Billie Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign | Over/Under

Billie Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign | Over/Under

(upbeat music) (drum roll) – Babies, oh, I love babies. Babies love me because I think
they see me as one of them and I really do think that. They see me and they’re like
“Oh my God another baby”. Oh yeah, they love sucking
on these, it’s crazy. I mean, I do too though, because I have a iron deficiency
so this shit tastes good. Like have you guys liked
the taste of blood? (laughing) Do you, does anyone here
like the taste of blood, because I like it. I like the taste of blood. I like the taste of pennies, and metal, and poles, and jewelry. Dirty jewelry tastes so good. It’s got that, like, oh, I think
my mom gives me iron pills. She’s nodding her head over there. My mom definitely gives me iron pills. I used to literally suck
on pennies and shit. I would lick poles, my dumb ass. (laughing) Don’t they make you constipated? They don’t make me constipated. I don’t get constipated. I poop, I poop just fine. I love pooping, go on. (drum roll) Pooping, underrated, one
billion percent underrated. Pooping is my favorite part of the day. There was one day I pooped eight times. That was the best day of my life, and they were all solid good poops too. Like no bullshit poops,
you know what I’m saying? I wasn’t like I’m done. I wasn’t also like — Those are the bad poops. When you poop a, like, yo, I’m really talking
about poop out here. (laughing) I love pooping, dude, but here’s the thing. It’s really about your diet because you can have miserable poops. People who don’t like pooping are probably people who eat like shit. Sometimes when you eat like
shit your poop is incredible. Sometimes it’s horrible. You eat a bunch of hot
Cheetos, that is burning poop. Burning, like a lighter down there, like wshew, hold it there. (drum roll) What? I don’t know, I’m really
flipped out by teenagers, dude. I am one too (burps) so I don’t know. (drum roll) Overrated. Overrated as hell, prom, eww. It’s where the most beautiful girls get asked by the worst dudes to prom and they’re like yeah
’cause they finally found someone that likes them. Why is every pretty girl
with a horrible looking man, I don’t understand. Listen, I’m not shaming
people for their looks, but I am though. You give an ugly guy a chance, he thinks he rules the world. I swear to God because they got a hot girl they can be horrible? Like, you’re still ugly though. Can’t change that, maybe that’s why. Maybe that’s why guys with
small dicks get huge mansions. To make up for it, you know. Or like really nice
cars (laughs), you know? (drum roll) Invisalign can suck my dick. Honestly, Invisalign, you
what, here’s the thing. When I got it, the first
time, it was the worst. I would not have, I
would have rather cut off my nose or some shit instead
of having Invisalign, but it did work really well and very fast and it’s off now and I’m
good, so fine, it’s fine. Shit is expensive as fuck, and dude, I mentioned it in my album and I still didn’t get it for free. I still had to pay OD money, so stupid. So stupid, I gave them
so much, stupid promo, and those bitches still make me pay. For a little clear grill, but Invisalign doesn’t wanna
give me free Invisalign, so, fuck ’em, overrated. (drum roll) You know, I’ve never sleep walked. My mom, one time was like, “Billie, you rapped a whole
verse while you were sleeping.” (laughing) She said that while I was asleep she was, what was it, you were laying next to me and I rapped a whole verse. I was asleep, I rapped. I don’t sleep walk,
that shit is terrifying. That’s terrifying and
then there’s like stories about people waking up with
a knife like over someone and they don’t remember it, yeah, okay. Oh I was sleep walking, don’t sleep walk, that shit is creepy. Tie yourself to your bed, I don’t care. Do some bondage on yourself, I don’t care. (drum roll) Well, I’ve never been to school. I grew up homeschooled,
