BMW E36 Alarm not working? How to reset the alarm!

BMW E36 Alarm not working? How to reset the alarm!

So the alarm of your BMW 3-Series isn’t
working now I hope this video can help you My alarm decides to stop working every two or
three months The first time I took it to the BMW
dealership and they charged me ninety euros after two months, the alarm was broken again so i decided to try and fix it myself And after a little research I found out this way to do it so i decided to make this video to help everyone with the same problem i hope it helps for you too the first thing you need to do is get a screwdriver then you should take-out these six
bolts and the glove compartments comes right out it could be that behind this light there’s a
little bolt and nut that has to be moved, you have to take
out the light and then you will see where it’s at you have to take that out too so then you’ve got the glove compartment on your lap You have to take out two pins this one for the lighting and the other one is for the BMW flashlight charger you might have to use a screwdriver to
take that out because it kinda hurts your fingernails then you need to be looking for a pink wire this is what it looks like could be could be a little hidden under the other wires its light pink You can’t miss it then you take off the end of the cable, strip it and you have to put it somewhere where
it makes contact with the chassis of the car mass usually I put it behind this little thing
so that i don’t have to hold it against it then yes make sure all the doors and
trumpet and bonnet lid are closed everything has to be closed now you take the ignition turn it into i think it’s called setting 2 where all the lights of the dashboard come
on after one or two seconds you can then
turn the ignition backed off, completely off leave the key in the ignition press one time on the red button one time on the grey button, could be the
other way around I don’t know I don’t think it matters very much at this point the alarm should respond again try it a few times to make sure it properly works once everything works take a piece of tape take the cable that you’ve stripped and isolate it with the tape stick it back into the dashboard and that’s about it and your alarm should be working again

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  1. If you don't have the key fob, I think you'll either have to order one at your dealer, or make them disconnect your entire alarm…

  2. Sorry my friend but the pink wire thing is bogus. on the 3G EWS Mk2 system pressing the fob with the key in position 2 will have the same effect. For more info look here…

  3. Does anyone know where i could get a key fob/remote for a 1993 BMW e36 ?
    I need one for my central locking /Alarm.
    I purchased one from Keylessride in America but as i'm in Australia it didn't match my car as i don't have the programming frame that requires the chip.
    Apparently the E36 cars imported to Australia require a different remote.
    Would any 3 series remote without the chip be able to be programmed to my 1993 E36 ?

  4. Hey couple Qs, I don't have a remote but have the original key and spare. I'm pretty sure the car had an alarm system at some point. I have a 97 328ci. Any way to Check if it has one or have to activate it? Thanx

  5. What a great guy you are, you've took the the time and trouble to make this video to save others time and money, well done.

  6. Friend I have a BMW 318i 97 has the factory alarm but I have no control of the alarm and it works because one day is active and lit the red light that's inside but after a week was deselected as a control them or Aug to function as

  7. hallo…hoe krijg ik die onderste twee schroefjes los??
    het klepje zit er namelijk voor…de rechterkant van het klepje kan ik loskrijgen maar de linkerkant niet.

  8. Hey there, I have an E36 320i BMW and My key does not have the fob, the lock and unlock buttons are on the actual key itself, would i still use this procedure you have shown in the video for my model key? or is it different. Also would the blown fuse be an issue i should look into, my key generates light when i press it but the car refuses to lock or unlock. Thanks in advance.

  9. I can't find the pink wire, and your BMW module looks a little different. does this method work for a 1997 320i E36 model?

  10. Is the horn connected? Find the little speaker on the left of the engine block (if you're standing in front of your car). Maybe a previous owner disconnected it. I did too when the alarm was tripping :p

  11. Could be you have a different alarm system, I remember there were two different versions on the E36…

  12. How to get the bottom two screws out? Yes that was a pain in the ass. I ended up leaving the left one out, and the other one kept getting more ruined from screwing in an angle *lol*

  13. I took the horn out that was attatched as the alarm, it was cracked on the plastic cup and all rusted inside. I took a power probe to it and no sound, I could get one from the scrap yard.

