counting on you!! Matter of fact put up another sign that says your house is knife free as well! You’re doing the right thing! Aren’t you? The paid news people and elite politicians would never betray you would they? Everybodies on your side.. everything is good.. world peace.. love everyone..

  10. I'm sick of people saying that guns increase crime rates, I'm in western Europe and even pepper sprays are banned in Belgium and many other countries, we have so many terrorists living here it's crazy! in Belgium the law says that if a burglar enters your home you should just hide and call the police, meanwhile your whole family including you are likely to die especially if there's more than one which is ALWAYS the case, oh and God forbid that you have a gun and kill the suspects you're the one who's going to jail, that's Europe for you.

  11. Nice job taking him out. I would have beaten him with his gun if it wasn’t able to fire after disarming him. Nice job dude!

  12. Okay, it's kind of naiive to say "be aware of your surroundings, don't be so engrossed in what you're doing" when he's studying. When I'm studying, if I want to remember anything I have to be 100% focused on the task. I can't study and expect every person to walk through the door to have a gun. The better thing would be to just not sit near the door lol.

  13. Birdshot Home Defense Gel Test.
    in this video there is a direct comparison between #4 and # 8 birdshot on walls on gel and on bone/meat at 10 foot range.
    after being shot this young lady was in shock please dont be too hard on her.

  14. This guy lived the moment which majority of students dreams of saving and becoming a hero in their high school

  15. Would of been nice to see the student use the butt of the shotgun to knock the dude out cold as he was on the ground. He did a great job and I sure am proud of him.

  16. Not sure if anyone is still reading or responding to comments on this video, but there was a recent post on Active Self Protection's Facebook referencing Gabe Suarez's principle of the anchoring shot ( Makes me wonder if an anchoring shot would have been appropriate in this scenario; specifically, when the student took the shooter's shotgun, would it have been appropriate to shoot the offender with his own firearm? On the one hand, as unsworn defenders it's likely more practical to just take the gun and run for it, but as stated the bad guy still had a knife. He could just as easily have had another firearm and continued his rampage.

  17. If I had taken that shotgun from him I would've smashed his skull in with it until his brains were mushy

  18. He's a sheep dog. Fangs out and on top of the wolf. I only hope I could respond with the same level of courage. Well done.

  19. Those are some Gangster student's in that school! She takes a shoty to the torso and walks off then The other guy comes towards the sound of fire to single handedly disarm this scum bag of a shot gun & a hunting knife, "He's like Oh Hell Nooo, not on my watch 😡" They need this kid in Brazil, he'll start tackling every 2 man crew on a motor bike he see's

  20. Hard to take self defense lessons from a guy who can’t even get his own physical fitness under control

  21. Why did he even go out the gun down? Fuck taking a knife from someone, use the shotty and then beat him with it

  22. Man, you’ve really dropped some weight John! Great job sir. This man in the video need to be in the ASP Ring of Honor.

  23. The only thing this kid did wrong was not kick the dude into a coma. He should've turned that fool into a bobble head doll.

  24. It’s too bad he didn’t shoot that motherfucker. 100% justified even before he tried to pull ANOTHER weapon.

  25. “He noted that a number of Seattle Pacific University (SPU) students have, in accordance with their Christian values, sent Ybarra letters of forgiveness.”

  26. a hero is not when five cops line up fully armed and have protective gear on, its when a unarmed civilian, who i might does not
    have the killer instinct,,,, thats why he just took the gun and didnt put him down ,,, this guy is a true hero by any sense of the word, and any man could only hope to perform as good

  27. One lesson from this video, if you wanna go school shooting take ak not shotgun which you have to reload every 2 shots

  28. Am i the only one that gets pissed when the perp gets disarmed by the victim or bystander and the bystander DOESNT punish the fuck out of their dumbass. If i was that kid i woulda blew his fucking kneecaps off and bashed his face to a bloody pulp.

  29. The woman was never shot. She was told to leave or be shot. Now onto the shot itself any round out of a shotgun in this close of a range would put you on your ass in no time. Bird shot may not be the most effective but it can certainly kill or seriously injure a person. I do commend this hero for stopping this criminal. Nicely done.

  30. Tell me how the student studying and reading a book in a school study area is wrong? You can’t be situationally aware at all times… it’s not possible.

  31. The girl survived, but a male student outside of the building was killed before the shooter entered the building.

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