Bosch Security Systems TRAINING center in Casablanca | Hello Morocco

Bosch Security Systems TRAINING center in Casablanca | Hello Morocco

Hi there. Welcome to the Bosch Security Systems training center. We are in the middle of a class right now. Come in and see what we are doing. Hi everybody. Here in Morocco we provide technical trainings to partners, installers, system integrators, consultants and even end-users. This allows them to come up with advice and solutions for any kind of safety and security requirements. For example, creating a reliable PA system for an airport so travelers can hear a relevant flight announcements. They learn almost about every aspect of our products and security solutions. From a quick set-up and easy installation to a detailed technical insight. For all products from an intrusion detector to a complete building integration system. Training here in Morocco, but also in Nigeria, Egypt and even in South Africa is a great help to our customers. It means we are always close by. They don’t need to travel outside Africa to get their expertise. Less visas and less travel expenses. Perfect. We teach our partners how to use our intelligent products so they can give the correct advice and support to their customers. Our products are state-of-the-art so it’s important they understand it fully to get the most out of every product to help us to build a safer and more secure world. Hello, my name is Hakim Belmaachi. I am the CEO of Disway who is the leader in distribution. For IT products and telco’s operating in North Africa and West Africa. The trainings are very valuable, because selling high-end products and technical products require training for sales people in order to be able to sell them correctly to the customer and better understand customer needs. It is very important that the vendor, Bosch, is located locally, because it gives insurance to customers, both partners and end-users that there is the right support locally in order to support the solutions that are being sold into the country. The training center has been used many times both from our own people in order to get the right training on the products but also for partners that we are trying to recruit and onboard on Bosch products and give them the right training in order to develop them and allow them to have the right skills in order to sell those products. The training center can be used for end customers to show proof of concept and for partners to give them the right level of skills. And proof of concept is key when you want to sell complex solutions because the customers want to see it running want to have proof that it’s the right solution for their basic needs before they can make a decision. Yes, certification is key. Whenever you sell complex products, because it allows customers to choose the right partners according to the level of skills that they have acquired and certification gives a kind of insurance to the customer that the partner is correctly skilled to support him along the process of deploying the solution. Our training is offered to our clients and partners who need to learn more about our solutions. Training is very important and it’s just one of the many ways we support our customers. When trainees pass the examination they are awarded a certificate to proof they have gained sufficient knowledge. This is great and helps them to apply know-how gained here to their own business and customers. You can find more about our training center here in Morocco and how to find us on our website. Our customers come to our centers from many countries across the continent. This is one way how we support them. To see more about how we support our customers, please watch our video of our team in Ghana. And don’t forget to visit us online or give us a call.

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  1. hello dear; im nezha speaking English french and Arabic i have been working as a call center for 4 years in morocco and in Dubai ;
    may i know how i join ur company ??

  2. Hi there,i hope my message this will find you enjoying life, im a good english speaker and im intersted to know more about hiw i can join a call center anglophone here in morocco.

  3. نااااه شوهة نحشم نهضر بلاصتك كون عندي الاكسنت ديال الهنود بحالك

  4. One stuff I noticed is in this video how he could speak with the bad way and an awful spelling of english language he could whtfck work and employer in this post

  5. Hi I'm El Mehdi from Morocco, 28 years Network system administrator I was born in Casablanca and also I'm actually living in it I'm currently unemployed but I look out for a new job to begin my professional career with your company that will be awesome to me , So I have a question and I need some explanations of that I'm interested furthermore I like work there SO first question is How can I have an appointment and what I need to be among you ,for a interview with you , thanks for you I decided to learn English language when I see first one this video So I'm too motivated to go there and do or pass it I mean that interview thank you for if you could to read this message have a great day salam o 3alikom

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