Bosch Security Systems SOLUTION Design | Hello Nigeria

Bosch Security Systems SOLUTION Design | Hello Nigeria

Welcome to Bosch Security Systems office in Nigeria. Come with me. Let me show you how we create safety security and communications solutions that fit any project requirement. Bosch Security Systems has products and solutions that create safe and secure environment both inside and outside buildings. These could be anything from small buildings to large airports. We’ve got the products to deliver a complete solution for all categories of projects. Our focus is to support consultants, project managers, architects and system integrators. We have people, products, partners, knowledge to support and provide solution for projects of any size and complexity. And together with our partners, we can support at any stage of project development from concept, detailed design phase, up to commissioning. When you are locally present you know what is possible and what is not possible. We know local norms, codes and standards. And that is important. Because security solutions need to work in Nigeria. It needs to work in Africa. That is why we have experts all over Africa. Local presence matters a lot. With Bosch presence in Nigeria our customers enjoy the benefits of fast response. We get the requirements of these customers from our partners. It can be in the form of an AutoCAD map, building plan. And we deliver within three days. Based on the complexity of this design, we give them a technical solution for their need. We advise our customers on the best security, safety and communication products. What also makes us strong is that we work with local distributors to ensure that original Bosch products are available when you need them. Bosch is a global name in the industry. Very popular products. Easy to market because clients are everybody has heard about Bosch. Products are quite unique, quite good, quite reliable, and because there is a bouquet of various products. As a system integrator we are able to find basically all we need instead of third party devices to integrate. And we do these products to the customers satisfaction. Working with a local team gives you a lot of flexibility. For instance, you can schedule a presentation with a client. Short notice talk to the Bosch team, snap of a finger they are with you. They go with you and they discuss the products in far more detail than we could actually do so very, very important, very effective. My name is Tochukwu Nwosu. I am the general manager, Afrisec Distribution & Consulting Nigeria Limited. We are a company based in Abuja, Nigeria with branches across Nigeria. We’ve been with Bosch for well over 10 years now and it’s been amazing. Of course we prefer Bosch to other suppliers because of the products. It is very reliable. The quality is superb. And the amazing support we get from the Bosch Nigeria team, because they support us with projects both in Nigeria and across West African region. My name is Engineer Peter Ikhonmiotor. I am the training manager for Afrisec, Nigeria. Bosch offers us full range of IOV systems such as security, safety, and communications systems. The support we get from Bosch, there was an instance, we had a client that had 3rd party cameras that needed to integrated into BVMS head end so with the help of Bosch support team we were able to come up with a design and we are able to deploy the project from the design stage to the commissioning stage in record time. You can find out more about our products partners and locations on our website: What is even better, visit our experience center in Morocco. There you can see all types of products. So, I would say, Hello. Or as they probably would say in Morocco, Bonjour Morocco.

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  1. Bosch is the answer when it comes to total solution for small to large project. they just have something for everyone.

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