  14. i only have a remote with 1 button.. the shape is the same but the button is round and is in the middle.. and i have unscrewd alls the screws.. you missed the 2 on the bottom.. i looked around and i couldnt fine a bright pink cable.. but i did find a dark pink allmost purple like.. could that be it?

  15. It doesn't sound like you've got the same alarm system… I don't dare to advise you, because I'm not sure. Have your alarm system identified, then try to solve the problem. lots of info on forums (fora?) Good luck!

  16. Hi, Very Cool man. I have a 318 Ti Compact (1995), it is the same Alarm??…My Key Fob not working after change battery. after many times trying programing procedure…(I hear a "click" behind glover compartment)…But nothing!!! works….Any idea????…Thank you

  17. Hi Ramon,can you help,my fob won't open the doors,so use key,and alarm goes off once doors are opened,I can only lock and unlock by key.The car will start,but as driving the indicators are going off(both) as a hazard warning.Then will stop,then do it again and again.Any idea's please? I have a bmw318is coupe.1998 reg

  18. Hey ramon, ik heb een vraagje, welk alarm isdit eigenlijk want ik had dit namelijk ook maar ik ben mijn sleutel kwijt geraakt en de bediening van het alarm 

  19. This, though someone posted a while back, seems fairly easy even for someone with ten thumbs…. Need the same dummy for bmw alarm issues for a z3… Any ideas? Thanks!

  20. Hi how do i disconnect/disable the alarm? Checked the fuse box it says fuse 47 is under glove box but i cant see any fuse under there. Thank you

  21. if it happens every three months it might be worth the trouble you mount a electric switch between the pink wire and ground and put it inside the dasboard storage compartment ,
    that way you can reset without taking apart the dash 

  22. Will this fix minr too?
    My alarm/central locking doesn't do any thing no blinking light nothing when i plug the box back in, seems like it doesn't get power
    Engine got changed but alarm went crazy so they cute it off and i can't find how and why it doesn't work i asked them they don't realy know he told me some cables but they are all on my new engine it has the same cable as my old engine.
    Will try it any way Thursday.
    Where is the fuse located? Its in the glove box if im right but where?

  23. hello,i have a problem with the alarm and imobiliser,i guess its aftermarket alarm(scorpion).i never used the remote for opening doors,just for the imobuliser so i can start engine,but i touched a button of the remote and the doors closed,i try open by remote but button doesnt do nothing,i tryed the key,door unlock but once opend the alarm goes off…remote doesnt do anything to stop alarm…or to relese imobiliser so i can start engine.did this ever happen to anybody?i need help!cheers

  24. And do you know how/where to adjust the sensitivity of the alarm? Mine seems to respond even if you clap your hands next to the car. It's really annoying..

  25. Hi! Can you help me?
    I have a e36 325 tds and it has alarm and works, but i don't know what key fob i should get because I bought the car without one, I suspect it's the two button like yours, but is there a way to know for sure? Thank you.

  26. Installed alarm components asked local dealer to activate alarm for me, car E46 prewired for alarm. Dealer not able to handle it, car was at dealership for airbag recall two airbags replaced, car returned to me with airbag warning light on. No pink wire in E46 thanks for video.

  27. For those who will find this video with Google. Here is the best source of info I found apart from this video:
    As you'll read, there are many different version of the alarm and the module can be placed in different places depending on the date of production and initial market of your e36.

    In my case, I have a European March 1996 e36 that came with the early version of the 3G Mk2 alarm system which does not have a reset switch.
    I followed the procedure explained in this video.
    For me, the orange wire he mentions was inside the alarm module, was light pink, and not as long and thick as the one shown in the video.
    The alarm module is the right-most black box in this video at 1m35s. The one with the white large flat connectors facing the camera. Inside you will find the orange/pink wire. It is pretty obvious.

    On another note, one should know that it is possible to drive your car without the alarm module.
    So if like me your alarm lets you down far from home on new year eve and decides to immobilize your car. Just unplugged that f***er and drive back home where you'll be able to sort things out on your own time.

  28. Hello…. i got a code 66 in my e36 325i With no start conditions… DWA anti tefht alarm…do you know how repair it ? Best regards

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