Big Game Snacks | Basics with Babish

Big Game Snacks | Basics with Babish

Hey guys, today we’re going to be taking a look at some big game snacks. Courtesy of my sponsor, SimpliSafe. Simply Safe is an easy to use, economical modular, intuitive, and totally customisable home security system. one that is, even as we speak making me feel more secure here, on the mean streets of New York City. More on that later, for now, let’s get down to basics. (Intro music) Alright folks, first, lets address chicken wings, So delicious but so messy. That’s why we’re going to try our hand at making chicken wing lollipops. Which is a simple enough process. Let’s start with the drumette. We’re going to cut off the bottom of the drumette. Then using a small knife like a paring knife, We’re going to scrape the meat and skin down to the other end of the drumette. Then, trim of any excess skin or sinew and push the meat down with your hands. All delicious imagery, I know. (laugh) And there you have it, with just a few seconds of extra effort. A much easier to eat chicken wing. Next up we have the wingettes, which are just a little bit more challenging, because we have to remove the bones altogether. we’re going to start by cutting off the joint where the bones meat and then sliding the meat down both the bones, trying to isolate and separate the smaller bone. pulling it away from the rest of the wingette once you’re able, and snipping between the two bones to remove it entirely. then we just gotta push the meat down the larger bone and rinse and repeat with the rest of our wings, just remember that your fellow sports fans will thank you for your consideration then making buffalo sauce is easy. 2 parts Frank’s Red Hot to 1 part melted unsalted butter. Whisk together and taste for tastiness, and there you go. next up , in a large pot over medium-high heat, we’re bringing 1 quart of vegetable or peanut oil to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and dropping our wings inside. Once everybody’s in the hot tub and the bubbles are turned on high, we’re going to agitate every few minutes or so for ten minutes until the wings are cooked through and the skin is browned and crisp. We are then draining those on a wire rack for about five minutes, just to get all the excess oil off before we toss with our sauce. in an as large as possible of a bowl they go, all with a healthy glug of our buffalo sauce toss to combine- this is one of the essential parts of wing making, make sure you used enough sauce. There is no such thing as too much sauce toss again, and plate up. And there you have it, buffalo wings purpose built for the big game. They can be eaten with one hand, so you can keep your other hand free for cheering or jeering or whipping your teammate with a sweaty towel. Jokes aside, these things are amazing. You can eat ’em in one bite if you wanna be real monster about it. But now it’s time for some real carnage. Candied bacon. Or how i learned to stop worrying and love the cholesterol. first we are lining a sheet pan with some aluminum foil. topping with a wire rack lightly coated with nonstick spray shingling our bacon on top it. we want to use nice and thick cut bacon and not let any slices overlap. we’re then going to give everybody a brush down with maple syrup and a good hearty sprinkling of light brown sugar we are then plunking into a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven for about ten minutes before removing and flipping each slice. we want to make sure our boys get a nice even, allover tan. so, after flipping, we are going to brush them down again once more with maple syrup and sprinkle ’em down once more with brown sugar. If you really are worried about the calories, you can always serve this with a nice, light arugula salad with shaved fennel as a sick, sick joke. Anyway, we are returning these to the oven for another ten minutes and flipping every five minutes, until we have nice, reddish mahogany, flexible but crispy bacon. We’re going to let these cool completely for at least 30 minutes, which is going to allow our slabs of bacon to stiffen and reward us with some true pork candy. make two strips of bacon per person, and see if this stuff survives past the first quarter. I’m not even sure mine is going to make it to the end of this shot. This stuff is pure evil and I love it. Ok, so we’ve covered savory, we’ve covered savory-sweet, now onto just sweet. Take in the form of bite-sized churros, which starts with something that’s pretty much choux pastry. In a small saucepan, we’re combining 1 cup of water, 1/2 a stick of butter, 3 tablespoons dark brown sugar and a pinch of salt. we’re bringing that to a boil, taking it off the heat, and adding 1 cup of all-purpose flour. Mixing vigorously until a stiff ball of dough forms. then, to this dough we are adding 2 medium beaten eggs. Mixing slowly at first and then vigorously again, until a smooth and pasty batter forms. That we are going to load into a pastry bag fitted with a large, decorative star shaped tip. Let’s just do a pointless test squeeze on our hand here. Perfect. Then, into some oil measuring about 375 degrees Fahrenheit we are snipping small pieces of the dough into the oil, letting fry for about 2 minutes, and flipping constantly until deep golden brown. We are then extracting immediately onto some paper towels to drain and tossing in some cinnamon sugar, that we are making from a little cinnamon and a whole lotta sugar. Maybe about a tablespoon of cinnamon to a cup of sugar. gently and quickly toss to combine, and plate up with a sauce of your choice. I’m going with caramel. These churros are so good that no mere walls or locking doors can protect them from all the snack-seeking marauders on the streets. And speaking of seamless segues into product sponsorships, Simply Safe can keep you, your family, and your snacks safe. It’s super easy to set up, I set mine up in like in 15 minutes. Its totally customizable, you can add as many motion sensors, fire detectors, and entryway sensors as you like. Along with other accessories like panic buttons, key fobs, glass break detectors, freeze detectors, water detectors, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It’s all monitored by professionals 24/7 who will call you or the police if necessary. It will still work if you lose power, wifi, or if the system is attacked, so if you’re like me, and you’re tired of protecting your home with nothing more than cast-iron pans, microplanes, and creme brulee torches, you might want to think about protecting your home with SimpliSafe. I know that I will be proudly displaying this yard sign in my imaginary yard.

