Blink XT Home Security Camera | TechHive Reviews

Blink XT Home Security Camera | TechHive Reviews

A lot about the Blink XT says low-cost, but
that doesn’t mean it’s bad. I put the wireless home security camera through
its paces. Blink was born in 2014 as a Kickstarter project
and in December 2017 was acquired by Amazon. It now sits alongside Amazon’s CloudCam
and the recently acquired Ring cameras in Amazon’s slightly disjointed family of smart
home-surveillance products. From the beginning, Blink was supposed to
be a security camera free of wires, and it accomplished that. But it did so at the expense of several features. As soon as you open the box, it’s evident
this is a lower end camera. There isn’t the same level of packaging
as some competitors and the camera itself is lighter and doesn’t feel as well put
together. But, the important thing is: how does it work? During the daytime I found the picture adequate,
but it wasn’t great. It’s a 1080 HD picture but doesn’t have
some of the image processing present on competitors, so the picture is sometimes a little washed
out, especially from bright lights. At night time, the picture is a bit worse
and there seems to be some reflection from the infrared lights back into the camera. Check out this image. There’s a circular halo in the center of
the video. So why consider this camera? Because it’s cheap. The camera itself costs about $130 and there
are no monthly video storage costs. Other cameras can cost twice this and then
you pay for a few more dollars per month to store video. Over a few years that can run into several
hundred dollars. Blink will let you store 2 hours of video
before it starts deleting old clips. With each clip lasting a maximum of 1 minute
but often less, that’s a lot of clips. If you use Blink, you’ll need this wireless
adapter. It acts as a bridge between the proprietary
wireless protocol used by Blink and your WiFi network. Up to 10 cameras can be linked through the
bridge and Blink says the range is about 100 feet, or 30 meters. No wires means no power cord so the Blink
XT runs on a pair of AA batteries. Blink supplies lithium cell batteries, which
will last up to 2 years but aren’t the greatest for the environment. One of the things I did notice is a rather
good seal around the battery compartment to make it waterproof and that’s a good idea
because the lack of wires means you can place it anywhere you want and move it around, indoor
or outdoor. In the app, you can set sensitivity and other
clip attributes and control the infarred nightvision sensor and the video quality, but even higher
bandwidth doesn’t overcome some of the video problems. Despite it coming from Amazon, it’s not
compatible with Cloud Cam or Ring, so you can’t get the video in those apps. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and If
This Then That. “Alexa, Ask Blink to arm my system” [ALEXA ANSWERS] The Blink XT costs $130 for a camera and the
sync module. Additional cameras are $120 each and packs
are available. TechHive rated it 3 out of 5. The Blink XT does an average job in a field
that is getting crowded with more advanced competitors. And while many charge subscription fees, not
all do. Netgear’s Arlo Pro 2 offers 7 days of free
service and Netatmo’s cameras store video on SD cards so there is no cloud to pay. Ultimately, we think they’re better options,
but they do cost more so it really comes down to how much you’re willing to invest.

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  1. At 3:20 you talk about alternative options BUT your accent is killing me.  I can make out what your saying.  I believe you mentioned two additional options… what are they?

  2. not really i just buy this camera and the sensor sucks on it we do multi test also the view not to much space is nor wide i returned back

  3. needed a photo of the infrared shot, only one you had was from a living room. I also thought it did video, I guess it does not as I didn't see any video or verbal talk about video. why not give the entire information. also at the end you said those other brands so fast I could not come close to writing down those names. yikes, man slow down. how about tell me about the video, infra red photo, and those other two you whisked over. thanks. bob from wisconsin use

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