stayed homeschooled, never was not homeschooled. The thing is like I still
learned everything, you know, but I learned it in life. I learned how to do math
by cooking with my mom and seeing how many halves
are gonna make this amount, you know, if we doubled
this recipe how many more do we have to put in
this batch right here. And so that’s how I learned math, and then I learned how to
build shit from my dad. What I’m saying is I learned shit in life. I didn’t have to like– ‘Cause I feel like when you’re sat down and somebody’s like shoving
things in your throat you’re not gonna wanna eat them. Everybody forced everybody’s
kid to eat broccoli, right. Nobody likes broccoli, but
maybe you weren’t forced to eat broccoli. You’re like, “Shit, this shit is good “as hell with some butter.” I mean, there’s a lot of ways to do it. I think some people do it the wrong way which is just makes your life horrible and miserable and boring. That’s mainly because of your parents ’cause parents are lazy as fuck. That’s why they send their kids to school in the first place. I don’t wanna teach you, bitch. (drum roll) You know what, I actually
really like high heels. I think high heels are really dope and I’ve been feeling the
urge to put them on recently. Like just an urge, I
don’t know what it is. I don’t know why these things happen. I got acrylic nails, I wore
hair extension the other day. I don’t know what is going on. Weird shit, I’m not used
to it, I don’t know. I don’t know, I love heels. I think heels are really dope,
I think they’re really cool. I think sometimes they’re
designed really well. They’re really pretty, I think
it’s a really cool idea too. I know the bitches are uncomfortable too, so there’s that but
comfort is not always key. These pants, suck to wear
but they’re fire though. So I wear them. (drum roll) Underrated because I think, for awhile, they were kinda frowned upon
and I don’t think people give goths credit for giving everyone now all of their fashion influence,
you know what I’m saying? Because I literally saw an old ad for, like an old motivational video thing, about this girl that wears all black and she’s pretty emo, goth, whatever. She goes to school and nobody likes her and everybody makes fun of her and I just was watching
like if that was now, and there was one girl
who dressed like that, she would be, like
everyone would idolize her. Everyone would think she was so cool. I just think that people don’t
give goths enough credit, you know, because that’s
what people wear now. Chains and chokers, and those
pointy chokers and shit. That all came from that whole emo world, you know what I’m saying? I remember like when I was 10 or 11, you’d wear all black and people were like, “What are you, goth?” When you wear a shirt that’s black and some pants that are black too. People don’t give them enough credit, man. Everyone’s goth now. (drum roll) Oh, underrated. I have a tree house that my dad built us, that’s so high in the
tree in our back yard and I can go so high that I’m like sitting at the top of the tree, it’s crazy. I can see the whole
neighborhood, it’s amazing. And I used to sit up there
and write songs in the rain with my ukulele and I also had a pulley. So I’d put the pulley over the branch, I’d be down there, I’d put
the ukulele in the pulley, I’d go up into the
tree, I’d grab the rope, I’d pull it up, I’d grab the ukulele, I’d climb up more into the tree. I’d sit on my little
thing and I’d write a song with my little notebook. (drum roll) Whoo-hoo underrated, oh my God. Avril Lavigne was everything to me, dude. I love Avril, I really,
I love Avril Lavigne. I only love her, there’s
nothing else there. Just love, only love. There’s like almost no artist like that. Avril Lavigne and Justin
Bieber I only love. Her, Tyler, Gambino,
and Bieber to be honest, made me, I would not
be, and Lana probably. Yeah, there’s no way, my God,
she has my number though. She texts me sometimes, whoa it’s so cool. She’s like “Hey babe, it’s Avril xo.” Oh my God, geesh. (upbeat music)

