Bosch Security Systems Customer SUPPORT | Hello Ghana

Bosch Security Systems Customer SUPPORT |  Hello Ghana

Hello Okenna, how are you I am fine, thank you. Yes, I am on my way to the site. I am always out here in the middle of Accra traffic but it is important to reach out to customers wherever they are. That’s what we do at Bosch. My name is Jeffery Handel. an IT consultant VHF Solutions and Consultancy Limited I have worked with Bosch for the past 1,5 years. Bosch supports me with the perfect designs to my right solutions. They also offer technical support before and after sales. The benefit I get working with Bosch includes confidence, because of the quality of their products recognition and recommendations to other projects. I am off to KUO Fire Safety. This is one of our partners here in Ghana and Jeffrey wants to see some product examples. My name is Grace Marabe, Corporate Director for KUO Fire Safety. KUO Fire Safety supports our customers by offering design and installation. We also assist our customers to select from our range of products for the correct solution and we also offer after-sales care. Bosch is an international, well-known A-brand. The customer care department is very attentive to our needs and they are ready to provide us with technical support and training. With so many Bosch products, training is very important. That’s why we have fully equipped training centers in Morocco and in Nigeria. We have a number of partners like KUO here in Ghana. They do a fantastic work by selling and installing our products. And we do everything within our reach to support them. Like offering advice, sales training, technical training, designs. OK. It is back to Jeffrey now. I have got some products to show him and see how they would fit in his designs. So, that was a typical day at Bosch Security Systems. Visiting customers wherever they are whatever they are doing. Either building schools, hospitals, airports, office complexes. Or no matter what their project may be, we are always here to support. Make sure to meet my colleagues in Egypt as well. They will tell you more about the projects we develop solutions for. Hello Egypt. Don’t forget to find us online

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