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  1. You're the only one in YouTube history who's ever made a nonchalant Dr. Strangelove joke in the middle of a cooking tutorial while still making it legitimately funny.

  2. A lawn sign that tells people what type of security you have.
    Doesn't seem smart to tell intruders what to expect.

  3. "How I learned to stop worrying and love the cholesterol" NEEDS to be the title of the Babish Autobiography/Biography

  4. Has anyone tasted the difference between using brown sugar and granulated sugar in the churro batter?

  5. I really HATE that someone came up with the idea of chicken wing lollipops… if someone has trouble eating a normal chicken wing then I feel sorry for their mom cause she had to wipe their ass til they were 15… I'm black. I like all the meat on the chicken. You shave off 5mm of meat for no reason… fuck all that cute food lol

  6. I take the candied bacon one step further by adding a light dusting of cayenne pepper to each slice after the maple syrup and brown sugar go on.

  7. Im sorry to tell everyone that what in America are called Churros, were originally called Porras/Porretas, the true Churros are made in big spirals of a more runny batter, they are thinner and usually dipped into honey or hot chocolate

  8. If you're really worried about the calories you can serve this with a light arugula salad with some shaved fennel as a sick sick joke


  9. I don't know how Americans can call that bacon. It's just fat 😂😂 days like this I'm glad I live in europe

  10. I feel like this pause during the intro was a mistake but the guys making it decided to just go with it.
    To be honest it’s not bad.

  11. big game snacks? dang where’s the bear bacon i was thinking of red dead(yes i’ve seen the bear stew video)

  12. Babish, I like you but your intro tune uses stock Addictive Drums samples and this (for a musician) is really not pro. Otherwise you are great and really fantastic. Jus a scratch on perfection. Peace

  13. I'm currently making these wings the exact same way, and it's so easy and they're perfect. I can't wait to fry and sauce them.

  14. I was disappointed with candied bacon. It taste literally like Christmas ham that's it. It didn't even taste like bacon to me just like I bit into a chunk of ham

  15. I thought this would be a video about cooking meat from large animals, not sports snacks. I am most dissatisfied.

  16. Advice no one will listen to, for proper choux pastry adding the flour quickly is important, so fold a sheet of baking parchment in half and then unfold to create a crease, then put the flour on the sheet and when needed you can shoot the flour in quickly. Also make sure the choux is cooled or at least off the heat when you add the eggs or all that work is wasted. I hate making choux pastry why does it have to be so nice damn you.

  17. LockPickingLawyer was able to bypass the simply safe lock in 3 seconds with a 2$ radio transmitter thingy it isn't that secure and the signs make it worse since it tells the thief what alarm you have

  18. misinterpreted "big game" as being game meat, was really confused till the churros when i realized, no, no its the other kind of Big Game

  19. I'm British so my idea of the big game is football and I'm still not personally interested in that. But god damn if I'm gonna give up these snacks

  20. Typically when my family makes big game snacks, my family likes having a lot of meat and veggies: fried green tomatoes, chicken wings, slider burgers. I’m gonna use these recipes to totally flex next time.

  21. I just wanted to say you got me into cooking more for myself, I use to eat out most days but now I cook, thanks man I really needed it and you make it entertaining so it doesn't even seem like im learning. Only problom is your videos make make hungry and I often watch half and then think of something id like to cook.

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