100 Replies to “Billie Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign | Over/Under”

  1. She is a big fake and all about attention. She tries so hard to be edgy, but she looks dumb. She steals from the goth subculture. She says goth is dead…That is far from true..On Instagram, she had a jojo bizarre adventure shirt on and she did not know what it was.. She even thinks emo is goth!

  2. Nopody:

    Billie: Oh look another baby 😀

    Aaaand when Billie starts talking about poop, I start laughin too hard😂 I am a baby.. mehhh

    And you are right about guys, Billie! I’m happy that I am lesbian

  3. I definitely think Billie is a very talented young woman however she's VERY immature. It could be the fact that she's 17 or maybe because she's never had any adversity in her life and she's spoiled as hell. She goes around saying ignorant and offensive things that piss everyone off. I think if she went to public school she would have way better social skills and would have seen and met people from other walks of life. She's sheltered and ignorant and hopefully she gets the reality check she needs.

  4. She's just speaking her truth what more people shouldn't be afraid to do these days, it might not fit in with the "what's right to say" program…but as Billie would say "fuk that shit"…speak your truth because it's real, don't change your opinions to suit the systems version of how things should be or you're just a slave to societies expectations….Be original in a world of clones…and don't shame others for voicing their personal opinions.

  5. I know you are all hung up on the fact that she said "Parents who send their kids to school are lazy as fuck". But, she was actually partially correct about kids being sat down and force fed information in ways they don't like. The broccoli analogy works, because it can be applied to the whole school thing. Like, you need veggies and you'll get your veggies, but you don't HAVE to only sit and eat broccoli. It's the easiest way to make sure you know they get the nutrients they need, but not everyone likes broccoli so it's not gonna work for everyone.

    Public School works for some kids, but not every kid. I would have done much better with homeschooling-but alas, my parents actually were fucking lazy and sent me to public school instead. So- she's not wrong. And as a parent with other parent friends– I've heard their excitement about not having to be tethered to their kids all day long. School is a break for a lot of parents. But– we fucking need it too.

  6. I won’t slate her because I do like her music but damn I do think when she’s older she’s gonna look back and realise that she was rambling none logically here.

  7. Watching this reminds me that we're the same age, can't say that her music is bad but her point of view of the world needs development. She assumes too much when something is not always like that but i see where she's looking at it from

  8. I'm soooo disappointed at you, Billie. I'm really confused. It was the worst time I've ever had. She looks very uneducated. Though I can't stop thinking her songs. 😭😭I hope many Korean fans see this video.

  9. Wow. I feel sorry for that girl. Maybe her parents are responsible for her condition? She must have been abused in some ways … that's not a young 'normal' women. She has literally no life experience and tries to speak like someone who has experienced stuf. Also her language is so bad so I really would like to her the parents…. NOT a role model at all. People should pray for her, she is only young and appears already mentally damaged….

  10. Prom?! Yeah fuck having a good time. Fun?! That shit is soooo overrated.
    Why would you let fun times be ruined because other people are more attractive or dating someone unworthy? Worry about yourself first.

  11. For those of you MISQUOTING Billie…here ya go : "…there's a lot of ways to do it. I think some people do [homeschooling] the wrong way, which makes your life horrible and miserable and boring. That's mainly because your parents [pause] … cuz parents are lazy af. That's why they send their kids to school in the first place."

    It was a JOKE people! To make the point that not all parents want to be the ones to teach their kids, whether homeschooled or not.

  12. Am I the only one who doesn’t find this interview all that bad? Granted, the lazy parent thing was rude, but honestly she’s a teenager. I’m 23 and as much as most teenagers looooooove to claim they aren’t this immature, I promise you, y’all are.
    I know for a fact every single person in this comment section has said dumb shit trying to sound and seem cool, the only difference is you aren’t famous and being recorded saying it.
    Every now and then you will show your age and right now she’s showing her age, but she’s also shown on multiple occasions that she’s pretty wise, is a critical thinker, open-minded, bold, and a bit stubborn.
    Shes gonna be fine. She might cringe a bit when she sees this later in life, but who hasn’t cringed at something they said at 17?

  13. Billie: I learned shit in life
    Is 17 years old.

    Me: Is 21 years old. 😂

    My point is, I feel like everybody criticizing Billie in the comments is being unfair, and maybe most definitely a little hypocritical. If you're calling her arrogant, ignorant, immature: look at yourself first. Ok. See that mirror??? That's you.

    And I'm not excluding myself, hence the bit about me being 21 and judging a literal 17 year old for thinking she's learned shit in life. I'm only a few years older, so who am I to judge??? Who are you to judge??? You're not, so that's the point!

  14. Here we go!!! We got a tomboy in the music industry who sings…lol….what a contrary and high heels too aren't their type

  15. everyone’s hating on billie all of a sudden and just like what the fuck y’all acting innocent but y’all start bringing out bad shit on this video
    what the fuck stop being fake fans

  16. Lmaoooo y'all don't know her at alllll. 'She haSs aLoT Of grOwninG uP to DooOOo'. HAHA, that bitch knows more than you do, she's seen and experienced so much for her age, ugh. 'She's so cringey with her poop talk and is just a 17 year old girl who doesn't know anything about the wo- FUCK OFFFFF! 🙂

  17. I like how when you make it, you can sit there and talk about poop and 4+ million people listen. 😀 But Im here too, so hey!

  18. EVERYONE!!!! Some people are saying what billie said about being homeschooled but here is the right thing:Billie eilish said “SOME people do it the wrong way bc their parwnts are lazy like i dont wanna teach you”

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